Friday, December 10, 2010

Squash House Christmas & Giveaway!

The Squash House is now decorated for Christmas! I've had a great time this past week figuring out just how to decorate so I thought I would give you a little tour around the main part of the house! I expect it will change a lot next Christmas as I pretty much used what I had in the old house except for a few new purchases. But that's the fun of decorating a new place and I love coming up with new ideas!

Here is my new quilt rack by the front door with a Christmas quilt I made a few years ago. I found the little Santa Train this year and thought it would be a perfect fit for the shelf! There are some other loved little treasures on it as well.

This is our main tree and the skirt I made for it. Would you believe the skirt is too small and I made the large one? Gives you an idea of how large this tree is - about 7 feet! There is also a tree downstairs but since there isn't a lot of natural light where it stands I couldn't get a good photo. If we have a sunny day before Christmas, I might give you a peek!
These are also new finds from the recent local Christmas craft fair in town and also the consignment shop, which I found isn't just for clothes anymore!
Here is the upstairs mantle - again all new purchases. I bought the pine bough and didn't realize it was a lighted bough until I unpacked the box - bonus! Even Miss Sophie has her own stocking in the center!
Below the mantel are some cute little holiday buckets filled with holly from our yard and matches to light a fire - another consignment store find!
I think I'd previously shown you this santa table runner that I made a couple of years ago - I decided to use it on the coffee table this year.
I've had this Christmas Village for a long time and love putting it out each year. In the old house we had it in our entry which wasn't visible from anywhere else in the house, so I'm now happy that it has a great new spot on the sofa table right in the middle between the living and dining room! Although small, each piece has a specific reason for being in our village!
Here are the garden and quilt shops - two things very near and dear to my heart! See how the postman is delivering more boxes of fabric to the quilt shop? Santa has also been there, after first stopping at the garden shop!
I photographed these in various lights, so this picture of the wine shop is a little dark, but you can click on any of them for a closer look. Since we live in Washington wine country and also have a very dear friend who lives in the Napa Valley, we thought we should definitely have a wine shop!
At one time we thought about someday building a log cabin, but didn't, so why not add one to the village? To the cabin's right is Barnacle Bill's boat house - Mr. Squash's favorite shop in the village! In the back is the lighthouse that watches over the entire village. We both love lighthouses and have visited many, including one just like this in the Outer Banks! You are all welcome in our little village any time!

And since it's the season of giving, why not have another giveaway! This is for a charm pack of Lumiere de Noel by the French General, and a 5-pack of Mary Ellen's Best Press, each with a different scent! The rules are very simple: Please leave a comment telling me your favorite holiday decorating memory. Please do not blog about this and you need not become a follower, but in order to qualify, you must either have a blog with contact info, or if you're commenting without a blog, a way to contact you back. In my last giveaway there were many of you who thought that your blogspot ID automatically contained an email address, when it fact it didn't. So please check that I have a way to contact you! I'll pick a winner on Monday evening!Good Luck!


SoozeM said...

I love your shelf, and particularly love the quilt hanging on it, the colors are just gorgeous and I love the tree blocks! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Jackie said...

Your house is just beautiful! I love the items that you picked up at your local craft fair. Tole painted Christmas items (especially ornaments) are my favorite and they're impossible to find here.

I just love the holidays! One of my favorite things to do is spend time with family. I like to bake cookies but don't always get to it and I love picking out something special to give to my loved ones.

Linda said...

Your house looks so pretty and festive. Very homey. Like I could curl up with some hot chocolate and just admire your tree. Every tree skirt I've ever had is too small. I'm thinking I need a round table cloth! My favorite decorating memory is getting a tree growing up. My dad and I would go to the tree farm and he would always make me hop out of the car and stand next to the tree to see it was big enough. I would run back and forth a million times! My dad would finally cut one down, get home and it was ALWAYS way too big. I have an artificial tree now and just told Scott we need to get a real tree just once for the girls to experience it! Thanks for the giveaway!

