Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ode to the 60's Supreme Sewing Project!

Where were you in 1968?  I was in my first year at the University of Washington (yes, I'm old, but my mind says I'm still young!).  Things that come to mind -- peace, love, Hippies, Beatles, Twiggy, Petula Clark, bell-bottom pants, guys with long hair, Jimmie Hendrix, Janis Joplin, I kept my bra on - some didn't, Haight Ashbury, Woodstock, incense, tie-dye, Harikrishnas on the "Ave", Vietnam; the list is long and goes on!  It was a time of self discovery for individuals, me, and the nation as a whole.  It was also a time I will never forget!  I made some very good friends that remain so to this day!
So....remember this sneak peek from February?  It was a Supreme Sewing Project for Stephanie called "Modern Mary Jane".  As soon as she asked me to do it I knew what fabric I would use!  My local quilt shop had just gotten in some new crushed velveteen by Anna Marie Horner.  I knew I had to have it because it reminded me of the 60's in a sort of psychedelic way!  I got it out to try and decide what to pair with it for the bag and the first thing that came to mind was denim!
I asked Mr. Squash if he could spare an old pair of jeans or two for the project and he gladly obliged!
Modern Mary Jane is a really fun and quick bag to make!  It's also roomy enough to carry on a trip to the Farmer's Market!  For the pockets on the back I used a decorative stich on my Bernina and copied a design from my favorite jeans!  I quilted around the circles, sewed in a lining, attached a button and I was done in no time at all!
Even the coordinating cotton lining is psychedelic!  Once again I am honored to be one of Stephanie's Supreme's!  This pattern is now available in her Etsy store!
In my last post I promised I would show you what else we dug up in the yard this past weekend.  When I first hit the little enamel covered plate with my shovel, it was upside down and I was sure I had hit some sort of water or gas main!  With a little gentle probing I realized it wasn't attached to anything, so I dug it out.  The tin was buried about 14 inches down so it had been there a long time!  It's shaped like a pie dish, but only a little over 5" diameter.  There were also a lot of pieces here and there of broken china, but these three had patterns on them.  And of course the marble - how I remember playing with those as a child!
Here is a closeup of the broken china.  Those on top seem to be a Christmas pattern even though the red is more orange.  I'm guessing the bottom piece is from a tea or coffee cup or saucer - it has a pattern similar to some that my grandmother had!  I would love to know if anyone recognizes either pattern!

Next post will be another quilt finish!


Stephanie said...

And a super and talented Supreme you are! I think this bag also carries a small laptop, magazines, files. I remember the love beads, hippies, long hair, VW Bugs, and I was in elementary school. :o) I love your ode to the 60s! What terrific finds--treasure hunting in your own backyard.

Lynn said...

Love the bag and your fabric choice. First a shirt donated by Mr. a pair of pants. What next? Peace

Mary said...

Candace, I once found the name of some old china my grandmother had by going to this site,

When you have some spare time, take a peak. Warning: there is a lot to look at and it can take awhile!

Cindy said...

LOL, Mine stayed off.....LOL

LOVE Stephanie's new pattern. And you did your "works of wonder" with it, Candace.

Are you sure Mr. Squash wanted to get rid of those jeans? LOL

What fun - finding treasures of years gone by.

Here's wishing you and Bob a Happy Wednesday.

Linda said...

Bag is gorgeous!! Mr. Squash isn't going to have any clothes left!1 LOL!

Your finds are so cool!! Can't wait to see your finished quilt!!

Cyndy said...

My son lives in Haight Ashbury right now! I want my long hair back I no longer have the patience to grow it out! hahaha.

AnnieO said...

The bag looks groovy, for sure! and Green, with all that reused denim :)

Hmm, in 1968 I was 7 years old but I remember my Grandma made me a groovy halter top and bell bottom pants set that had huge daisies printed on it.

What fun to dig up treasures! Our house is on a former orange or lemon orchard so I doubt there would be any pottery to find here.

Houseelf said...

Love love your bag! I've just finished reading The Infinite Plan novel by Isabel Allende which describes 1968 in California. What a wonderful time of optimism.

What great finds. The bottom china looks fairly modern, but the top could be as early as 1920s/30s at a guess. I'm not sure about the pretty enamel dish as they changed less often in style. Even the Romans had this shape in their ceramics! My latest digging threw up part of a Victorian fire grate. I ought to take a pic.

Ulla said...

Did you have maxi skirts or micro pants back then? I loved the long skirt fashion. Your new bag is beautiful, and I like the way you used different shades of denim in the border around the panel. Mr. Squash will be happy to get new jeans and shirts now that you have started recycling his old ones. The treasures from your garden are nice!

Carrie P. said...

Great job on the Modern Mary Jane bag. It is always fun to see what the Supremes do with the pattern.
Let's see in 1968 I was 11 years old, living in CA and in grammar school. Boy that seems like such a long time ago.
Those are some pretty neat treasures you found in your yard.

Karen said...

Interesting finds in the garden, and I like the bag. Do you really want me to tell you where I was in 1968? ha! I have been to Haight-Ashbury, though!

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