Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wilderness Surprise!

Those of you who have been with me for a while know that Mr. Squash and I were married in the Eagle Cap Wilderness by our good friend, Otis Waggoner.  Early this summer we got a call from Otis asking if we would like to be a part of his wife Teresa's surprise 60th birthday party!  Of course we wouldn't have missed it for the world!  Otis, Teresa and their friend Jim were planning a week long elk hunting trip in the Eagle Cap wilderness just prior to Teresa's birthday.  Their plan was to ride to camp the first day, then the second day, ride over to the Minam Lodge for feed for the horses and stay for dinner.  Otis wanted to gather as many of their good friends as possible at the lodge so we could surprise Teresa when they rode in!

After much planning, calling, arranging transportation in to the lodge (bush plane, horse riding and just plain walking the 8 mile trail), rooms at the lodge, cake (Mr. Squash and my job) and timing, Otis had it down pat and Teresa was none the wiser!

Lots of great photos here and a video toward the end.  The plan was that they would ride in around 3pm and blow their elk bugles as they got closer so we would all know to hide and be ready.  Teresa wouldn't be suspicious of the elk bugling because they do it on the trail all the time.  Mr. Squash had the great idea to provide party hats for everyone - and they were a big hit!
Here is part of the group (which we think numbered around 40 at one time) waiting down by the barn.  No one was shy about wearing a party hat!  Jerry, Otis' brother had his guitar ready to sing Happy Birthday!
Jenny went even found an extra hat!
Rod was having trouble with his hat.
Some of us, like Corry, looked better in their hats than others!
Mr. Squash looked pretty debonair in his hat!
Bill and Mike are comparing hats.
Here they come....let's all hide!
SURPRISE!  This photo is a tad blurry, but below the arrow is Teresa with her hand over her mouth in total shock!
She's just beginning to realize all the folks who've come to celebrate!
OMG - someone she hasn't seen in ages!
Otis is happy as a clam that his surprise worked!!
Teresa just now realizes another old friend has come!  Her expressions really said it all!
Another old friend came all the way from California!
Hugs and tears everywhere!

Teresa is totally overcome with emotion!  And still wearing her chaps from the trail!
One of the gals made Teresa her very own birthday hat!  Click on the photo for a better look!  A big 60 on the front!
Check out the back of the hat!
How great a picture is this!
Mr. Squash and I flew in the cake - Otis wanted it to say this!  Believe me, the logistics of driving for 2 hours, then taking a bush plane in 90 degree heat with a cake is not easy!  But we got it there in one piece and it even tasted great!

I tried to make a video with my new camera of Otis and Jerry playing songs for Teresa while she opened presents.  They are singing about crawdads - you may have to turn up your speakers.

Everyone had a fantastic time and partied well into the night.  Here we are the next morning getting ready to say goodbye to our dear friend as she rides back into the wilderness.


Me and My Stitches said...

Oh my gosh -how much fun - I bet she was shocked. So much fun!

Marj said...

Wow! What a great bunch of friends. Thank you for sharing Teresa's birthday celebration with us. What a happy uplifting story. Happy Birthday to Theresa and hugs to everyone else.

Sharon said...

WOW, what a great looking time! Thanks for sharing. The last photo of you and Mr Squash is fantastic, and yes, she's looking 40! Terrific.

Kaaren said...

What a trip...and to be able to share and be a part of Teresa's birthday surprise was the cherry on top of the cake for sure.

I remember from your wedding stories that it is no easy feat to get to the lodge and to have the cake arrive in tact must have taken a lot of planning and care.

What wonderful memories for you and Mr. Squash. Thanks for sharing your story.

Florida Farm Girl said...

What a wonderful thing you guys did for your friend!!! And what a great woman she must be to command so much love. Turning 60 wouldn't be bad with a shindig like that. Wanna come do it again in December???????

Ulla said...

What a great party for your friend! The cake looks delicious and it took the flight very well.

AnnieO said...

Great job from planning to execution. What fun you all had! Love the birthday hat and the birthday cake :)

Linda said...

What a fun birthday surprise for sure!!! What wonderful friends you all are!!! The hats were the best idea ever!! Mr. Squash could be a party planner!! :-)

Happy Birthday to Teresa!!

Houseelf said...

I can't stop smiling at this post. Oh la what fun to plan such a big secret surprise party! Her expression just shows how worth it it all was.

Stephanie said...

Looks like you all know how to party! LOVE the hats.

pratima said...

Smiles and party hats and warm hugs!! Your friends must be so happy to share this special Birthday with you. Perfect timing for your trip :) Yummy yummy cake!

Karen said...

How fun! I think I've heard that song on Andy Griffith :D

Annemariesquilt said...

Very sweet, with tears in my eyes !!!

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