Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Second Quilted Finish!

I might call this one the "Nightmare Quilted Finish"!  I should have had it on and off the frame in a couple of hours, but Gracie May just had to be "part" of every process!  I even wound up quilting over a good part that I'd already done after I chased her off the table.  I was so rattled I didn't watch what I was doing.  The ripping on that took me about an hour!  At least it's done and I love it!
This topper is a little pattern from The Moda Candy Book.  Here it is in Mr. Squash's Fairy Garden.  He's had great success with his garden this year.   I wouldn't be surprised if he expands it even more next year.
All the fabric is French General - I am smitten with all their lines!
It's going to live on the back of Mr. Squash's Morris Recliner.
The quilting is a feather pantograph called Deja Vue from Patrica E. Ritter and Valerie Smith.

Two flimsies down and four or five to go!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Quilted Finish and some Threadplay

 I decided it was time to start quilting the half a dozen or so tops I've finished.  I thought I would start small given the fact that I have done only a little hand sewing since my back surgery.
 You might remember me showing you this little topper last year.  I put it on the longarm not long after Gracie May joined our family.  Well, Gracie decided it was the perfect spot to sleep and wound up popping it off the longarm after I had begun stitching it!  I decided to put it away and have only quilted one other top since.  This is a pattern called Red White and Blue by My Red Door Designs.  I loved the fabric on the pattern cover so much and was very lucky to find some still available!  There are tiny little stars in each colorway.

I first hung the quilt between our junipers next to the patio and realized it was dwarfed by the trees and the woodpile!  We'll save this location for larger quilts from now on.  I quilted it with a simple stars and loops pantograph.  The back is leftover dark blue and red scraps and the binding is scrappy.  Just in time to add to my 4th of July quilts!
I mentioned thread play - not the kind you might think of, though!  This one is courtesy of Gracie May!  Gee - maybe I can put her to work quilting for me with all the energy she has - NOT!  I have to keep the longarm wrapped and pinned tightly or she will chew on cords and play with all the bells and whistles when it isn't in use.  Imagine my surprise when I took the cover off the other day and found this!  She had to have squirmed her way in and spent some time doing this.  I now know to take all thread off the machine when it's not in use.  

Are you wondering what I quilted with pink thread?  It isn't ready for prime time yet, but let's just say it's a beauty and I'll be able to show you early next year.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sophie's Garden

I've been AWOL again!  We had a house guest from California and were very busy getting everything tip top for his visit.  This was the first houseguest for Gracie May and Sasha.  Gracie May was very social, but Sasha chose to spend her time in the garage.  We've decided she's just a solitary gal.  Anyway, we all had a great time and are finally getting back to normal around here.

Most of you may remember that our Sophie passed away Christmas before last.  She's resting out in the East side yard.  I decided it was time to plant a garden for her.  Of course we call it Sophie's Garden.

 Alll of this was planted recently.  I have three Clematis on the chain link.  I'm hoping by next year you won't be able to see much of the fence at all.  I have no idea why the previous owners installed this short bit.  The next door neighbor has it all along her property line.  Except for this, all of our fence is wood.  So, what better way to cover it up!  So far there are a few perennials and I happened to find some verbena and snapdragon at Home Depot the other day.  The rose is a John F. Kennedy tea rose.  Next year I'll fill in more of the space with perennials.  In a year or two the drip line won't even show.

Looking the other way is our new arborvitae hedge.  We removed a very old Spirea hedge, which while it was gorgeous in bloom, was a pain to trim every year and had begun to die in spots.  We plan to keep this hedge at about the height of our neighbors trash cans.  Next year we'll plant Alyssum under the hedge.

I am not back to sewing as yet, although I wish I was.  However, I got bit by a great sale the other day.  Check out this gingham!  I loved it as a child and still do.  Not sure what I'll do with these just yet, but am working on some ideas.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Good for a Laugh!

No sewing to show yet, but I did get a good laugh yesterday that I thought I'd share!

The phone rang while I was folding laundry.  When I came back I noticed something extra needed to be folded (or unfolded)!
Miss Sasha likes to sit on top of the dryer when I fold clothes, but since the dryer was still warm, and I had walked away, she decided to try sitting inside!  What a hoot!
Last year we had a new, double pane window put over our kitchen eating area.  Mr. Squash had the bright idea to dress up the garden with the old storm window!  We took out an ailing Butterfly Bush, replaced it with a gorgeous Wigela then anchored the window to the fence in front of the Wigela.  I thought it might be nice to either plant a Clematis in front of it or hang a couple of cute bird houses from the frame.  

Stay tuned as there is soon to be a little more "window dressing" for this spot!