Cheryl said...

My favorite holiday decorating memory is the aluminum tree my parents had in the picture window of my home as a wee child. I loved the color wheel and shiny ornaments.
Thanks for the great giveaway with simple rules!! Wish more were like this.
Love all your decorations!

Darlene said...

Your shelf with your beautiful Christmas quilt is lovely, Candace.

My favorite decorating memory still makes me snicker & giggle. We were living in Germany and decided to buy a real tree. The tree was much, much bigger than we acknowledged so we couldn't get it in the front door of our tiny German apartment. We tied ropes and hoisted it up and in through a double window in the living room. My husband was at the window, because he was stronger and could pull while our son and I were on the ground trying to lift and push it up. Took us forever because we were laughing so hard. Our German neighbors stood at their windows laughing, as well. BTW, it had to go back out the same windows but this time we all pushed. LOL

Marj said...

I love seeing your holiday village collection.
My favorite holiday decorating tradition is that every Thanksgiving since my girls were little they decorate their grandparents Christmas tree after dinner. (The girls are now 20 and 17.)It is always a fun job to do.
Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorating ideas.

hadacres said...

Best memory is the first year we were in our new place, had moved off the ranch to smaller acreage & there is a Xmas tree farm just down the road. So hooked the 16' lo-boy to the back of the old army jeep & off we go with the kids to get our tree. To say the least we got some looks on the way. Oh the kids, ages 23 & 26 at the time & the 7 ranch dogs had to come along as well. Looked a sight with the 7' tree taking up less space than the rest of the gang. Merry Xmas, just love to see your projects & read your blog.
hadacres at

Kigwit said...

I love the Village-and I think it's great that you chose buildings with meaning for you. I also *really* like the quilt rack in the first picture. I'm going to search your blog to see if you mentioned where you got it.

My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was a child. Our parents would go off shopping and my sister and our two brothers would rush to bring everything down from the attic and decorate for Christmas before they returned home. We worked together and quickly and it was so fun! Mom and Dad always acted so surprised and excited. It's a good memory.

WvHmmngbrd said...

I have kept the ornaments each of my children have made at school, scouts, etc. through the years. Every year decorating the tree is a trip down memory lane as these ornaments come out and spark a memory. My tree sparkles with memories, not fancy ornaments!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

My favorite Christmas decorating memory is the first time my Dad decorated a tree outside on the farm with lights. It was after he retired and was able to take the time to put lights up using the bucket on the tractor!

Anonymous said...

I'll be over in a inviting (and wishful thinking!!) I've never tried Best Press..would love to win!!
Best decorating you ask....without a doubt when we lived in NM we had the biggest tumbleweeds I'd ever seen! We would go out and gather up three...small, med. and large. Then stack them with largest on bottom and a huge stick or branch smack down the middle of all three to hold them upright. Spray with that fake snow to look like a snowman! Add on the eyes, scarf, charcoal buttons and we had ourselves a tumbleweed snowman! I need to find a photo of that!!

gemini said...

Love your house. It looks so warm and cozy. My favorite memory is putting my ornament on the tree. I have had the same Santa for my whole life. When we go to my mom's house for Christmas dinner, all of the family has to put their ornament on the tree.

Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Staci said...

Enjoyed your photos very much, thanks for sharing them.
Trying to choose a memory is very hard, so I'll tell you about what is going on now. We have two cats, and for some reason they think the Christmas tree skirt is a toy. They pull it out from under the tree. They wrestle with it, they bunny kick it and they drag it all over the house! I found it in my bedroom and the kitchen, and that is just in the last 3 days. I could tie it down better, or even safety pin it so it can't be moved (although they might pull over the tree. . .) but it is so funny and they are having such a good time, I just let it go.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

Anne said...

Your house looks wonderful and it looks like you're gonna get good use of your new quilt rack. I see a future of the "quilt of the month" blog posts... Good job!

Stephanie said...

