Monday, December 16, 2013

Friends Helping Friends

Recently my friend Stephanie over at Loft Creations and I talked about each of us making a Granny Stripe blanket.  We thought it would be fun to help each other out with pattern choices and crochet questions...friends helping friends!  The best part is no rules or timelines!
Quite a few years ago I bought a whole bunch of yarn to crochet a Babette blanket.  Unfortunately it never came to be.  Two things happened - when I got my yarn in the mail I really didn't like a lot of my color choices - strike one!  Then when I began to crochet I just couldn't get the granny square method for this to come out to my satisfaction - strike two!   Not long after that we retired, the yarn got thrown into a box and we moved across the state - strike three!  I unpacked it and put it in a drawer and forgot about it.

After discussing the blanket with Stephanie I decided rather than buy new yarn, I would just pick out the colors from Babette that I like and begin anew!  Here is my progress so far.  Not nearly where Stephanie is, but I have two cats "issues" which I will explain in a bit.
These are the colors I'm using.  I don't have a plan....I'm just crocheting as I go.  I'll probably change colors randomly.  I really enjoy it when I'm left alone - which is rare!  See the little ball in the right hand corner on the floor?
That ball was brought to me by this little monster cutie, Gracie May.  She dropped it in my lap as I was crocheting and then proceeded to pounce on my work.  It happened over and over again until Mr. Squash came into the room asking about all the ruckus!  I asked him to please turn on the Cat's Meow (yes, we succumbed to the TV advertisement) which (temporarily) distracted her.  I'm not sure how much help Stephanie can be in this department, but she's definitely been a big help so far in finding a great pattern to use!
This past month has been brutally cold around here.  Check out the barometer above on Dec 7th - 2 degrees!  I don't think a day went by where I wasn't wearing at least 3 layers just around the house!
I little while ago I checked and look at the difference - 56 degrees!  I'm almost ready to put on shorts (not) and go join Mr. Squash in the yard!


Stephanie said...

I really love your color combo. You have distracting kitty cuties while I crochet Abby hair into my work! :o) I'm so happy we can do this together. LOVE that gorgeous little table. As I sit here watching it snow, again, over ice, I'm happy to sip tea and crochet with you.

Ulla said...

Great idea of crocheting together! I think your yarns look beautiful. Have you tried to hide your ball of yarn in a bowl or vase? The round table is lovely!

Sue said...

What a fun crochet project. Love the colors of your yarn.

I have never heard of a cats meow ?

We have been enjoying the warmer weather too. We have been working in the yard that last couple of days and the sun feels so good

Linda said...

How fun!!! A long distance crochet along!!! Love your colors. I especially love the helping paw Gracie provides!! :-) The colors you have chosen are so pretty together. My girls had a snow day today!! I would give anything to wear some shorts right now!!!

Anne said...

We are having the same weather. One morning at 4, I got up and it was MINUS 22. What???? I really couldn't even comprehend it. Now it's in the 40's and 50's.

pratima said...

Great idea, Candace! I hope you and Stephanie have tons of fun with your wooly project. Gracie May is too cute! Glad the Meow Ad. is helping a bit. We have a heap of snow on our roof, temps are definitely falling. Stay warm!

Jackie said...

Two degrees is definitely colder than I'd like to see. On the other hand, I'm pretty tired of having the a/c on! I don't think it ran much today thankfully.

Love the colors you've selected!

Carrie P. said...

I like the yarn colors.
Your cat is so funny. I had seen that cat store on TV. Looks like it would be fun if I were a cat. LOL
Yeah, you definitely have been having cold weather.

Michele said...

Oh, my two degrees is soooo cold!!! Glad it has warmed up for you :-) I'm excited that you and Stephanie are exchanging ideas! Hopefully we can hear about how you two are progressing. It sounds like fun :-)

Libby said...

Kudos on crochet. ..too hard for my little pea brain.

Prairie Stitcher said...

I think those colors are going to be very nice. Restful, but rich, in a lot of ways. Nice. Those cats! My kitty, Pearl, who has gone with the angels, now,used to carry my little girl's My Little Pony shoes around in her mouth. They were little pink rubber things. When she was carrying one, it looked like she had bubble-gum-pink lipstick on. She would bring it to me and drop it in my lap; or on my head, if I was sleeping. She wanted me to throw it. Her favorite place for me to throw it was somewhere outside the bathroom, into the bathtub.She was the first cat I ever had that retrieved things. Bodecia and Norman, our current bosses, do not fetch. I don't know why. I like your clock. We've been thinking of getting one since we don't really have a constant weather station only works on weekdays, when Cenex is open. When they're closed, there's no report. Well, the holidays are upon us. We're cleaning house and moving stuff around, again. We are a restless group, here. Hope you are okay down there. We've had a sorry amount of snow and the wheat farmers are pretty sure the winter wheat crop is "toast". But they aren't known for their optimism. We'll pray it will be healthy. It does look a rather funny color, though.

Solstitches said...

I love your cool, ocean colours and am looking forward to following both you and Stephanie in your crocheting adventures.
You already made a great start!

QuiltSue said...

What fun to be doing it like that, with a friend. I'll look forward to watching your progress and, who knows, it might even inspire me to pick up my crochet hook again.

Needled Mom said...

Brrr.....too bad the crochet wasn't larger as you could have wrapped yourself in it while working on it. It is going to look fabulous.

I've been seeing that cat toy too and wondered how it would work.

AnnieO said...

Cats are excellent at final quality assurance, but during the process of production--not so much!

Beautiful colors you have there. We had some cold for us weather for a full week, and then yesterday it was 84. Weird, but definitely warm enough for shorts!

Jeanna said...

This is so and Stephanie crocheting together! I can't wait to follow both of you and watch the progress. I may look up the pattern myself...

Sadly, I no longer have "issues" to interfere with my projects. Gracie May is a pip!

That temperature is waaaaay too cold for this southern gal. We're headed to Philly after Christmas and hoping to see snow but not enough to interefere with my running around :) Planning to visit a couple of yarn stores while we are there...Loop looks like they offer a nice variety of yarn.

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