Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Supreme Finish - Vintage Spools - A Little Quilt!

Here I am again with another finish!  Stephanie of Loft Creations has created her second, original quilt pattern and it's a cutie! It's called "Vintage Spools"!  I had so much fun testing this pattern as one of Stephanie's Supremes!  Be sure to follow the link over to Stephanie's to see her quilt!
I used French General's Rural Jardin for the entire quilt.  These colors to me are a bit reminiscent of something Japanese - I love it!  The "spools" were made from one entire charm pack, which makes it not only easy, but inexpensive!  How many of you have lots of charm packs just waiting for something to make from them - be honest - I know there are a lot of you out there!
I quilted Vintage Spools on Vinnie using a panto called  Plumage from Willow Leaf Studio.  I first saw it on Wendy's blog and knew I had to add it to my growing collection!
I love this line of fabric from French General - actually, I love all of them!  One thing I noticed and it made a difference in cutting strips is that each fabric from their line has a border that runs just above the selvadge which I found strange - it actually takes away a tad from the amount of usable width and really doesn't look good when included.
I chose to make some of my spools solid...
...and some of them variegated!
Here is another solid.  You can really do whatever you want!  When quilting it on Vinnie I had a problem with the rick-rack folding over in spots when the hopping foot crossed over.  At first I tried glueing the waves down but that became tedious and really didn't work.  After several attempts at figuring out how to hold the rick rack waves down, it dawned on me to just run a basting stitch down either side of it!

Many thanks to Stephanie for allowing me to test another design for her!  And be sure to visit her Etsy shop for Vintage Spools as well as the rest of her patterns!

The other night I tried my hand at pizza from scratch.  It all went perfectly according to plan and looks good, but we were disappointed in the whole wheat crust (too sweet and heavy) and I need to get a tad more seasoning either into the sauce or the pizza itself!  Next time I'll atttempt a thinner crust using regular flour and experiment with seasonings and toppings!


Stephanie said...

LOVE the use of solids and variegated "threads" for your spools. Your quilting is so professional. Thank you again for the charm pack tip and cutting info! Well that pizza looks good enough to eat for breakfast! Thank again for being such a super Supreme.

Ulla said...

This looks like a fun and easy pattern, and your "touch of Vinnie" makes it special.
The pizza looks delicious!

*karendianne. said...

Ohhhh diggin' this quilt! …and with a charm pack, too. Lovely panto as well. Oh… and the back. I think you have a two-sided quilt there friend.

pratima said...

Candace, your spool quilt is very charming in French General's fabrics. And quilting on Vinnie is just fabulous! Your Pizza is looking yummy :)

Me and My Stitches said...

Love your spools! I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the pizza - I told DH last night that I wanted homemade pizza for supper...too bad that I had none of the ingredients I needed! I have a good crust recipe that does not use yeast if you want to try it.

ferne said...

Cute Quilt! Boy, you and Vinnie are just whipping them out these days! Oh, have you tried King Arthurs pizza dough flavoring? It is pretty good! Because of you there are lots of things coming to my house from King Arthur and we are enjoying them all!

Nancy said...

I just ordered the pattern. I love your quilt. will add it to my "stash" and must make somedays.

AnnieO said...

Very cute spools! I do have some charm packs waiting for inspiration. This is a great little quilt.

Carrie P. said...

You have been busy too along with Stephanie. I just came from her blog and saw her newest pattern. It is so great and your version is so pretty. Well done!

Barb said...

I love the fabrics you used...looks fantastic! The pizza does too.

Mary said...

Your quilting is getting better and better! Do you have any more UFO's left to quit. Seems like you are getting them all done.

Linda said...

Another gorgeous finish, Candace!! Love the spools and how you changed them up!! Quilting is phenomenal!!!

Pizza looks phenomenal too!! You must be a natural at everything!! :-)

Kim D. said...

Those spools are adorable! What a nice pattern by Stephanie. I also like this fabric line by French General. Love the reds and light blues together, perfect choice. That pizza looks delicious.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I really love your Vintage Spools quilt. Coincidentally, I have a charm pack that I didn't have any plans for -- now I do!

The pizza looks really good, too!

Lynn said...

Cute quilt Candace. Don't you love the French General fabric! You and Vinnie are having a wonderful time together.

Wendy said...

Your quilt is fantastic! Love love the quilting, I need to use that pattern more, you did a great job. And yes the charm packs are too cute to resist, my pile grows.

Libby said...

What a great quilt! And the pizza is IMPRESSIVE. I have tried a few at home - my shape is 'primitive' at best *s*

Cindy said...

"Vintage Spools" is wonderful, Candace. Stephanie has another winner on her hands. I LOVE this and I love the fact that it uses charm packs...how awesome!

Pizza looks good enough. Any left? LOL

Louise said...

Finally time to catch up with some blogs. Love both the quilts you shared with us. I have never used a panto in over 13 years but really like the Frisky Feathers. I might have to give it a try. Pizza looks delish! I had the same problem with the wide selvidges on FG fabrics. Seems like when I measure it was close to 2" hmmm
Now I am getting excited about starting my Simpler Thymes quilt. We finally got some sunshine today...yea...

Houseelf said...

Another marvel from Stephanie! Gorgeous work Candace!

Yum that pizza looks tasty and it's only 10.14 here!

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Just love your pumpkin quilt in your header. nice blog too

Annemariesquilt said...

You have made a perfect quilt Vintage Spools.. I love Stephanies design ;-)

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