Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Supreme Finish!

 Betcha didn't think I'd come back, did you!  With our gorgeous, late summer weather, it was hard, but I'm here to show you my newest Supreme finish!  As you know I test pattern directions for Stephanie over at Rummage.  I am one of several of her "Supremes" who have a lot of fun doing this from time to time.
 Last POST I showed you all the pretty pieces for this quilt cut and ready to go.  Here was the first block - a brightly colored log cabin with a shoofly in the middle!  The fabric was gifted to me by a dear friend and has a wonderful vintage feel to it.
Here is the completed quilt.  Stephanie calls it Flies in the Cabin!  You can see her original quilt HERE - even brighter and oh, so pretty.  There will be a pattern in the coming year, so do check back over on Rummage!  When the pattern is available, Stephanie will have all the details.  I haven't decided what to name mine, but I'm sure I'll come up with something clever.
Here we are still in the late throes of summer, yet one of our maple trees has decided it's time to begin her transformation.  They will both become a flaming red color in the next month or so.  Me.....well, I love our warm days and cool nights and will be very sad to see them go.  I must admit, though, I've worn out my summer shorts and tops and am ready for sweatshirts and jeans.

My blogging has been pretty sporadic the past year or so, but know that I'm not going away.  You can occasionally find me on Instagram these days as "mrssquash", but that will never replace Squash House Quilts.  There are just times when I don't have a lot to say, but that can't last for too long!


Jeanna said...

The squash house garden never disappoints, nor do the "Supreme" reveals. You and Stephanie make a great team. I look forward to the pattern release.

Sue said...

As always your garden looks beautiful .

So this is what you have been working on ! LOVE IT !!!

QuiltSue said...

Great finish and beautiful garden. Your trees are going to look stunning in a few weeks. I hope you'll post some photos.

Me and My Stitches said...

Another fun quilt! I'm happy that fall is here - can you believe that one day our high temp was 48 degrees? That is a little too cold, too fast - but the rest of the days have been beautiful.

Stephanie said...

As always, my thanks for your awesome talents. It's lovely. :o) I hope to see your beautiful trees in person, one day.

Prairie Stitcher said...

I love the colors and the feel of the quilt and the clever pattern. Yes, it's all coming to an end, summer, that is. But blogging will go on in spite of all. I haven't been busy enough with it lately, either, since summer's end means lots of canning. Oh, I could blog canning.....and quilting.....and why I'm doing one and not the other......inspiration abounds!

Tammy said...

I love your quilt Candace, that block inside the log cabin block is so cool!! Your yard is gorgeous as always. I'm with you that I'm worn out of summer and summer clothes, time for sweaters and jeans!! Hugs.

Carrie P. said...

Wow! Candace, it is fabulous. I really like how the log cabin strips look lacy from the photo looking about the quilt. Very pretty!

AnnieO said...

Love it! Bright and cheerful and modern, but with that vintage feel for sure.

Fall will be welcome--this is the hottest year on record for California and we are roasting in our non-airconditioned houses. Thank goodness there is AC at my job!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Just right - Stephanie ha such great designs.

MARCIE said...

Very nice quilt! And I LOVE your yard! Feeling a little jealous here.

B J Elder said...

A very fun and cheerful quilt!
Our leaves are starting to tease us with a bit of color change, too. It won't be long now before they get their golden and other autumn hues. So far have not had to light a fire, but not long until that happens too.

Michele said...

What a pretty quilt! You did a wonderful job with it :-) How can it be almost the end of September already?? I haven't been the best at keeping up with my blog lately either. I'm trying harder though. It's good to see you here again :-)

Penny said...

I love your blog. I used to be a quilter. Love your work with quilts and your apple pie looks delicious. Thanks for stopping by. Will be back Candace.

Lesley said...

You did an awesome job on the quilt! So fun and fresh. Your yard is so enticing...beautiful!

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