Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Second Quilted Finish!

I might call this one the "Nightmare Quilted Finish"!  I should have had it on and off the frame in a couple of hours, but Gracie May just had to be "part" of every process!  I even wound up quilting over a good part that I'd already done after I chased her off the table.  I was so rattled I didn't watch what I was doing.  The ripping on that took me about an hour!  At least it's done and I love it!
This topper is a little pattern from The Moda Candy Book.  Here it is in Mr. Squash's Fairy Garden.  He's had great success with his garden this year.   I wouldn't be surprised if he expands it even more next year.
All the fabric is French General - I am smitten with all their lines!
It's going to live on the back of Mr. Squash's Morris Recliner.
The quilting is a feather pantograph called Deja Vue from Patrica E. Ritter and Valerie Smith.

Two flimsies down and four or five to go!


Michele said...

It's beautiful! It may have taken you longer than you expected, but it was certainly worth all of your time and effort. Gorgeous!

Prairie Stitcher said...

You've done a great job in spite of Gracie May. Feathers are so wonderful and I love French General, too.....have some in my stash and I keep looking for a way to use it. Also in my stash is some train fabric (my DH's hobby, HO trains). I think one piece for the back of his recliner and another for a lap quilt would be just about right. You're an inspiration!

Me and My Stitches said...

Good for you - glad you are feeling well enough to quilt! Love that little one and it looks perfect on that chair. So nice (lol) that you had such good help!

Sue said...

How wonderful that you are quilting your quilt tops & sable to finish your UFOS. LOVE this little top with all of that yummy French General fabric. Excuse me while I drool ;-) I wish I could quilt like that, I will not pay $50.00 for someone to quilt my mini quilts :-(

Mary said...

That's a very sweet little quilt. Obviously you are enjoying your long arm. Good job!!

Lesley said...

What a sweet little quilt! So perfect for the back of Mr.SHQ's recliner!

sunny said...

Cute little quilt, and your quilting is beautiful! I have a similar chair, and my two cats have taken to sleeping up up on the back of it. Perhaps they need a new quilt to make it more cozy?

Jackie said...

Mr. Squash's fairy garden is adorable!

You did a great job with your mini quilt. Did you quilt the feathers free hand? They're very good! Great to see you on the longarm again.

Needled Mom said...

It looks so pretty and the quilting is just beautiful.

QuiltSue said...

You and Gracie May did a fantastic job of quilting this between you. I love the fabrics and the quilting design.

Sylvia Anderson said...

This is such a pretty addition to Mr. Squash's recliner and I just love the lighter squares here and there which give highlights to the quilt. Sounds like Gracie is full of mischief and curiousity, but you prevailed nevertheless. The Fairie garden is adorable and you should take a couple of pictures of the hubs hobby to feature on your blog someday.

Carrie P. said...

So pretty. And it looks perfect on the back of the chair.

Jeanna said...

I see more fun in Gracie's future :)

I love the little quilt and it looks wonderful on the back of Mr. Squash's recliner. (Another of Gracie's favorite spots...)

Ulla said...

Well done, just don't overdo it at the long arm! Lovely colours and beautiful quilting.

Stephanie said...

Your quilting is so pretty. I love the design you chose. Silly Gracie is a challenging kitty. A perfect companion to the mister's chair. So you are the Squash House Gardeners?

Lisa D. said...

It's really pretty! I love the picture of it in Mr Squash's Fairy Garden. It looks right at home on his chair, too.

Houseelf said...

So pretty Candace. The fairy garden looks like such a magical area. I like French General fabrics too. It was well worth all the extra effort.

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