Monday, October 6, 2014

Squash House Visitors

This past week we had the pleasure of hosting Stephanie and Mr. Creations of Rummage (formerly Loft Creations) here at the Squash House!  We've been able to get together with them in person the past two years, but this was the first time here at home.

Believe me, there was a scurry of preparation to make their stay as comfortable as possible.  It wasn't a long stay, but we managed to make it a memorable one.

We had a little fun on Instagram while they were here.  Since many of you don't post on Instagram, I thought I'd include you! I got us these fun shirts I found on Fat Quarter shop.  Here we are with them on backwards.  We called this first Instagram post - Sew Who?

The next day we put them on the correct way to show everyone See Who!

Of course what does one do when one of your best sewing friends comes to town?  Why go shopping at Stash Fabric store!

The Misters waited patiently in the October sunshine while we shopped!
A few things came home with us like this fun fabric for a future Supreme Sewing Project!
A parting shot the day Stephanie and Mr. Creations left.
All good things must come to an end, but it sure was fun while it lasted!

See you again soon Stephanie and Mr. Creations!