Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reunions & Olympics (of a sort)

Home Sweet Home!  Mr. Squash and I are finally back after a whirlwind trip to the East Coast.  We got to experience, first hand, the heat and humidity that we've heard about from so many of you!  It is definitely not to be underestimated!  For the first few days I felt like a wet puddle most of the time.  This will be the first of several posts about our trip.  Please come along for the ride!

The day after we arrived was Mr. Squash's Family reunion.  My brother-in-law, Bern, had his hair done for the occasion.  Notice that he plays no favorites and supports both the Phillies and the Angels.  (In all fairness to Bern, his hair is actually part of his hat - lol).

This was hands down the hottest and most humid day of the trip, and the reunion was held outside!  This is Mr. Squash's mother's side of the family (mostly of Polish decent) and do they ever love to party!  Here is the house where the reunion was held.  It has been in the family since sometime in the 17th century (that's the 1600's folks!!)  The section of the house on the right with the awning is the original part of the house which has been remodeled many times since.  
Mr. Squash - isn't he just ever so handsome!
This little cousin had the right idea from the get-go.  I tried to get him to smile, but all I got were a series of funny faces.
Even some of the dogs took to the water to cool off.
This part of the yard had lots of shade and is where most of the grown-ups lingered.  The large tree on the left is a very old Catalpa and the one on the right, which is actually just one tree is a very old Oak.  I forget how many acres total land they own, but it's a lot and there is virtually nothing else around - so peaceful and quiet.
One of the cousins restored this great truck himself!  What a beauty she is.
Check out the swing!  Another perfect way to cool off.
Being this was the first day of the Olympics, some of the younger cousins held their own version!  Mr. Squash tried to get me to join in on the water balloon toss, but you couldn't drag me out of the shade even if it was to get wet!
Check out the Olympic rings!
Here's Kris with her gold, silver and bronze medals!  If you click on the photo they are actually beer cans!  Kris is the daughter of Mr. Squash's dear friend Yosh from childhood and she married into the family!
Another sort of Olympics was going on in the food area!  Carol had a whole pig roasted and folks brought side dishes.  I could never get close enough to that area to get a photo, but I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to find the dessert table!  Linda asked me to be sure and eat a Cannoli for her.  See the boxes, Linda!  They were full of them and oh, so good!
Here you go, Linda -- a live photo of Cannoli's and other desserts.  We took this photo - believe it or not - at a fantastic seafood place in Cape May called the Lobster House!
Not only was there a family reunion, but Mr. Squash and I were fortunate to be the guests for lunch one day at his college friend Joe and Joe's wife Helen's home!  Joe is in the seed business and here they are standing in front of their huge vegetable garden.  Mr. Squash and Joe and not seen each other in 46 years!  We had the best day ever with them!  Helen cooked an incredible lunch with home grown tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, broccoli and Joe grilled steaks!  We finished the meal off with an incredible homemade Blueberry Buckle.  We wish we could have spent much more time with them but hope to see them at our house soon!
The trip began with a reunion and ended with one!  This was Mr. Squash's 50 year High School reunion!  Here is is with Yosh and his wife Karen.  Yosh and Mr. Squash went to Seabrook school together as children and have been very close every since.  If you are interested in Japanese/American history during WWII, there is a wonderful link explaining a bit more HERE.

Tomorrow I'll have more on our East Coast adventures!


Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous piece of family property. Love the Olympic beer can rings. That heat and humidity would find me swinging in the shade of the tree while sprinklers were going underneath me. How wonderful to reunite with family and friends.

Linda said...

Looks like it was the best time ever!!!!! I think it's awesome how you were able to enjoy family and friends on your trip!! I loved every single photo, but you know which was my favorite!!! :-) Not sure I would've have been able to just eat one of those!!! LOL!!! Yes, the humidity is every bit as you described it. Now, do you need a little vacation after your vacation?? LOL!!! I know I always do. :-)

Ulla said...

What a lovely place for the reunion. There is the swing of my dreams!

ytsmom said...

Mr Squash looks great for just having been to a 50-year reunion!!

Carrie P. said...

Now that looks like a great place to have a reunion. I wish I had that pool in my back yard. It looks so inviting. How nice that Mr. S got to see his old friend too.
Man, all that food sure does look good too.

cjwalla2 said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Glad to have you home... and welcome to our triple digit temps! Ahhh... but no humidity...whew!

Jackie said...

Even a pool isn't enough to get me outside all day during the summer. I live for the winter here! Glad you had a great trip!

Kaaren said...

I love stories like this. Thanks for giving us a peek into Bob's family and friends.

I would love to see that house and grounds. They look like something you'd only see in movie.

Me and My Stitches said...

It looks like a fun reunion! Too bad you had to endure the heat,isn't the humidity awful? I am so ready for Fall!

Unknown said...

Candace - Can I ask what part of east coast you were in? I see that old remodeled truck around alot, especially at an Xmas party in May that we always go to. I always point it out to my husband as my favorite. The weather here in New Jersey has been very humid - I think Florida is cooler. Glad you had such a great time! Laura (ljdelea@yahoo.com)

Houseelf said...

What a wonderful place for a party and mini Olympics. How original is the fireplace for the house? it is so good that the house has stayed in the family all that time.