Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When a UFO Finish isn't really a UFO...

Most of you who have been with me for a while know that I like to finish what I start.  There have been a couple of quilts I've started and put back with no intentions of finishing for one reason or another, but for the most part I like to finish everything I start before heading to a new project.

Mr. Squash bought this pattern for me soon after we retired nearly 4 years ago.  I cut out the fabrics for the setting blocks and put them in a container while I began the stitching the embroidered blocks.  Not really a UFO, right?  Well, almost four years later I've finally finished!  It's from Crabapple Hill and called Flight of Fancy.  I changed up all the fabrics, as well as the embroidery colors from the original pattern found HERE. It measures 76 x 76.
I worked on the blocks in the evenings here and there.
The birds are stitched on an antiqued muslin - a total of 4 different colors of muslin.  The thread I used is the 2 strand Cosmos embroidery floss that come on a roll.  I always back my stitcheries with another piece of lightweight muslin.  It makes them more stable and hides any knots or thread jumps.
The bulk of the prints are an older print called Definitions by Faye Burgos.  I supplemented the rest from my stash.  The blues you see are really gray - my camera chose that - not me!
I'll back it in the geometric print you see and the binding will be the large polka dots.  This was a very satisfying finish as I do love embroidery!

Here is the reason I have 4 quilts waiting to go on my longarm!  She already ruined one project I had loaded to quilt.  I had to remove it from the frame, pick out the stitches and put it away until she's a bit older.  Gracie May thinks she is hiding under this little pad.  It usually sits at the door to the backyard off the dining room.  Gracie loves to watch what goes on out the glass door, and I thought she would like a little soft pad over the hardwood.  However, she loves to scoot around the room under it!  
Here is what Sasha lives for in the mornings!  She is a total fanatic over the foam on my morning latte!  Once I set it on the counter and walked away for just a moment.  When I returned she had licked all the foam off the top!  We try to satisfy them both with just  little finger full of "fluffies" each day.

Soon I'll have another finish to show you!


Needled Mom said...

That is really beautiful. I love all of the embroidery.

Linda said...

Congrats on an awesome finish, Candace!!!! Gosh, every project I seem to finish lately has at least a couple of years under its belt. :-) Gracie May and Sasha are sooooo sweet!!!! I do remember when Scooter was a kitten, I once forgot to close my studio door and he thought the quilt on the frame would make a great hammock. Lol. Thank goodness it was my quilt. :-)

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! I know how much you and Mr. Squash love birds -- I'm sure the girls love birds too, but for very different reasons. Kitten-hood last such a short time. Enjoy! They appear to have very fun personalities.

Linda R said...

Beautiful embroidery! Nicely done.

Louise said...

I have the same quilt top completed and am trying to decide how I want to quilt it. I used the French General fabrics including the linen bird print for backing. These blocks I embroidered during the last winter olympics. Now I need to pin it on the Gam and get it completed. What a nice treat for the kitty.

Sue said...

Your embroidery you did is GORGEOUS! I LOVE birds ! Oh what would we do without our little helpers LOL Congrats on a great finish

Tammy said...

oh my that Gracie May is a busy little bee. Sorry about the one project, cats just love all things quilting and can't stay away even if they know better I think. I've never had my cats go for the foam on my latte, that is way to cute!! I love the quilt you finished, wow, you did a lot of beautiful work on that one!! Hugs.

Lisa D. said...

Your embroidered blocks are wonderful! Yay for finishing a UFO! Cute kitties, I love that they like to share your latte foam!

Jeanna said...

Oh Candace, I love the quilt. Your embroidery stitches are perfect and the birdies are so pretty!

That Gracie May is too cute with the pad...Of course it is much more fun to hide under it than sit on top :)

Sasha can't sneak a lick of foam, it will show on her face for sure.

Oh the joys of kitties and their shenanigans.

Can't wait to see your next finish.

Carrie P. said...

congrats on your finish! it is great. I have seen that same quilt done in reds which was pretty too.
That is so cute about your kitty liking the foam on your coffee.

Sherry@The BarnQuiltStore Blog said...

Your quilts always amaze me...they're so lovely!!

Mary said...

You're right. That wasn't really a UFO, just a WIP.

QuiltSue said...

Your embroidery is wonderful. Its a great quilt.

Me and My Stitches said...

What a great finish! I'm laughing at the antics of the kitties - oh my - they sure do keep us busy, don't they!?

pratima said...

Beautiful finish, Candace! What a thoughtful gift from Mr. Squash! Your fabric prints compliment your stitcheries perfectly! Gracie and Sasha are too cute!!

Karen said...

What a gorgeous quilt, Candace; I was going to say how much I love the bird print before I realized that was embroidered!
One thing that made me realize I was becoming an adult was the ability to say no to a book that was not living up to my expectations. As a younger person, I felt a sense of failure in not finishing, but now I have come to find a little bit of triumph in being able to discern what I really enjoy!

Houseelf said...

What a lovely finish. I am the same with mine but I still have 3 older UFOs to do. I promised myself I ought to do them for the Craft Olympics this year. Good luck finishing any other UFOs you have lurking.

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