Friday, May 10, 2013

Squash House Going's On...

Since I've been away from posting for a while I thought I'd catch you up on what's been going on around the Squash House.  Not a lot of sewing - mostly gardening.  We've had a very warm spring, and with no frost in sight, we realized we could plant before Mother's Day, which is the usual "safe" planting date.
Mr. Squash worked very hard tilling up the tomato beds.  You'll see our semi-dwarf apples on either side of the beds, and the espaliered pear right behind Mr. Squash.  Unfortunately we lost all the pear buds to a frost.   
 Of course there must be a nap after all that hard work - Sasha was exhausted from just watching!
 I tried my hand at two no-knead breads.  This is the white bread - perfect on the first try!
 King Arthur had a recipe for a multi-grain no-knead bread so I had to try it as well - another perfect loaf!
 Mr. Squash and Sasha are on the lookout for balloons in the sky early this morning.  Between the three of us we were able to watch all around the house.
 Here they come!

 Yikes - are you sure this is a balloon?  Looks more like a rocket ship from Mars to me!
 After all that tilling, the planting began.  There are peppers on the left, garlic next (planted last fall), pole beans, radishes and lettuce, and lettuce we planted about 6 weeks ago.  Behind that last bed on the right is Allium which I planted last fall, too.  I couldn't remember what it was until the buds began to open.  
 Tomatoes are all planted.  We're using the potato tower this year for a zucchini bred especially for containers!  Mr. Squash always plants Marigolds in front of the tomatoes - what a guy!
 Now we just sit back and wait for everything to bloom.  There is a lot just beginning to open up - I'll show you in another week or two.
 This iris was planted last year - just one rhizome - look at it now!
 Another angle.
And last but not least, Sasha still keeps us entertained and on our toes.  This is the downstairs bathroom - I wonder who forgot to close the door!

We'll be out of town next week, but I'll try to keep up while we're gone - and a big surprise at the end!


Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple said...

Wow your yard and gardens look great already. Can't wait to see their progress in the weeks ahead.

Carrie P. said...

I wonder why Sasha is so fascinated with the toilet paper. so funny.
Great looking garden beds and yummy bread I am sure. Have a great time on your trip.

vivian said...

Love your yard and gardens -so lush and green!

Stephanie said...

What a picture perfect day for ballooning! I'd rather watch than ride. Did the whooshing bother Sasha? Your yard looks as if it should be in a magazine. :o) Does Mr. Squash get rewarded with baked goodies after his hard work (and nap)?

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, that last shot is priceless!!

Your gardens are beautiful!!!

Michele said...

Lots going on at your house :-) I'm looking forward to seeing your garden grow! The balloons are beautiful!

Tammy said...

oh my your yard is stunning and the beds for vegies are gorgeous as are all the beds and flowers. You live in a park!! I always say I'm going to go see the balloons in your area and never remember to do it. I've been in Albuquerque for their balloon festival and it was awesome (but crowded). No knead bread sounds very interesting - I must go investigate that. Yummy bread and less work is right up my alley and CR would love it. I almost spit water at my computer screen when I saw the lovely job Sasha had done in your bathroom. She's an artist with paper, haha. Hugs and safe travels!!

Sheila said...

Your yard is so beautiful and so green. Spring is my favorite time of the year, just to see everything bringing color to our life. Looks like you have the perfect spot for watching balloons. Have never seen the rocket shaped one before. Looks like Sasha is enjoying life at Squash House

Kaaren said...

*sigh* Your gardens are beyond beautiful. Oh to have a fenced yard again to keep the deer, raccoons, skunk and who knows what other critters out.

Sasha looks so much at home in such a short time. Does the hissing from the balloons not freak her out?

What a cutie...I meant Sasha and not Mr. Squash...although he's not too bad either! *wink*

Anonymous said...

The bread looks yummy. Did you get both recipes from king Arthur?

Lesley said...

What a beautiful property you have! And so great to see those hot air balloons soaring overhead!

Sue said...

Your gardens are just gorgeous! How nice to be able to plant already. We have to wait a few more weeks yet.

Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle said...

Yes, your yard and gardens are BEAUTIFUL. Are you coming to Quilt Market? if so, maybe I will find you and meet you!

Anna said...

you and the mister really have a green thumb...the yard is fantastic!

QuiltSue said...

Your garden looks beautiful. Not so sure about the bathroom though.

Have a good trip.

Cindy said...

Sasha may have pushed the door,open herself...LOL
BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL yard, garden and home. You and Mr. Squash have made your own pieces of paradise. Enjoy your trip. Be safe. Hugs

Ulla said...

It looks like you must have a professional gardener working for you at least once a week! The breads look delicious. Beautiful balloons, but I wouldn't climb in one!

Anonymous said...

Buy the cheap to and let the girl have fun! Lol. Everything wonderful...I enjoyed catching up.

Houseelf said...

I have bread envy! LOL I couldn't even manage to make a decent loaf in the bread maker this month. The males are still laughing.

I am convinced you have magic soil with that iris- wonderful! Your garden is looking so full of promise.

Sue said...

What a amazing vegetable garden you have ! So worth all that hard work. Now you can sit back and watch it grow and enjoy all those vegetables ;-D

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures of your gardening results. And love the balloons. We have them here in north central Texas end of August. The breads look delicious.....and no-knead is the kicker for me. Which ones did you use on the King Arthur site? I see a Harvest Grain no-knead and wonder if that is it and if you order that grain mix from them. Their website is great--makes me want to visit there when I am in Vermont sometime. Another beautiful state.

Mary said...

Looks like Sasha continues to love her new home!

onlymehere said...

I plant marigolds by my tomatoes too as I read a long time ago that they keep bugs off from eating the tomatoes! Honestly I think it works.

The last picture reminded me of my grandbabies antics if I don't keep the bathroom doors shut!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Hey! I know those balloons! We've enjoyed watching The Spirit Of Boise raise up over Ann Morrison Park to applause many times! What fun to see her in your blog this morning!

Me and My Stitches said...

Your yard and garden looks so nice! So much work, but isn't it worth it all in the end! It sure looks like Sasha is doing great - happy for all of you on that (except for that little TP issue!). Such fun to see all of the hot air balloons. I like the spaceship from Mars!

Jackie said...

I've not heard of no-knead bread but it sounds like a good thing and it looks delicious! I believe that you CAN live on bread alone!

Your garden is amazing! I still show Greg pics to implant the idea of us growing a few veggies. Hard to do as much as we work but one day it's going to happen!

Libby said...

Your garden is always gorgeous and inspiring!

pratima said...

Your garden is growing beautifully, Candace! Sasha seems to be loving all the Spring activity too! How fun that you could see the balloons from your yard. Great pictures :)

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