Delightful. How special to "build" your very own village. I'd like to live in your little there room for a polka dot house? :o) My favorite decorating memory is baking and decorating sugar cookies with my grandma. Very nice giveaway.

Orcsmom said...

I love your decorations in your new house. What fun! My favorite memory is when we went to cut down our son's first fresh tree at the tree farm. Our son was only 3 then, but he kept hiding under the trees. He ran and ran all over the farm and had such a great time. He is now 23 years old and asked if we could go back there for our tree this year, which we did. He is a little too big to hide, 6'1"!! But we had a great time nevertheless. Hugs!!


Angela D. said...

My favorite memory is making gingerbread houses from scratch with my mom. We'd make the gingerbread and the smell of it cooking was so yummy. Then we'd get to decorate them with tons of candy. I've carried on that tradition with my friends and coworkers-we've had up to 50 people in my backyard decorating them for xmas.

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous decorations! Love the Christmas quilt. How fun to find new homes for all your favorites :)

I'd love to win your giveaway--count me in! My favorite holiday decorating story is the year my dad, A.Serious.Guy who never did any holiday decorating, went out to the local garden center, picked out a tree, had it flocked, and brought it home. We were all in shock! To date, that's been the only flocked tree we ever had.

Diane H said...

One of my favourite memories is that my mother would let me decorate the livingroom when I was a young girl. I remember taping big tinsel garlands all around - even to the walls! I can just imagine how that room really looked but she always said it was beautiful and never changed it.
I enjoyed your wonderful decorating and have signed up to follow your blog - I promise to come back and 'look around' when I have time. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

CJ said...

Your house looks so pretty all decorated! I finally put the fall decorations away last night! :0
My fave decorating memory was the ONE YEAR that we let Santa bring the tree on Christmas Eve, after our daughter had gone to bed. That is ONE HECKUVA LOT OF WORK! My parents did this ALL THE TIME! OY! Mine is a distant memory as it only happened the once. Poor son, never got to experience that. ;)

Sharon said...

You have lots of nice things out, looks very inviting. My christmas memory of decorating was the things my mom put out that we made as kids. I just cleaned out the christmas boxes and the santa I made in kindergarden with a hankie for a beard was still in the box. It was always special if you go to light tiny candles that went in a little reindeer display mom had. And the tree, Dad did the lights, the topper and the garland, and we got to do the rest. We saved one ornament to be put on the tree last, as it was all our favorites.

Ashley said...

Love Love Love your decorating! My decorating memory is of when my mom and step dad had just been married for 4 months, and it was our first Christmas as a new family. I was 6 and my brother was 9 and we accidentally knocked over the tree when my mom was gone and just my new dad was home. We thought we were dead meat. My mom would have killed us. Our dad just picked it up and told us to redecorate it with everything that fell off. We were relieved! That pretty much let us know what a kind dad he would be, and that was 34 years ago. (

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

It is a treat to see your Christmas decorating - thank you! One of my most favourite memories was the Christmas after cancer surgery and a friend came to our home early and prepared the turkey for the oven, and started it baking. She then went back to her home (a long drive) to be with her family. She knew I loved the smell of turkey baking and that my little ones would love it too. DH did all the other cooking. I will never forget it.

Shasta said...

Your house is beautifully decorated. My favorite decorating memory - I don't decorate every year, and when I do, I really enjoy opening the boxes to see what surprises lurk inside - all those ornaments from so many years ago.

Anonymous said...


Carol said...

Very nice decorations in the Squash House. Love that wood flooring as well. That's my big project after the holidays. So I keep an eye out for wood flooring. My favorite thing is to unpack my grown boys' ornaments to put on the tree and also I purchase an ornament for each of my grandchildren (5) to hang on my tree every year. I will pass on each child's collection when they marry or leave home.

WoolenSails said...

Your home looks beautiful.
Love the quilt and the runner, hopefully next year, I will have a few christmas items made ahead, so i can decorate with them.

