Sunday, April 1, 2012

Surprise Block Tutorial

In my last post I showed you a nifty way of making an 8-point star without using Y-seams.
 This is another of my practice blocks.  Too bad I don't have more of this fabric - I really love the color combinations and contrast!

No fooling (since this is April 1st), you get an entire second block from this!   I had you set aside the portion that is to the left of the green arrow. 

You should have four of these -- are you starting to see the surprise block? Open each unit and press the seam toward the light (green) fabric.

Place the bottom two units right sides together and stitch down the right.  Set your seam with the iron, then press to the right.  Do the same with the two blocks on top and press to the left.  If you've been pressing correctly so far, all your seams will nestle together nice and tight!

Now you have two halves which you will place right sides together and stitch - again, your seams will nestle together.  Set the seam with your iron, open, and press to one side.

Et, Viola --- two block for the price of one!  I hope you enjoyed these two tutorials.  My thanks to Ulla who pointed out that I left a drawn line out of the first tutorial, which I've corrected in that post.  Make sure if you make the block that you go back and read that step carefully!

My friend Carol and I went to a quilt show on Friday - stay tuned for photos from the show!


Ulla said...

Cute little new block, and no waste!

Mary said...

This really looks like a couple of fun blocks to play around with. A great tutorial, Candace!

Libby said...

Love me a bonus block *s*

Stephanie said...

Imagine the gorgeous quilt you could make alternating these two blocks. Looking forward to quilt show inspiraiton.

Lynn said...

Sweet little block

Anne said...

Great tutorial! Now...are you gonna use both blocks together in a quilt setting?

AnnieO said...

I like the fabrics in your test block too :)

That mini pinwheel is really cute. I recall cutoffs like this from a Double Pinwheel quilt I made from Eleanor Burns' book. Hmm, wonder where I put those?

Betty Lou said...

Very clever, love the no waste technique. Thanks for sharing.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I need to save that tutorial. That's a stunning block. Too bad you don't have more of the fabric so you could do a real project. Thanks for the info!

Carrie P. said...

Fun! will you combine your blocks to make a big quilt?

Anonymous said...

Do you know I did the same thing!? Great pattern I tell ya.

Tina Johnson said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I have been wanting to try this block for along time. It's so nice to find a simple and accurate why to do the intricate blocks :-)

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