Thursday, July 1, 2010

High Country Schroomin'

The day after the guys finished painting the fence, Ted took us mushroom hunting up in the high hills of the Blue Mountains! They call it "Schroomin" around here and the elusive prize is the Morel Mushroom! We packed a lunch, hopped in his car and had the most incredible 7 hour trip up and around remote forest service roads! I thought I would take you along for a brief ride....

Here we are in an area called Tiger Canyon. I'm sure there aren't any tigers, but I know for a fact there are cougar, black bear and elk. We were hoping for some wildlife sightings, but probably didn't get an early enough start. This first photo is at the top of Tiger Canyon looking over the entire watershed for our area!

This next photo is a tad blurry, but I just had to capture the deep burgundy color of these pinecones - unbelieveable! Click on the photo for a better look. More of the watershed is in the background. We were at approximately 4,000 feet here.
Ahhh....and here is the elusive prize for the day! Morels come in a lighter and a darker color and aren't easy to spot unless you really know how to look. Ted said we should walk like Groucho Mark and look uphill!! This one was courtesy of my own sighting - from the car, no less! I did a little research when we got home. There are poisonous Morels that when you cut them open, the cap is solid. An edible Morel is hollow inside the cap. We came away with several handfuls for the day - not bad for late season hunting!
What impressed us more than anything was the abundance of wildflowers all througout the day! Most likely the cold spring and heavy rains made for a good growing season this year. I wasn't able to photograph them all, but here is a small sampling! Despcriptions are above each picture.

Yellow Violet

Blue Lupine

Yellow Lupine

Wooly Sunflower

Wild Rose

Wild Strawberry

Yellow Glacier Lily

I hope you enjoyed the ride!


Stephanie said...

Wow the background in the photo with the burgandy pinecones is beautiful. I didn't know there two poisonous morels! Now what will you make with your schrooms?

Jean M. said...

Thanks for sharring your ride with us... What beautiful sights you had to have... The pinecone and wild flowers are so beautiful... I have never seen such beautie's ... And so many diffrent collors for common plants... I know you enjoyed your day... Thanks again :)

Chartreuse Moose said...

Such beautiful photos! Thank you for taking us along! I'm guessing you now have inspiration for a new quilt! So much color, textures and that wonderful sense of peace in the outdoors! How to get that all into a quilt? ;-) did you prepare the morels??? Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenary! I couldn't name all the plants as you captured it all wonderfully.

pratima said...

The views are stunning! Great to know that you got some hard to find morels on your hunt :)
The wildflowers are just the sweetest. Even though we've come across them on our hikes, I didn't know their names. Thanks for the info.

ferne said...

Great pictures and very interesting reading!

Ulla said...

Thank you for the tour! We eat the poisonous morels as well, but they have to be cooked in plenty of water for 5 minutes and rinsed well, and cooked again in new water for 5 minutes. They taste lovely as a soup or stew. - Beautiful scenery and flowers.

Donnelly said...

What beautiful country! I love the wild flowers! What do you use Morels in? Thanks for sharing!

AnnieO said...

Wonderful to see thickly forested country still exists--love that you can't see a manmade thing anywhere in that picture! I have never seen pinecones colored like that--wow. Thanks for the flower fest, and congrats on the Morel spotting.

Kaaren said...

Awesome photos, Candace!

I love mushrooms. My mouth is watering. You'll have to share with us what you made with your yummy finds.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

That was fun! What an amazing place. You must have had a great time there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. All of the flowers you showed us grow in the high Sierras where we used to live. I am glad you had knowledge of the good shrooms and bad ones.
Enjoy the holiday weekend and
Happy Birthday America!! Louise

Carrie P. said...

I did enjoy the ride. I especially like those pine cones. How cool are they.

Anonymous said...

Hia Candace, thanks for popping in.

Love those fircones. I have one tree with a purpley blue cone- a Korean Fir I think.

Nature is so beautiful at the moment.