Monday, July 14, 2014

Backyard Friend and Volunteers!

So many of you have commented to say that you enjoy seeing photos of our Squash House gardens.  Now that summer is in full swing, I thought I would take you on another tour.
The other day I was tending to this bed of peas when I noticed this lovely volunteer!  See the pink petunia in the back?  I only grew petunias once and that was several years ago on the opposite side of the yard.  Not sure where this one came from, but I'm happy to see her!
We have alyssum all along the back side of the Squash House beneath my tea roses.  Check out the snapdragon I saw the other evening!  It appears to have been there a while as there are quite a few spent buds to the right.  Something else I've never grown in our yard!
We also have a lot of "friends" this time of year.  See the honey bees on the bird bath getting a little sippa?  I see them every evening when I change the water in the bird bath.
Click on this photo to enlarge it.  Just where the three fences meet is Mr. Squirrel.  He comes over every morning to show us his peanut of the day!  He likes to chatter at Mr. Squash as he picks blueberries and tell him how proud he is to have a whole peanut!
Look at the birdhouse gourd!  There are actually three plants on this trellis and quite a few little gourd-lets!
Here is a closeup of one I took on Friday.  Three days later it is triple this size.
There is another trellis with one gourd and several cucumbers to the left.  This one gets more shade so there may or may not be gourds, but it's very pretty nevertheless.
The echinacea is in fine form!
Check out this hydrangea!  The blooms are not fully open yet, either.  To the right is a European Cranberry.  Soon the berries will be a bright red.
You can see how the berries are beginning their transformation.  After the leaves go, the berries will hang on until next spring when the Cedar Waxwings arrive to have them for dinner for several days.
I love this little garden of bits and bobs.  Oh, look - Mr. Elf has made an appearance!
Love this unusual clematis and the bee balm to the left is just getting ready to bloom.
Our Kiwi is coming through the other side of the fence to highlight the barn quilt!
Back of the house.
Back of the house at another angle.  Mr. Squash ripped up all the alyssum last year including roots as it had gotten too dense.   Didn't seem to phase it at all as it came back again all on its own.
The Autumn Splendor Sedum is getting ready for a Fall showcase with full blueberry bushes in the background.
We asked our lawn/trimming fellow to take off the lower branches of the Yew bushes on the left.  Stray cats have used it as a hiding place to catch birds while they're on the feeder.  I really like the artistic quality of the exposed branches!
We couldn't help ourselves and planted Alyssum under the Western Redbud this year.  
Even though summer has been here less than a month, we are in an unusual heat wave.  Check out the outside humidity on the upper right!  For a while it was even down to 6%.  Today and for up to a week we are supposed to be in triple digits.

Thanks for taking another stroll around the garden with me!


Stephanie said...

Squash House Home and Gardens are lovely and lush. I love the little itty bitty gourd. We also get surprised each year by what pops up in the garden, and where. One day I hope to get a personal tour of your garden. :o)

sunny said...

Very beautiful! All we grow is a few herbs in pots on our deck. If I ever get to retire, I want a nice garden!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Lovely, lovely gardens. Not envying you those temperatures. No matter the humidity level, that's hot.

Needled Mom said...

I'll bet you both love sitting outside and observing the goings-on in the gardens. Your artistic talents show through on the outside as much as on the inside.

The heat will make everything take off (or wither) this week.

Verna G said...

LOve looking at your garden! Is your alysum a perenial?

Mary said...

As always your garden must be the envy of the neighborhood. My favorite is the hydrangea. I'll never forget our trip to Washington and seeing those beautiful plants everywhere.

Sue said...

I always enjoy seeing your gardens ! SO BEAUTIFUL ! We are having a heat wave here too :-( It is supposed to be 10o here today. Good day to stay inside and do some sewing

Jackie said...

I love seeing your garden posts too! You and Mr. Squash definitely have wonderful green thumbs!

Single digit humidity sounds like heaven!

Tammy said...

Always a joy to see Squash Park. You two have a beautiful yard!! Hugs!

Prairie Stitcher said...

Thanks, Candace. Now, I need about a quart of water to re-hydrate. Seriously, though, your garden is so lovely. You must be enjoying it immensely. Mr Squirrel is HUGE! Lucky Can you tell? Hope you are all well and happy. Yes, it's hotter than-you-know-what here, too.

Houseelf said...

Thanks for the tour Candace. I have a gourd too- in the rose bed at the moment. Plants got plonked there as there was space at the time while I cleared out dead wood and pruned other things back. I think I only just got the hollyhocks out in time as they were liking it there too much. I used to have alyssum around a gravel area as it was a good weed suppressant. A useful plant. Well done for helping the bees. I have seen only a few this year which is worrying. We've got 30c due on Thursday so I'll have to water the new 39 lavenders I put in the front to help the bees. Have you thought of nastertiums? You can eat the peppery leaves as well as let them trail or climb. Happy gardening!

Kaaren said...

I love when you take us on a tour of your gardens. They are simply beautiful, Candace and Mr. Squash.

I have two gourd birdhouses hanging from trees in our back forty and I love them. I wonder how large yours will become?

Me and My Stitches said...

Thanks for the tour! Isn't it funny how odds and ends sometimes show up? Snapdragons are one of my favorites, so I would be happy to see them. I can't believe how DRY it is there...would you like some of our humidity?

GabiP said...

Loved the tour - thanks so much. I truly enjoy my "Squash House visits".

Lesley said...

Your gardens are so beautiful! Thanks for the tour!

Carrie P. said...

wish I could stroll through your garden in person. It looks like a lovely place just to enjoy. Great to see the honey bees. They are a rare sight these days. I see a few around my garden.

pratima said...

Your volunteers are very pretty and what a sweet surprise to come upon them suddenly! The squirrel and the peanut story is adorable! Beautiful blooms and wonderful views in every corner. Thank you for the tour, Candace! Hope you are staying cool and enjoying ice teas :)

Michele said...

Wonderful, wonderful tour! How fortunate to have that petunia :-) I like your quilt block and your honeybee friends :-)

Lisa D. said...

It makes me so happy to see your beautiful, thriving gardens. Life is good at the Squash House!

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