Friday, November 11, 2011

Contrary to Popular Belief....

...I'm still here!  Gosh - if any quilters out there are contemplating retirement - anticipating all the time in the world to quilt - think twice!!  I've never been as busy since I've retired!  And have I found more time to quilt??  A tad, yes, but not nearly as much as I thought I would have.  I'm not complaining, however, but would someone out there send me some more time!
Currently I'm working on a quilt called "Roll On" from the book Piece of Pie by Brenda and Bonnie Bailey.  It's a layer cake friendly book - and I just happened to have a layer cake of one of my favorite designs - Fruitcake by Basic Grey!  I've made 24 of these with 56 left to go.  It's a very easy block to make and goes together quickly.  Maybe by Christmas I'll at least have it on Vinnie and then on our bed for next Christmas!
Colors are changing really fast now in town.  Here is the view from my dining room the other morning.  Our Red Sunset maples are finally coming into their own.  Next year they will be even bigger and provide us with a lot more shade!
Today I baked some Starbuck's Oatmeal cookies!  Mr. Squash and I both love them and you can find the recipe here.  Easy to make and oh, so good!
Sophie absolutely loves her retirement.  If she only knew how to quilt so I'd have a helper - lol!  I love this photo of her basking in a sunbeam and sitting on top of her heated bed with her catnip sock nearby.  Doesn't get and better than this!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Now, that's a happy kitty!!! Glad you're taking good care of her.

Happy to see you again!!

Janet said...

love reading your blog. Can I please make a small request of your blog. I find the brown text on the brown background really hard to read. I think there is not enough contrast could the text colour be changed?
Thank you

Stephanie said...

Your Fruitcake blocks are as delicious looking as those cookies. Miss Sophie looks quite content.

Ulla said...

I have not yet met a retired person who has too much time! - Your trees have a lovely colour, brightens any dull day.

Anne said...

If you'd teach Sophie how to quilt, she wouldn't have time for all that relaxing. LOL You said it so well about time in retirement. Everyday the hours just fly by. Someone told me it's because you are only doing the things you want to do therefore, the days are much more enjoyable! Makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

The trees are beautiful! I love the new fence and the landscaping you have done since moving to your new home.
The cookies look delicious, thanks for the link to the recipe and Sophie has the good life! Enjoy your weekend!

gloru said...

hola vi en to blogger un crazy eight strip teaser topperusted me podria decir la medida de las tiras de los triangulos gracias por su ayuda mi correo es

Mary said...

I am pretending I am sitting in your dining room looking out at your beautiful trees and eating those delicious cookies. Yum...A girl can only dream!

Lisa D. said...

I like your quilt blocks - very fun. Aww - Sophie looks so happy soaking up the sun.

Linda said...

I'm loving your FC blocks!! I love layer cake friendly patterns. Can't wait to see all the blocks together! We are looking like winter already but your photos look like beautiful fall still.

Libby said...

Isn't retirement fab? Oatmeal cookies . . . . what a great idea!

pratima said...

Sophie is in bliss! Cute picture of her, Candace :)
It is a delightful quilt in the making. Simple and sweet!
Delicious cookies :-)

Carrie P. said...

Sophie has the life. lol
Those trees are beautiful!
Nice looking blocks. I have wanted to try that pattern too. One day.
You gave me some advice about Brussel sprouts a while back when you did a post showing some.
I planted some and was just wondering what you might share with me about growing them.

Karen said...

I like this quilt, the fabrics look fun!

Houseelf said...

If you find a time machine Candace, I'd love to borrow it. Another month in between November and December would be so useful right now.

Lovely blocks- good luck.

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