Monday, September 26, 2011

L'Ecole No. 41

This past week we hosted Mr. Squash's sister and her husband from New Jersey.  This was their first visit to the Squash House.  He joked that they should be careful getting off the plane as tourists have been known to be carried away by giant tumbleweeds!  Actually, with the hot, dry weather we've had, that isn't all that far from the truth - lol!  SIL said they were really glad to finally see the green of our town on the horizon as they made the hour drive here from the airport!  She had begun to wonder if we really lived on the prairie amongst the tumbleweeds!

It was a busy week as we played tour guides!  We really enjoy having company and showing newcomers to our area all the sights!

I thought you might enjoy photos of this winery we visited one day. The building is the original Frenchtown School which was a log cabin built in 1870 along the shore of the Walla Walla River.  It was moved to it's present location and restored for the winery.  Here is what you see as you drive up and park.
Getting a bit closer.
Inside all the original woodwork has been lovingly restored.  This might have been the library at one time.
Here is a class photo from 1960 when the school was called the Lowden School for the town in which it resides.  Look at all those happy faces - most probably children of the families who farmed wheat in the area.
I loved what they did with the lighting in this room, which I believe is a meeting room!
More gorgeous woodwork!  Do you see some quilt possiblities here?
Here is a closeup.  I would love to translate the circular "flower" into a quilt block!  Sort of a swirled Dresden!  How many little hands must have touched this wood over the years!  I can almost hear them running up and down the stairs!
This brass bell outside was made especially for the winery.

Later in the week we all watched something amazing happen in our backyard.  I'm still trying to edit the video I made and will show it to you next post!  I'm also slowly catching up on what all of you have been up to!


sunny said...

What a nice weekend. I always appreciate nice woodwork, and I LOVE that stair rail wall.

Lynn said...

Great building! A great place for higher wine education! Yes, the lights are fabulous - they way they clustered creative.

Stephanie said...

Stunning woodwork. I love that library wall and ladder. I want one. The banister is totally gorgeous.

Karen said...

What a fun place to visit. I love the woodwork, and the smiling faces in the photo. Seems like people were usually stoic in photos those days.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...


Joe and I visited L' Ecole when we came over for a dog show. We had the same feeling about being in the old school as you did. You could just hear the children's voices.
I really like their wine too! We back when my Slide'girl won her first major in Walla Walla. It was in May and thats my birthday month to soo I didn't need anymore reason to fill a box and bring home a souveneer.

Mary said...

I love visiting historical of my favorite pastimes. And that one looks like a gem!

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous building--I love the style and all the glorious wood. What fun it would have been to see the house getting moved!

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