Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Fine Visitors!

It seems the Squash House is a gathering place for all creatures wild this spring!

Last evening I was buttoning up some things on the patio when I saw movement in the side yard.  I turned to see Mr. Turkey staring at me!
Knowing my camera was just inside the door, I quickly retrieved it and started snapping away.  Just then he started walking away from me, but then I heard a thump to my right and a brief flash of another visitor!
Turns out both Mr. and Mrs. Turkey came to visit!  If you click on the photo to enlarge it and look to the right of the basketball hoop, Mrs. Turkey is on a neighboring roof and the Mister is on their garage to the left. 
We "chatted" for quite some time - me doing my best impersonation of a turkey.   I almost had him interested for a bit!  Then the sounds of thunder began and I felt it best to retreat and let them do their thing!  I wonder who will visit next?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Quilt Show in the Big City

Friday I attended a quilt show in the "Big City" as Mr. Squash and I like to say.  It's the closest large city from where we live and about 50 miles from home.  I went with my friend Tammy whom I met blogging.  Tammy also lives in the big city. We had a great time!
Here is Tammy with her entry in the show.  It's an adorable house quilt which combines patchwork, needle turn applique, hand embroidery and lots of love!  The theme of the show was "A Quilter's Journey" and Tammy's quilt very much fit the bill.  Each house has some significance and even her pets are featured!  Great job, Tammy!
I took a lot of photos but whittled them down to just a few for your viewing enjoyment!  Isn't this one a stunner?

I thought this one had an interesting use of color that really works!
This one is by Eddie Walker, a local artist, who prior to quilting and designing her own patterns was well known as a figurine artist!  This quilt is called Wedding Ring...Ring and is based on her pickle dish design.
I thought this was an interesting Dresden variation.
Quilters who do landscape quilts always fascinate me.  Look how this one is so close to the actual photo!

This quilt was made in the 1890's.  I was blown over on how bright the colors have remained!
Click on the photo to enlarge this crazy quilt made in 1912, which contains pieces from one of Mrs. Lincoln's dresses.
 Of course I couldn't leave you today without a couple of cute kitty photos!  Sasha likes to sit next to me at the computer every afternoon.  She was so happy and relaxed here that her little tongue peeked out!
Gracie May thought she was hiding from Mr. Squash under the quilt on the back of his chair.  We see you, Gracie :>)

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Fine Visitor

Yesterday I was in the kitchen when Mr. Squash exclaimed there was a pheasant in the back yard.  I'm not sure why, but the vision of a peacock came to mind first.  Probably because when I was a child we lived down the street from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  Every so often one of their peacocks, a feisty bird named Freddie, would escape and wind up in our backyard.  When I got a little older I realized that Freddie escaped on purpose on Sunday's because my mom would feed him leftover pancakes from breakfast until his keepers could get there to retrieve him!  Obviously he liked my mom's pancakes more than what he was fed at the zoo!

I think I'll call this pheasant Freddie, too!  No doubt he was either looking for food (sorry Freddie, no pancakes here today) or hiding from the local Pheasant hunting club.  We told him he would have a safe haven from hunters here at the Squash House for as long as he wants!  Guess I'd better make pancakes next Sunday - even if Freddie doesn't visit again, Mr. Squash will be happy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Scraps, Anyone?

You probably remember the scrap project I started a while back.  I recently finished all 440 squares! It didn't even feel like it took that long.  I tell you, I was really headstrong on this one.  Even Mr. Squash was in awe of how much significant time I spent sewing these together!
Here they all are sorted into light, medium, dark and red.  Why red, you ask?  As I constructed the blocks I knew in my mind there were a lot of reds.  What I didn't realize is that there isn't a single wall in the Squash House big enough to hang the batting so I can lay them out.  So, I decided to just randomly sew them together from the piles making sure to put an even amount of red in each row.  Cross your fingers this harebrained scheme works!
Here is a portion of the first row all sewn together.  It's so long that the other portion is hanging from the back side of the door!
So, this brings me to all those leftover scraps!  I really don't want them anymore.  Each piece now has two quilts made from it and that's enough for me.  I want to start a new scrap bin, as crazy as that sounds!  So, I'm offering each box for just the price of postage which is $17.95 Flat Rate Priority for the large box, stuffed to the brim.  I can only offer this to U.S. residents.  To sweeten the pot just a tad, there will be a surprise in each box - maybe a pattern or two, some orphan blocks or even a small kit.  You need to take your chances on what might be in each box.  I have three boxes now, but can fill at least two more.

So here are the "rules":

  • US shipping only
  • $17.95 flat priority postage payable by Paypal
  • First come, first serve
  • You get what you get, please don't ask me to tell you what is in each box, it's all good quality fabric
  • Please make sure I have your email address if you want a box
Wow - I had great response to getting my leftover scraps - they're all gone now!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Uncommonly Corduroy Winner and a New Cosmetic Bag

Thanks for so many wonderful comments on my post for Loft Creations Uncommonly Corduroy Book Tour!  All of the Supremes on the tour had wonderful posts and each of us are giving away a free electronic copy of the book compliments of Martingale Publishing!  I have chosen a winner for my post - congratulations to Pauline, of the Quilt n Queen!  I know she's excited to start making some of the projects in the book and work with corduroy!

This past week I have been working on making a new cosmetic bag to replace the bag I've grown to love for many years now.  It finally had to be sent to cosmetic bag heaven.  I'd heard there was such a thing as fusible vinyl, so I thought I would give it a try to line my bag.  Here is my finished bag complete with the little pull from the old bag. (Please note this was not made from the book, I just happen to have it on my cutting table right now so I can look through it frequently and admire all the great projects).
I used a pattern from Terry Atkinson here.  I modified the pattern a bit.  Instead of using a fusible fleece lining, I only used the fusible vinyl for lining.  I box-pleated the bottom to make more room for my goodies and left off the flower and the handle for simplicity's sake.
Here is a shot of the vinyl-lined inside.  For a first attempt, I think it came out quite well.  I'm sure I'll make it again and this time reinforce the box pleats a bit more.
A blogging friend asked for more photos of Sasha and Gracie May the other day.  Here they are on the bed in the guest room a couple of weeks ago.  This was a rare moment - they are most often chasing each other around the house and having a lot of fun!