Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garden Update & Squirrel Chasing

Here is it nearly mid-July and our garden is reaching it's peak.  Before things start to go downhill with all the heat we're having (96 today, 100 yesterday, but dry), I thought I would show you some of the progress.

This is the west side of the yard where Mr. Squash has the bulk of his tomatoes and his precious Marigolds. There are 5 tomato plants here but they're getting so bushy it's getting hard to tell them apart!  On either end are my semi- dwarf apple trees (Honeycrisp & Ginger Gold), but they won't begin producing for another year or two.  There is also a potato tower in the back, a trumpet vine on the fence which has yet to bloom, and an espaliered pear.
We had a late hailstorm and lost most of the pears save for several Red Bartletts which you see here. There is a yellow Bartlett up top that I didn't photograph.
This plant grows on a trellis on the other side of the fence, but it was so bright I couldn't get a good photo.  It creeps through the fence to the other side and we just let it continue to creep!
The fuschias in the window box out front are blooming.  Couldn't be prettier for a north facing box!
This part of the yard has been an experiment for me.  I'm trying out different textured and colored perennials. Mr. Squash had to sneak in some dwarf zinnias, too.
Here is our blueberry patch.  All the bushes (even the new immature ones) are loaded!  Mr. Squash goes out every other morning and picks them fresh for our cereal and some yummy desserts!
The grapes are coming along nicely!  If you click on the photo you can see how big they're getting!
This Hollyhock finally bloomed.  We have several but this is the only one to bloom so far.
You can tell how hot and dry it is from this photo.  The Echinacea are doing really well and look much better than the picture shows.
Right next door is a dwarf Buddleia davidii or commonly called Butterfly Bush.  I got it mail order as a tiny plant 2 years ago.  Look at it go!  The proof is in the pudding, too, as we are seeing lots of butterflies right now!
Check out my rhubarb!  It will go through the entire summer!  Anyone want to come over and pick some?  Lettuce is behind it.  I already picked the garlic to the left so only 2 lonely pepper plants are left.
Some things are doing better than others this year - namely the carrots which take up an entire box!
A look at some of the perennials.  Wish I had shown you these a few weeks ago - the blooms were incredible.
Check it out - we are finally getting green beans!  I plan to pickle some this year!
Here is Mr. Squash with his new, battery operated squirrel gun!  The little buggers go after the grape vines and the maple tree bark, not to mention the strawberries!
Any time we see one, he gets ready, aims, and can fire nearly a 20 foot stream of water!  It's fun to see them go running.  Lately, however, they sometimes just sit and cackle at him because of the heat!  The water actually cools them off and they come back for more!


Me and My Stitches said...

What a beautiful yard and gardens you have! I would like more info on the potato tower. Fuschias are one of my very favorites - so pretty. And I love the pics of Mr Squash - too funny that the squirrels are starting to like their bath!

Sheila said...

You have such a beautiful yard. The combination of fruits, veggies and flowers make it just perfect. Love Mr. Squash's new weapon of choice :)

Carrie P. said...

the photo of Mr. S is funny. squirrels are such a nusainace. I woke up this morning and my suet feeder was gone! taken by a raccoon. I have been bringing in the bird feeders for month now and one time I forget he comes by and steals from me. Now I am worried about him climbing the deer fence for corn. UGH!
YOur garden is looking great despite the heat wave.
I have some zinnas and they just love the hot weather.

AnnieO said...

Lots of green stuff to keep you two out of trouble. No hot weather for us yet but that doesn't usually come until August. Someday I will actually grow some lettuce as I've wanted to for so long, just need to get my butt in gear. Remembering to water is the hardest part! Mr. Squash could water my plants from the back door with that pistol!

Libby said...

LOVE!!!!!! that squirrel gun. You well remember my previous trials with the little devils. I had a Super-Soaker squirt gun that I used. I even just shot through the open window - sent the squirrel packing and kept my screens clean *s* Feel free to pass that tip along to Mr. Squash from me.

Stephanie said...

Squirrels are funny! You have a magnificent yard with so many tasty delights and gorgeous flowers. It's brown here. Everything is suffering and my tomatoes have bruised bottoms.

QuiltSue said...

Your garden looks lovely. If only I could get over there to take some rhubarb off your hands!

Ulla said...

Your tour makes the garden look huge! You have so many beautiful spots there, and enough work to keep you both busy.

Kaaren said...

Everything looks so lush and beautiful, Candace, despite the heat wave. We haven't had any significant rain for over two months now and the our gardens are really suffering the consequences.

Stephanie Davison said...

Your garden is just lovely! I put up a 4 x 4 raised garden this year and am growing some veggies for the first time ever! But the weather has been so hot and the voles and moles so prolific, my flower garden is suffering and my water bill is double the usual amount. Thank goodness we finally have gotten some rain the last couple of days!

Love the Squirrel Gun! lol

Mary said...

Are the squirrels just an excuse for Mr Squash's water gun. I'll bet your gardens smell wonderful!

cjwalla2 said...

Your garden is awesome!!! And, Mr. S looks like he's totally in his element!

cjwalla2 said...

Your garden is awesome!!! And, Mr. S looks like he's totally in his element!

Linda said...

Your yard, flowers, plants, fruits and veggies look amazing!!!! So lush and green!!! Sounds like you are going to have pet squirrels!!!

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