Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Treasure from a Friend!

Yesterday's mail brought a totally unexpected handmade gift from my friend, Daphne (no blog).  Among other things, Daphne is a whiz at making jewelry!  She and her husband visited us at the Squash House last September.  We were talking about beading and I asked her if she would like to look through some beads I had that I knew I would never use.  Little did I know, some of those beads would come back to me in the form of this beautiful necklace!
The colors are mostly shades of purple with the larger beads looking like pearls almost in a sort of blue/gray color.

Click on the photos for a closer look.
Here is another necklace Daphne made for me a few years ago.  ( I photographed these on the same table - why the oak looks different is beyond me!)
I just love the yellow heart that hangs from this one!  Daphne's talents include beading, quilting and floral design which is her "real" job!  She decorates weddings and also has clients who have her decorate their houses seasonally!  Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise, Daphne!

I frequently use the "Post Options" on Blogger.  It allows you to set your post to publish at a later date.  More often than not it will turn my posts from "scheduled" back to "draft" and not post unless I do it manually.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Does anyone have a solution to this?


Linda said...

Such a beautiful gift, how spoilt you must feel. Yes I've had that problem with blogger before but have no idea how to fix it.

Barb said...

Love the necklaces...you are lucky to have such a friend.

Libby said...

No help with the blogger issue. What a treat to find beautiful baubbles in the mail from your talented friend *s*

Mary said...

Oh how pretty! Do you have the perfect outfit to go with your new bauble?

AnnieO said...

Very very pretty necklaces! Lucky you :)

Sorry, no help with the posting problem. I have only ever scheduled mine to post one day ahead. Have you tried researching your issue on Blogger help?

Stephanie said...

Beautiful gift from your friend. Handmade really is best and the most special. I don't get blogger...sometimes HE has a mind of his own!

Donna said...

Daphne makes beautiful jewelry. Love the necklaces.

sunny said...

Very pretty necklaces. I went through a beading phase, but it quickly ended when I discovered quilting. I've kept a few beads, but given most away. How fun that yours came back to you!

Carrie P. said...

Very pretty jewels.
I have tried the same thing and it has not worked. I don't know the answer.

Sheila said...

Beautiful - it's always nice to get a surprise in the mail! Enjoy your week.

Linda said...

What gorgeos necklaces!!! Love the yellow!! Daphne is so talented. Not sure about the Blogger issue??

Cyndy said...

You are one lucky gal... i have beads too! If I magically give her some beads will they come back to me made into a necklace?... no bracelet?... no darn I want magic beads too!

pratima said...

These beaded necklaces are beautiful! The pendants are so sweet!

Houseelf said...

What beautiful necklaces. She has a real talent with beads.

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