Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blame it on the Full Moon...

I've been away from blogland for a while because we've been having a spectacular Fall.  Every day is sunny, clear and nearly 70 degrees.  They say it will stay this way for a while, too!  I've been doing quite a bit of sewing, too, but most of it is Supreme sewing which I can't show you just yet.  
I did finish a little sewing of my own.  Do you see the error of my ways? I somehow managed to twist the blocks the wrong way in the top and bottom rows.  I can't believe I did this, but I might just leave it and call it my "Maverick" block.   Or, knowing me, I'll rip it out and resew those rows before putting the quilt top together.   I'm blaming it on the recent full moon!
Check out the blue sky looking to the east from our backyard!  Our neighbor's maple always turns first, and ours are last to go.  We've done a bit of garden cleanup but there will be more to come once we get some freezing at night.  I have no idea why we haven't had a hard freeze yet with the clear days, but I'm not complaining!  Even the rhubarb is still producing!
Another reason I've been out of blogland is that we've been doing a few Squash House improvements.  The other day I painted the planter box out front.  I chose a blue almost identical to the blue in our barn quilt.  We had the house painted this summer so everything looks crisp and clean!  
Here is a view looking out toward the street at our Dogwood trees.  This year they are as red as we've ever seen them!  We have a gang of Flicker's that arrive every year to feast on the berries they produce.

As you read this Mr. Squash and I are fishing on the Wallowa River in Oregon.  We decided to go over for just the day since the weather is so nice.  Trout season ends on October 31st.  Hopefully I'll have some great fishing pics on my next post!


Jeanna said...

Can't wait to see the Supreme sewing project. ;)

I love your little stitchery. Did you back the stitched piece with stabilizer? Would love to know how you prep your fabric. Your stitches are perfect. I can imagine sitting in your backyard enjoying the maple trees while working on this project.

The house looks great and I love the dogwood trees.

Best wishes for a successful fishing day!

Sandy Rowe said...

Good morning, I just spent some time visiting Tammy from "HOt Flashes in the Desert". While reading her blog, I found out that you live in Walla Walla. I had been trying to figure it out for awhile by looking at your pictures. LOL I live in Pasco, and work in Wallula. I work four days a week and have every Friday off. Maybe one of these Fridays, we three, and any other quilters that you know and would like to bring, can meet for lunch!

Lynn said...

I wouldn't have noticed a thing wrong with your block if you hadn't pointed it out Candace. It a wonderful block. Your house and yard look all the colors of the trees. I also love the color you selected for the window box. Happy fishing.

Betty Lou said...

I like your block, looks perfect to me. Have you ever fished the Metolious, one of hubby's favorites.

Linda said...

I love your block! I would never had noticed anything if you had not pointed it out!!!!! Have fun fishing!! I hope you catch a TON!

Needled Mom said...

The fall colors look so beautiful. It sounds like you have had a good excuse for being away.

I love the block! Very cute.

Have fun fishing.

Tammy said...

I love your Maverick block, in fact I didn't notice the issue till you pointed it out. Your home looks so beautiful and inviting. Hope you two have good luck fishing and good fish tales to tell!! Hugs.

Lesley said...

Your block is sweet just the way it is...I am always twisting and turning blocks. Does that mean I am a Maverick? Love seeing your house and those beautiful trees and shrubs. Everything is so neat and tidy!

Carrie P. said...

Well, the top and bottom row match so I think you could just leave them as is.
I am so jealous of your grass. The moles are doing a job on ours again.
WOWEE! the dogwoods are gorgeous.
We are in for some super cold weather the next week. I have all my fall veggies covered up.
Hope you catch lots of fish!

QuiltSue said...

What gorgeous colours on your trees and don't they just look wonderful against the blue sky?

Louise said...

This has been a spectacular fall. Some early fog but once it burns off really nice. I too am working on a blackwork piece. A 12 month pattern by Kathy Schmitz. With 10 done. Good to have handwork ready.

Linda R said...

Leave your block alone! Nobody will notice it. I can't notice it and you have pointed it out!! ha ha.Your house and yard look so nice. Have fun fishing and we love pictures!!! :-)

Stephanie said...

I love the pieced border of your gorgeous block. Even though you pointed out the "error" I still can't see it. Love the pop of color for your planter box. Such a beautiful sky backdrop for those trees! Pretty.

pratima said...

I am with Stephanie, I don't see what went wrong with the block. I love the colors! Your yard looks wonderful and sparkly with your special touches :)

Sue said...

Just love your block, your sashing is perfect ! You have been busy ! Don't you just love this time of year with all the tress changing color ! Happy Fishing !

Kaaren said...

I wouldn't have noticed that the block wasn't supposed to look like that. Looks fine to me but I know that you'll probably change it because I would. *wink*

Hope you enjoyed your day out fishing. SOunds like you're having too perfect Fall weather.

Your yard and gardens looks beautiful, no matter what season. Enjoy the beauty!

Karen said...

I did not notice that you have some parts turned wrong until it was pointed out in what you shared with us. Not too big of a job to make things right if it makes you happy. I think we have all had the same thing happen at some point in our quilt making.

PamKittyMorning said...

Your home and yard always look wonderful. those trees! jealous of the flickers.. we get one or two occasionally. i love the visiting birds. Happy New Year!

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