Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peter Cottontail and a Pitiful Puss!

Just in time for Easter!

Here is my Peter Cottontail Sweet Stitches March block!  I think this is the cutest rabbit, ever!
Speaking of cute - and pitiful!  Miss Sasha chewed open her stitches from being spayed and got a little infection.  She's now confined to this nasty collar until some serious healing happens.  I think Mr. Squash and I feel worse than she does.  But it hasn't stopped her from eating and playing!  That's our girl!

Happy Easter!


Donna said...

Peter is adorable!

Poor Sasha. Hope she heals fast.

Stephanie said...

Sasha trumps Peter for cuteness. I hope she heals quickly. As for Peter, that is a really pretty block -- are the eggs fabric applique? They almost look as if they're painted. Your stitching is so neat.

Happy Easter!

Me and My Stitches said...

Love Peter Cottontail! But, I really love Sasha! Poor kitty - hope she loses the conehead soon!

Tammy said...

Peter Cottontail is so cute. You do beautiful work. And poor Miss Sasha, I like to call it the cone of shame - cuz usually they act like they've been shamed and can't move with it. Glad to hear it's not stopping your girl and I hope that infection clears up quickly. Hugs and Happy Easter!!

Cindy said...

The eggs appear like they're appliqués. Cute Peter, cuter Sasha.

Happy Easter

B J Elder said...

Oh no, not the 'cone of shame'! At least it will help her heal now.

Houseelf said...

Get well soon Sasha. Lovely stitching Candace just in time for Easter.

Linda said...

Happy Easter, Candace!!! Sasha is soooooooo cute and sweet! I just want to give her big hug and kiss!!!! Lol!! I hope she heals up soon! I can understand how you guys feel about her wearing that cone. I would feel the same. Love your Peter Cottontail block!

Ulla said...

Cute Peter Cottontail, I like his name too.

sunny said...

Poor Sasha! Did you remind her it's for her own good? ADORABLE Peter cottontail!!

Anne said...

Awwww Poor Sasha! You need to decorate his little collar! Peter on the other hand, is looking quite good!

AnnieO said...

Peter's striped pants are over the top cute! Poor Sasha--this too will pass. You'll be glad when you don't have to hear that in-heat yowling. Yikes.

Lesley said...

Your Peter is gorgeous! Wonderful stitching and piecing!

Char said...

Love Peter. I hope Sasha heals quickly.
Happy Easter to you and Mr Squash.

Kaaren said...

She definitely has that look that says, "You'll be sorry!"

She has such a pretty face. Ya gotta love her and I know you both do.

I just love that rabbit. Great stitching!

Needled Mom said...

Awww...poor baby!!!

Love the rabbit!!

Karen said...

Oh how cute. Peter Cottontail has never looked better.

pratima said...

Aww.. Poor kitten! Hope she is feeling much better now.
Your bunny is adorable! Love his clothes! :-)

Carrie P. said...

I think the rabbit pattern is supper cute but I wasn't feeling the green batik I got in my kit. I am making mine in a dark purple.
Sasha actually looks quite happy even with that thing on her neck.

Wendy said...

The stitchery is adorable. I hope Sasha heals soon. She still looks cute with the cone.

Quilter Kathy said...

The bunny and the kitty are both adorable!

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