Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cambridge & Oxford ???

And here you thought we were on the East Coast, not England!  Actually - we were on the East Coast!  After the family reunion, we headed over to Maryland for 3 days with Mr. Squash's sister and brother-in-law.  They took us to a gorgeous Hyatt hotel in Cambridge, Maryland on the Choptank River in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay area.
To get there we had to take the Cape May Lewes Ferry from Cape May to Lewes Delaware.  This is taken from the Cape May side just prior to departure for the one-hour crossing.  I wish I could say the clouds in the sky indicated cool weather, but it was the start to another hot and humid day.
Here we are still looking chipper before we got totally melted by the humidity.
The hotel was gorgeous.  This was a view looking out onto a portion of the golf course with the Choptank River in the background.
Here is a sunset from our room on the top floor of the main building.
You could rent a kayak or jet-ski, go fishing, or even paddle around in an over-sized swan!  There were several pools and restaurants, a spa, golf course, walking trails, etc.
Mr. Squash and I tried to keep up our daily exercise routine as much as we could.  One day we got up early to explore the walking trail.  We thought we could escape the humidity by going out early - NOT!  We came across this wonderful, carved tree trunk.  Click on the picture for a better look at all the resident animals!
On day two we headed over to Oxford, MD - one of the oldest towns in America.  To get there, you take a little 9 passenger ferry!  Click on the photo above and you can see the ferry just pulling into the dock.  They also have what they call a picket fence tour with these darling little picket fence signs pointing out historic landmarks.
This Inn was just above the ferry landing.  It would be fun to stay here in the Fall.
While waiting for the ferry I saw this marker explaining the history of the United States Colored Troops.  Click on the photo and read about this very interesting bit of history.  This is one of the many reasons I love visiting the East Coast.  There is so much history that we never learned in books.
There seemed to be a bit of a duck race going on while we waiting for the ferry.  It was the perfect day for it, too!
A gorgeous Colonial home also near the ferry.
All the sidewalks were made of brick and well worn, too.
In Oxford we visited the Maritime Museum.  This was the Administration office which was at one time the only house on the wharf.  The beautiful woman on the porch is the figurehead from an old ship, beautifully restored.
I would like to think I descended from this woman!
Doesn't Mr. Squash look dashing in this old wooden boat?  He's ready to be your "salty" sea captain!
One building had nothing but history on duck hunting in the area with lots of old duck decoys.  I was struck by this hunting jacket and the "patchwork" on the back made from yearly hunting licenses!

Next post I'll show you a very interesting restaurant we went to named after a bridge!


Carrie P. said...

sorry you had to deal with our east coast humid weather but it looks like a great place to explore.
That boat Mr. S is in reminds me of one that I used to spend time in when I was a child in CA.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous. At least the photos don't show the heat and humidity! Mr. Squash is a dapper Salty Sailor! :o) So much of the US to see and history we were never taught in school. I love food pics. :o)

Houseelf said...

What an amazing place full of history. I wonder if it was settled by people who came from the Oxford in England? There seems to be a theme in the area for English place names. :-) The herringbone brick path is something you see in the 1700s in England. The bricks were narrower than you find in houses in England today.

Mary said...

I see a quilt just waiting to be pieced in the sidewalk!!

Michele said...

Thanks for the lovely tour! We have always lived on the East Coast and the summer humidity is not our strong point.

AnnieO said...

Really fantastic carved trunk! I've been to Maryland/DC area only once and it was in October, so lots of crisp nights. Hope your room was well-airconditioned! It looks like plenty of green on the East Coast, unlike the rest of the country :) Glad you are enjoying all the "Hysterical Markers", as my mom likes to call them, lol!

pratima said...

Candace, your trip is fantastic and so much fun in lot of ways! Glad you got to visit interesting places and also spend some time with family and friends! Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

sunny said...

I've only been to Oxford once, and now I want to go back. Thanks for a great post. Hubby and I will head down there soon.