Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Eat!

Not much to write about here lately.  Mr. Squash and I are in a sort of "summer puttering around" mode.  Nothing too exciting, yet nothing too boring!  Our fishing adventure a while back turned out to be a non-fishing adventure.  The river was still too high and muddy because of all the rain we had in June.  Also, the river bank is brushy and thick which doesn't lend to very good casting.

I thought I'd do some more cooking posts just to spice things up!

How does this look?  Juicy and tender Beer-can Chicken with Roasted Veggies!
We got a new cooking gadget recently from one of my favorite catalogs, Williams-Sonoma.  It's a vertical chicken roaster.  If you watch any of the cooking shows you've probably seen a lot of grill chefs place a whole chicken over an open, full can of beer.  This gadget makes it much easier in my opinion.  Here's how you do it...
Clean and wash a whole 4-5 pound chicken, pat dry with paper towels.  Rub about 2 Tblsp olive oil over entire chicken then salt and pepper the bird.  Set aside while you prepare the veggies.

Wash and remove seeds from one red and one yellow bell pepper.  Slice both vertically into 1/4" thick slices.  Peel and half a whole onion (I chose to use a local Walla Walla Sweet onion, but you can also use a red onion) and cut into 1/4" slices.  Places in a bowl with about 2 Tblsp olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.
Place 1 cup of beer in center of your chicken roaster.  Any beer will do.  We don't drink so we just found an inexpensive single can of beer at the grocery store.
Set your grill up for indirect heating.  Place Mr. Chicken over the beer holder, legs down and onto the grill.  Oh, the indignity of it all for poor Mr. Chicken!
Add your veggies around the sides (you can see that I added some quartered red potatoes at the last minute) and begin roasting with the lid on.  Baste the bird every 15-20 minutes with your choice of bottled BBQ sauce.  We used a local sauce that we love.
Maintain the heat of the grill between 350 and 450F.
You might not want to do what I did - barbecue when it is 94 degrees outside!  It actually got to 95 a bit later.  At least we aren't suffering the humidity of the folks on the east coast!
Remove from the grill when the internal temp is 170 degrees F.  You can see the top is a bit browned here, which is because Mr. Chicken was so large he touched the top of the inside of the grill!  (I'll go smaller next time).  The good news is it didn't affect the meat at all.  Remove the veggies and chicken from the roaster.  Allow the chicken to sit at room temp for about 10 minutes before carving.
The chicken was moist, tender, and oh, so deeeelicious!  And the veggies were to die for!
What's for dessert, you say?  How about Crunchy Blueberry Tart from Marie over at the English Kitchen!  I've been making lots and lots of her desserts which are always so yummy!  Our blueberry crop is beginning to come on quite strong, so you may be seeing a lot of blueberry recipes here in the near future!
Serve with a bit of Greek Vanilla Yogurt and you have a meal made in heaven!


Me and My Stitches said...

Looks YUMMY! I'm jealous of your blueberries - all we have here are the ones in the store and they are small and really have no flavor. Enjoy yours while you can.

Lynn said...

That chicken looks so good! I'll bet your neighbors were sniffing the breeze like hungry bears seaching out a treat!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Your chicken recipe looks delicious, I am lactose intollerant so I will give the frozen greek yogurt a try.

My Life and Quilting on the Cape said...

Hi Candace... I have had chicken done that way with the beer... You are so right it is YUMMY and moist.. I love it... Your pie looks so delouish.. Wish I was there to try it... Hugs :)

Stephanie said...

YUM!!! I never thought of serving greek yogurt with the dessert. So what's next...are you making any blueberry freezer jam?

Sharon said...

This all looks so good!

Annemariesquilt said...

Yummi, yummi, yummi..
I will be over right away ;-)

Sheila said...

Everything looks delicious! Sorry to hear that the fishing trip was not a success, maybe next time. Have a great week.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

In the good weather I use the same Wm. Sonoma roaster as you have on the grill and love it. But, because we are often buried with snow in the winter, I bought this indoor roaster, and can highly recommend this one to you as well! The cone is removeable and you can use the dish for many other things:

I really enjoy your blog! Kate

Marla said...

Lordie, you would just die with the weather we have been having here in the midwest. Our temps have been running well over a 100 and as high as 108 with humidity over the weekend. To say the least, all I did over the weekend was stay inside and sew. My poor flowers. Your chicken and veggies look yummy!

Ulla said...

That looks and sounds delicious!

Kaaren said...

My mouth is watering. Looks delicious, Candace...especially the veggies!

Carrie P. said...


Bonnie said...

It all looks delicious. We do the beer can chicken also, but don't use beer. We have found that Mt. Dew or orange soda gives the same moisture but has a little sweetness also. Love blueberries, but just can' seem to get them to grow.

Mary said...

Ooooh that chicken looked good. Bet it didn't last long!

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