My favorite memory is my grandmothers nativity. She died when I was younger and she had her own ceramic studio. She made a creche for us and it sat on our old stone fire mantle. Seeing that every year gave me such a feeling of peace and love and a memory of a beloved grandmother.


Libby said...

Love seeing your holiday decorations - it's such fun to get a peek. Getting ready for the holidays is a quick way to help a new house feel like home . . . built in memories *s*

gill said...

I love your santa runner - is it your own design??
I love decorating the house but the tree is my favourite - every year (and we've been married over 20 years) the tree we choose is too big so we have to saw a little bit off and then a bit more and a bit more.... you get the picture!

Barb said...

What lovely decorations, I am sure your home is in the festive mode. My favorite decorations are snowmen. Thanks for this opportunity....and Happy Holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

it looks a lot like Christmas at your the christmas favourite christmas memory would have to be decorating the tree each year...

Wendy said...

Your tree quilt on the rack caught my eye, I love the fabrics you used. The garden and quilt shop would be my favourite as well. My favourite memory is rediscovering all my Christmas ornaments each year Each one brings back wonderful memories with family.

Colleen G said...

What a lovely village; it reflects the your interests. I so appreciate when people decorate their home with their passions in mind rather that on fashionable whims or trends. While we have been in our newly built home (four years now) it has taken time for it to reflect us and our interests. Always a work in progress! And I can hardly wait until my inventory of holiday quilts warm the bare surfaces. Yours really make that difference.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I love all your decorations! So pretty! And I especially love your Christmas quilt made from all the Folk Art Christmas fabrics. I went crazy buying some of all three lines, and I've been thinking of starting a new project with it. One of these days . . .

Chris said...

Some friends made us a beautiful gingerbread house when our kids were little (2 & 3), and I proudly set it in a place on honor in the living room. Imagine my surprise when I got up the next morning and went to admire it and it was gone. Everything!! Even the cardboard it was displayed on. Then I noticed a trail of crumbs on the floor. I began to follow them and they led to the bathroom trash where I found only the cardboard and the paper cones that *had* been icing covered trees. My adorable children had been in bed when the gift arrived, gotten up and found it, and had eaten it all up!!!

Judy C said...

I have a collection of stuffed snowmen,one is about 3'tall. One of my favourite pictures and memories is my grandaughter Hannah whispering I love you Frosty to that snowman.

Peaceful Piecer said...

My favorite memory? My daddy wiring branches into the tree or one year wiring the tree to the wall. He must have bought our trees in the bargain corner. thanks for a chance to win!

Janet said...

Your quilt shelf/rack is lovely! I love that gfabric and have never tried Best Press. Thanks for the chance!
My mom has these ornaments that candies can fit inside. My sister and I used to like to hang out around the Christmas tree snitching the candies one by one and snooping through the gifts underneath.

Marcia said...

My favorite decorating for Christmas is unpacking my mother's music box nativity scene. I love to be the first to wind it up and listen to Silent Night. Your house is fabulous all decorated for Christmas. Noticed that we have little in the way of quilted decorations. It would be grand to win those charms and make some Christmas quilty decorations. Merry Christmas. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Karen said...

Your new quilt rack looks interesting. All your holiday decorations look good. I am barely decorated at our home.

QuiltSue said...

I really love your little village. What a great idea.

My favourite memory is when my kids were 5 and 3. We'd been out visiting on Christmas Eve, and coming home really late - if your 5 or 3 - we had to stop at traffic lights and who do we see crossing the road right in front of us? Father Christmas, complete with sack of pressies! The kids couldn't believe their eyes. They then asked Daddy to drive home really fast so they could be in bed before he got to our house! They still remember it too and they're 41 and 39 now.

Cris A said...

Thank you for the chance to win!!
One of my favorite decorating moments was when my boys were little. We had gotten our tree that morning and I had to go to work later that afternoon, my husband let the boys decorate the tree...all the ornaments were on the bottom 3 feet of tree, it was perfect and we left it that way :)

pippirose said...

