Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lenni -- Who?

Mr. Squash and I had a great time in Portland last week! In fact, we had so much fun that I will have to make 2 or 3 posts out of our adventure! Our main reason for traveling so far away was for me to attend the NW Quilt Expo and check out longarm machines in person. I began the first day by riding Portland's fantastic MAX light rail to the Expo Center. I got there early so I could spend some quality time with the great gals at the APQS booth. They were so much fun and I even got to play with their two Millie's (short for Millennium).

In to time at all, I was convinced that I didn't need to visit any other longarm vendors that day! I had pretty much made up my mind before the show, but just needed to talk to APQS folks in person and have a few more questions answered!
I decided that the smaller version of the Millennium, Lenni, was the machine for me. Lenni has a 20" throat, stitch regulator, a laser and so much more! They took my photo next to the Millie and showed me where Lenni came from - see my hands surrounding the middle of Millennium? Of course the lense snapped when I blinked, but you get the idea of how happy I was! I also ordered a turbo bobbin winder and micro-stippler handles. I'm now just waiting for a shipping date!!!

The quilt show was great as well! It wasn't too big, and not too small! Vendors were set up in amongst the quilts which made for a nice break here and there! Tomorrow I'll show you some of my other purchases, and some more quilts. Here are a few of my favorite quilts!

This quilt was incredible! Each strip is only 1/4 inch wide - and the placement of color was exquisite!
I was blown away by the detail in this appliqued quilt! Another quilt with so much detail, and great use of color again!
I love stars --- and these colors!
Another stunning applique quilt!
More stars and more colors I love!
Dresdens combined with applique and lace - beautiful! Stephanie, I was thinking of you here!
This quilt is a Stack and Whack - can you believe it?
Dear Jane....you are incredible in Daiwabo shades!
Yup - you know why I included this one - great fall colors! What struck me more than anything else was the fantastic quilting on each of these quilts! You can click on any of the photos to see more detail. I wonder if I'll ever get this good on my Lenni?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Pre-Halloween Magic!

Remember when we were at Shepp Ranch and I had completed a little Halloween Stitchery? Thanks to the magic we all know happens around this time of year, it turned into this!

I dug into my stash of homespuns and found a terrific orange plaid, ran a little decorative machine stitching around the edge, then added another homespun for an outer border and backing. I absolutely love the distressed muslins out there and used a very dark one for the stichery. In order to transfer the design to the dark muslin, I used a white Salal transfer paper. I placed a sheet of it on top of the muslin, placed the design over that, then traced it with the edge of my bone folder (you must press hard). Any tool with a narrowm, blunt edge will work for tracing. The tracing lasted all the way through the stitching process! This is a great way to transfer designs when a light box doesn't work.
This cute little pillow will soon be joined with more Halloween decorations!

Speaking of magic, I got a little surprise from Darlene the other day! She sent this lovely scissor fob! How sweet of Darlene - thank you very much! It now lives on my favorite pair of embroidery scissors!

Mr. Squash and I are in Portland right now. We drove over yesterday so I could attend the NW Quilt Expo. We're staying at the historic Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland. Today I'm headed to the NW Quilt Expo to meet with the APQS folks and hopefully purchase the longarm of my dreams! Mr. Squash is staying at the hotel playing with his new iPad which we got at the Apple store near the hotel yesterday. The area we are staying in is quite interesting - a very diverse group of folks hang around here - never a dull moment!

Next post I'll let you know how I made out at the show, and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of quilts for you to see!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty in Pink Finish

I have finally completed my Tisket A Tasket from Bunny Hill! You've seen it in various stages, but here it is done! Well...I say that loosley...I think it needs more buttons and bows than the pattern called for, so at some point I'll add more, but for now we can call this one done! I had help finishing it from the amazing Mary over at Quilt Hollow! I sent it to her to quilt and asked her do whatever came to mind! Mary, your work is fabulous! I would never have come up with your designs on my own! Here it is hanging over the back fence. It's really difficult to photograph pink, but I do believe this photo is the truest showing of actual color. I made a pieced binding from several of the fabrics in this line.
Here Mr. Squash is holding it in the garden. The weather has been just gorgeous! I even have some new pumpkins in the patch that might just make it until first frost!
The quilt has been washed twice now since being quilted and bound - I love the way a quilt looks after washing. Here is a closeup of some of Mary's quilting.

I still have very little time for the computer - we have lots going on around the Squash House. I really appreciate those of you who have stuck with me through our new venture into retirement! I got to thinking about all that we've been through the past 9 months! I feel like we really gave birth to the Squash House - and I'm pooped! I do know life will slow down once the first frost comes, and I'm really looking forward to a fantastic Fall!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monsters in My Garden!

Before I get to the monsters, if you haven't already been there, please go over and visit Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts at her new blog! Pam is a wonderful designer (I have several of her patterns waiting to be made), who has now ventured into the wonderful world of blogging! Oh - she's serving the best cookies, too!

I know I haven't been around much in the past few weeks. Our first summer in a warmer, drier climate finds me outside more than inside on the computer! I have not yet gotten used to the idea that I have to soak in the warmth or lose it quickly as at our old house! The garden has been loving this weather, too!

The other day I was checking in on the pumpkins, which, by the way, are turning a brighter shade of orange each day! Hiding under some dense leaves, I found these two zucchini's! Check out the size of the paring knife, tomatoes, sugar bowl and pickling cukes next to these monsters! They will be shredded and frozen for zucchini bread and/or cake this winter!

There has been another monster in the house, which we managed to remove yesterday! We've been trying to put together a garage sale since we moved here last December. We finally pulled it off yesterday, and it was a one-day success! That has been another reason for my absence lately - marking and sorting all that stuff is a big job! I advertised the sale for 9-5 and as soon as I opened the garage door at 7:30 to begin setting up, someone was there!

When our friends from the old neighborhood were visiting a while back, we took them to Fort Walla Walla. Among other things, there is a new exhibit of vintage quilts from the area. Lighting in the room was not good, and flash photography was not allowed, but I know you'll enjoy these! Make sure to click on each photo for a better look!

I've missed quilt guild all summer, but am going back this evening. Our annual quilt show is next week and I'll be entering a quilt in the show! I'm also headed to Portland on the 22nd to attend the NW Quilt Expo where I hope to purchase a longarm! I have my eye on four different makes, but at this point I'm really leaning toward an APQS Lenni!