Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cat Herding 101

I saw a friend at the gym today who asked me if we had been out of town.  I said, no, why do you ask?  She said because I hadn't posted anything for a while!  True, I haven't.  Mostly because I find myself exhausted after herding the "girls" all day!  Mind you, exhausted in a good way, but along with all my other daily chores, it has used up a good chunk of time this past week or so.  Thought I'd better post an update!
 Yesterday morning Mr. Squash and Gracie May were at their usual morning spot.  Mr. Squash has his coffee and reads the papers online while Gracie sits on top of his printer either snoozing or watching out the window.
 She likes this spot so much that Mr. Squash thought it would be a good place for her blankie!  The two of them have become best buddies which warms my heart!
 On the Sasha front, they aren't quite best buddies yet, but are slowly getting there.  Here is Sasha snoozing in her basket.  Gracie May is thinking maybe she can sneak up on her.
 "If I go around behind the vintage bobbins, she won't know I'm coming."
 "She still doesn't know I'm here."
"Dang!  I'm getting the evil eye from Sasha!"
This goes on all day long.  Occasionally they chase each other around the house and will play fairly close at times.  Other times Sasha can be heard growling or seen giving Gracie May a good swipe!  The other day Gracie May was on a kitchen table chair and Sasha was below - she managed to give Sasha a good, first swipe! Way to go, Gracie May!  Each day gets just a little better and they both keep us busy and entertained!
 This is Sasha's favorite thing to do - wander around the patio in the sunshine!  
The house is being painted outside this week, so she's stuck inside watching for the UPS man.

Did you notice a new button at the top of my sidebar?  I have been encouraging a very nice gal, Jeanna, to start a blog for some time now.  Well, she finally took the plunge!  I love the name she chose for her blog - Slammin' the Screen Door!  Do go say hi if you have a moment!


Me and My Stitches said...

They are both so cute - glad things are going well. Thanks for the update!

Needled Mom said...

I'll bet you love watching them get to know each other.

Stephanie said...

Well the painting may be entertainment too! The girls are so cute and funny. Love Gracie Mae's blankie spot. Also love the Big sister little sister dynamics.

Tammy said...

Cats are so funny. How people don't like them or think they don't have personalities, I just don't get it. Your two girls are way to cute and funny. So glad things are going better and they are adjusting to each other. Love that Gracie Mae like the printer - she was so small I had to look twice to see her in the first pic. Hugs!!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Your girls are so lovely. Better than any TV as for entertainment.

Jeanna said...

Love that Gracie has her own blanket ... On top of the printer is hilarious. Both girls are getting so big!

Thank you so much for the kind words and sharing my button:)

I have been busy working on things to share in this weekend's post. (The day job is getting in the way but its a necessary evil)

Carrie P. said...

that is so sweet that Gracie Mae hangs out with Mr. S. It won't be long before she will be to big to sleep there.

Julianne said...

They are both the way she hangs out with Mr. Squash at the computer...

Wendy said...

Awwww, so cute. Love seeing your girls. Everyone has such a different personality. It makes me happy to see kitties who are so well cared for. Is Sugar still there?

Houseelf said...

Glad they are both settling in together. It takes a while sometimes for a newbie to be accepted. We'll be having that this Summer with JJ's hound. Thanks for the update. Isn't she growing fast!

Ольга Т. said...

Замечательные кошки. Игривые и веселые.

pratima said...

It is so funny to see them in action! We can almost tell what they are thinking from their expressions! Glad things are settling down and Sasha and Gracie have claimed their own favorite spots in the house :)

Kaaren said...

You can tell that much progress has been made. Way to go, girls!

Gracie May's "perch" is perfect. Don't they just melt you heart?

Your post made my day. I'm so relieved and I'm sure you are too.

Ann Bassett said...

I love your blog and the stories of your kitties.

Cindy said...

I just giggled at reading about the "kids". How fun! Gracie still appears small compared to Sasha. Any new plans for a road trip? I always love reading and seeing pics of where you and Bob venture out to.

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