Love your home! Beautiful.
My favourite decorating memory was when the kids were little, and we were broke. I decided to make all our ornaments for the tree, and mantel, myself. The look of awe and wonderment on the little ones' faces, when the tree was done. Priceless!
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Mrs. Squash... You have done qa beautiful job decorating you house...It looks so inviting... :)

My favorite decorating is the tree... I have so many ornaments that mean so much to me... Lots hand made from my children,( I kept a few and gave them the rest for their own tree), auntie made some as well as friends... I have recieved some as gifts.. I tell the story about the ornaments in how I recieved each on and it always bring back some warm memories... Merry Christmas :)

Karen said...

Well for French General! You are so generous!!
I REALLY like your hanging quilt, especially the trees. I'm going to have to remember that.

One of my favorite decorating traditions is one we started recently, maybe four or five years ago. We've been cutting down our trees at the national forest (it's allowed for one week) and at the end we have a big group picture. Everyone's bundled up, and chilly if it's cold, sweaty if we've been hiking aways, but it's all of us :)

Cindy said...

Thank you for a walk-about through your beautifully decorated Holiday Home, Candace. Such pretties.

Aren't craft fairs such fun? I love them and I love "old" town shopping. LOL, I must be aging myself. LOL

My favorite decorating memory comes every year as I pull out the homemade, dated ornaments; those made by the kids as they grew up, especially those made by our dear Katie in Heaven.

Memories - it's what our tree is - an ongoing life of memories.

And thank you, Candace, for giving hubby and I such a wonderful Sisters memory.


Mamacessories said...

I just became a follower after reading your post on your village. I have a village set up in our home too - with many similiar shops. I have to get a quilt shop yet! My favorite memories of each Christmas is making new ornaments with my children. It began with my daughter nowin their 20s and I continue the tradition with my 4 year old son. He really enjoys crafting and baking with me and we do it all year long!

Kathy Alden said...

Your home reminds me of Christmas past. Your decoration are very simple and elegant. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great Christmas at Squash house and a happy new year.
Kathy Alden

Nancy Sue said...

I love your Christmas village. Must look especially magical with the lights off and the houses lit :)My favorite memory of decorating the house, was the comical riff between my parents. Growing up, we had these red cellphane non-attractive wreaths that had a candle in the middle with even uglier orange bulbs. They would be hung in the windows and we would cringe! We used them until I returned from college in the late 80's. Mom had banished them to the basement, only to find they had been brought back to life (like Frosty) by my Dad who decided to decorate the workshed with them. It's still a topic for the holiday table!
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

QuilterBee said...

I love how you displayed your quilt at the front door! Everything looks very warm and cozy :)
When we started decorating our front yard in 2006. Before that, my hubby wouldn't even put up lights. When we bought this house(it was a forclosure), the owners had left all the inflatables, life size reindeer, Santa, Ms. Clause,ets. All the outdoor lights, cords...everything. Our yards looks so cool at night!!

Amie in Tn.
I'll check back tonight to see if I won!!!

Lisa said...

My favorite holiday decorating memories invloved helping my father put up Christmas lights each year on the house of the house. The bulbs were huge back then and they usually ended up looking awful but we had so much fun.....especially when it came to surrounding the front window that displayed our huge shiny silver Christmas Tree :)

Wonky Girl said...

Wanted to comment on the village. I collected the village and have a quilt shop too. Those Q shops are selling for over $50 on ebay! Glad my village has a Q shop and I purchased an extra for my sister too. Your village is nicely displayed.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, the Squash House looks lovely all decorated for Christmas. Such a charming little village. When I was a child my mom always had one under our Christmas tree with a train that went around the village.

jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

LOVE the Christmas quilt in your entry Candace!

Sherrill said...

Your decorating in the new home is beautiful! I guess my favorite decorating memory was just helping my mom put the ornies on the tree (until we got that darned aluminum tree..HA). Thanks for the giveaway--LOVE the best pressed!

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