Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Santa Finish!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  If I had to pick one thing I am thankful for it would be Mr. Squash!  He is my best friend and the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me!  We're going to enjoy dinner out this year and save the turkey for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I just finished the second to last of my Kathy Schmidt calendar blocks.

For the first time I substituted two of my own fabrics in the block.  I really like how it turned out!  One more to go, then I plan to incorporate them all in a quilt.  Stay tuned as I just might need your help in deciding on a layout for the quilt!

On Sunday we're headed to Portland for a few days of shopping and big city merriment!  If all goes well I will post from there.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Squash House Kitchens...It's Not Just a Bakery!

That's my new saying around the house!  Kinda catchy, don't you think?  When the weather turns colder the kitchen heats up around here.  I try to keep Mr. Squash in baked goods throughout the summer (thanks to great air conditioning), but one thing cooked in the oven a couple of times a week is enough in our summer heat!

I don't know if you've noticed but I've added a new category on my sidebar under my blog feed.  It's called "Foodie Places I Frequent".  One of them is Simply So Good.  Janet is an amazing cook!  I make a lot of her recipes and each time I do, I find something new to make again and again!

Yesterday it was Janet's Chicken Pot Pies.  Oh my - were they ever good!  If you check out her blog you'll  notice that Janet is also a whiz at photography and what I call "food staging", which I'm not.  In fact, I decided to take these photos after we sat down and began to dig in!  Here is my smaller pot pie.  I used a little 4 ounce ramekin, just enough for me!
Here is Mr. Squash's larger pot pie.  Unfortunately there wasn't much on his spoon at the time, but trust me, there are big chunks of chicken, carrot and potatoes in each one!  The recipe made two more larger pot pies like this.  You can pretty much use whatever oven-safe container you like.  These will now become a staple in our household!  Do go over and check out Janet's blog if you can, and tell her I sent you!
I've been sewing quite a bit lately but still nothing I can show you!  How about some cute photos of naptime at the Squash House!  Gracie May is getting so much bigger and just loves her heated bed!
Sasha is Queen of the Couch!  She loves laying in a sunbeam anywhere, but the couch is the best!

I'll be trying another new-to-me recipe tomorrow.  Stay tuned!