Monday, May 21, 2012

A Visit and Goodies

After Mr. Squash and I said goodbye to Stephanie and Mr. Creations in Bellingham, we headed a bit south to were we used to live.  I got a much needed haircut and color from my former hairdresser while Mr. Squash had a nice visit with the folks at his former office.  We spent the rest of the day shopping and then drove out east of there to have a visit with our dear friend Vicki.  Your might remember Vicki from this post.
Vicki lives on 20 acres about six miles from where we fished for years prior to moving.  Sadly her husband passed away 4 years ago, but with help from her son and his family who live nearby, still manages to keep up the property beautifully.  A few years ago she had this gorgeous pergola built and installed.  It has a fire pit right in the center! We spent most of the afternoon sitting there catching up on all the news.  If you click on the photo you can see just a bit of snow left on Mt. Pilchuck in the background.  It can also be seen in full splendor from all the windows on the back of the house!
This is looking to the right of the pergola.  That's Vicki and Mr. Squash checking out the swimming pool which her granddaughters just love!
A couple of years ago Vicki and her son decided to put some of the pasture to good use and purchased steers which they raise for beef!  They are a special breed called Pinzgauer which produce wonderful meat.  She said they are really friendly and you can walk right up to them.  Seeing as how I only had sandals with me, I decided not to go into the pasture (wink).
This is looking back at the house.  She lives in a truly picturesque setting!
Before driving down to see Vicki, when we first met up with Stephanie and Mr. Creations, she handed me a rather large, ribbon tied bag.  Here is what was inside!  An absolutely gorgeous, vintage, completely hand-sewn quilt!  Stephanie found this in her favorite antique mall back home and knows how much I love 8-pointed stars!  She even washed it for me!  It's perfect in every way except for 2 holes that can easily be repaired.  If you click on the photo you can see one near the front edge and another on top. I was totally blown away!  Thank you so much, Stephanie, for this wonderful, unexpected gift!  I plan to repair the holes and quilt it so it can get the use it deserves!
One of the quilt shops we visited in Lynden is called Tangled Threads.  I saw this sewing caddy as soon as we walked in.  Well, Mr. Squash (with help from Mr. Creations) looked through them all while Stephanie and I were fabric shopping and picked out this one for me!  Check out the gorgeous, burled maple handle!
The caddy is made locally by Joel deWaard.  I already have it filled and sitting right next to my chair where we watch TV!
In one of the antique malls we visited I found another of these wonderful, vintage coffee jars.  I love the art deco design on this one.  And once again, I have Mr. Squash and Mr. Creations to thank for pointing them out while Stephanie and I were, yes, checking out fabric - this time the vintage variety!
We visited another great little quilt shop in Lynden called Folk Tales.  Mr. Squash found the cutest, embellished Christmas panel and asked if I could make it.  Not only did they have the panel, but up front I found the embellishing kit!  I'll surprise you with it once it's made! I think the Squash and Creations fellows make a great team and they are welcome to go shopping with Stephanie and I any time!


Stephanie said...

Vicki's property is heavenly. Guess you weren't wanting to get that close to nature in your sandals, huh? :o) You have me hooked on the vintage jars. The guys were really troopers while we shopped. That quilt is definitely in the right home.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Que lindo lugar,pareceu agradavel realmente.É tão bom reencotrar os amigos.Beijo.

AnnieO said...

Perfectly wonderful place to live out there in the green green green. I'd spend lots of time in the pergola too. What a great shopping trip and wow of a quilt gift. Lucky you!

Ulla said...

Your friend lives in a beautiful place. I envy you for all the shopping you had a chance to have with Stephanie. Two pairs of specialist eyes can see so much more, and you have great shopping assistants too! The antique quilt is a wonderful gift.

Mary said...

Your trip sounds better and better!

pratima said...

The sorroundings of your friend's home are absolutely beautiful and so peaceful! it looks sunny and picture perfect on the days you visited them :)
Stephanie's present for you is very thoughtful and just gorgeous! Lovely treats from your shopping trip :)

Carrie P. said...

Wow! Vicki's place is so pretty. That is my kind of place. Those cows are so pretty too.
How sweet of Stephanie to bring you a quilt.
Love that sewing caddy. Very nice.
Can't wait to see what Mr. Squash wants you to make.

Houseelf said...

What a wonderful trip and best of all lovely friends to visit. The vintage quilt top looks amazing. I think Mr Squash and Mr Creations must be seasoned pros with shopping. Wink!