Thursday, August 9, 2012

Suicide Bridge Restaurant!

I know what you're thinking - who would eat at a restaurant with a name like that?  The answer is we did - twice!  Located just outside of Cambridge, Maryland, we heard that they have really good seafood, so off we went!
Yup - looks like we're in the right place.  We drove through corn and soybean fields and picturesque countryside to get here.  Near as I could tell, there wasn't much more here other than a few houses, a small marina and the restaurant.
Here is the marina and the sign for the bridge.
This is the other side of the bridge.  Isn't it so pretty?  Click on any photo to enlarge.
Looking back at the restaurant from the bridge.  I was careful to not have any bad karma from standing on the bridge rub off on me (wink).
If you have a few moments, click on the photo and read the story of the bridge.  It's quite interesting.
OK - let's get down to the food!  I wanted nothing more than a fantastic Maryland crab cake, but we decided to begin with a fresh shrimp appetizer!  Don't worry, Mr. Squash shared with everyone.
Bern decided to go all out and had a large, fresh crab plate!  That smile stayed on his face until he finished the last crab!
Here is my dinner - Maryland Crab Cakes!  How I love these succulent cakes of nothing but sweet, lump crab!  I wasn't sure how big they would be so I ordered two.  Needless to say they were huge and I barely got through one (but had a lot of help finishing the other).  We came here on our third night and I had them again!
Barbara had the scallops.  Look how gorgeous they are - and an orchid in the middle.  How pretty is that?
Carrie, I took this photo for you.  Across from the restaurant was a lovely old home with these Purple Martin bird houses in the yard.  Apparently they are quite revered in the Maryland area.

Next up will be my last post on our East Coast trip - a day at Cape May.


Stephanie said...

Love the name. Out of the way places are the best kept secrets. My gosh...the shrimp appetizer would feed me for a week! It all looks amazing. I love seafood and it's icky in Ohio!

Betty Lou said...

Well, the name of the restaurant does get your attention. The shrimp appetizer sounds yummy.

Carrie P. said...

thanks Candace! I should get some of those houses. Keep the insects down.
Now I will admit that if I had that bowl of shrimp I would not be sharing. It is one my favorite things in the world. Fresh boiled shrimp. Yum!

sunny said...

I've been through Cambridge many many times on the way to the shore. We'll look for this restaurant next time!

Sharon said...

That food looks amazing, scallops are one of my favs! What a great trip you are sharing with us, thanks

Linda said...

That is my kind of restaurant!!!!! Everything looked soooooo good!!!!!

Kaaren said...

How scrumptious everything looks! I just love seafood.

I wonder if the scallops are from Digby, a town about 15 miles from where we live that is world-renowned for it's scallops. The crab cakes look yummy as well.

Chartreuse Moose said...

Thank you for the armchair travel...delightful! Oh, and dinner looked amazing!!! Yum!!!! Make that double yum!!! :-)))

Me and My Stitches said...

My great Aunt lived on Chesapeake Bay and the few times we were there we always had lots of crab and crab cakes. When she came to Iowa to visit, she would sometimes bring a cooler of crab meat and make crab cakes for us here - there is nothing like a Maryland crab cake!

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