Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Veg Report Week 5 & First Harvest!

We celebrated a little milestone here the other day – our first harvest from the vegetable garden! Check out the radishes below! They are a bit on the small side, but I needed to make room as I probably didn’t thin them very well. Oh, how scrumptious a fresh radish – dipped in a tiny bit of sea salt or just as is – yum!

The weather is still terribly wet here! We had a very low snowpack over the winter, so the the weather people are saying we’re now officially out of a drought situation because of all the spring rain! The rivers are so full, fast and muddy that there won’t be any fly fishing for a while yet --- bummer!

Mr. Squash informed me that he looks forward to the Friday Vegetable Reports because it saves him from having to go outside and look for himself – funny guy! I decided to only show you what is doing well this week. No sense looking at plants that haven’t grown more than a millimeter the past week!

Here are the raised beds. The lettuce is really coming on now – maybe a fresh salad by next weekend! The nasturtiums are overtaking the peppers, but the peppers don't seem to mind so far!

Do you notice below that there are quite a few more beans than last week? So many of the seeds I planted didn’t germinate that I decided to fill in the gaps with pony packs from the farm store! But the peas are now needing a little support, so that’s encouraging!
The potato tower went crazy almost overnight! The leaves are almost all nearly to the top, which means I won’t need to add much more additional dirt – hopefully the tower holds lots of yummy little Yukon Golds by now!
The pumpkin leaves on the right are getting bigger, but that’s about it for this area. Our first overnight guests are arriving tomorrow, and we had other out of town company last night, so that's why I haven't had any posts this week until now as we've been busy getting the house ready. I've sneaked a few more quilt blocks in here and there and will save them for another post. I'll leave you today with this gorgeous purple rose that bloomed today for the first time!


Linda B said...

I have never seen a purple rose like that!!
Talk about wet, I haven't even planted my pumpkins or other squash.

Sister said...

Can't wait to eat that lettuce!

Laura said...

Great garden and that purple rose is stunning! I didn't even know that purple roses existed.

Anonymous said...

Love checking out your in Texas, the lettuce is finished for a little while ( too hot ) and I am watching the tomatoes and peppers. We will have a lettuceless salad as soon as the tomatoes change color. Have a great weekend.

Stephanie said...

Farmer Candace and her bounty! It really is quite satisfying growing your own food. Will chickens be added to Squash House in the future? :i) Gorgeous rose.

Shakerwood said...

It's all coming along just great! Our squash is finished already as is the lettuce. I may try planting some new squash plants to see if they make or not.

Love the purple rose!

ferne said...

You got a harvest jealous. I do have a little squash I am tempted to pick. I took pics last night and will try to post them later tonight, right now I have to go to my paying job. Is the purple rose Ebb Tide, or do you know? Very nice!

I love your veggie reports and I will try to get on board soon!

Ulla said...

Congratulations on the first harvest! I thinned my radishes yesterday, but our tomatoes should need more warmth than we have.

AnnieO said...

I have to live vicariously through your veggie garden, as no planting has happened here! Your pictures are so pretty. Enjoy your company!

Cindy said...

Wait, Candace, I can be there - JUST WAIT - the weekend isn't quite here yet and I could use a nice, fresh salad. LOL

Sharon said...

I have "garden envy". I've got the boxes built and things planted, but its not finished all around like yours. Very nice! We need some sushine west of the mtns. Love the marigolds!

Kaaren said...

Looks like you'll be able to set up your veggie roadside stand pretty soon, Candace. The garden is coming along nicely...and no weeds!

CJ said...

What a BEAUTIFUL garden!!!

Jackie said...

Your garden looks fantastic! I showed Greg the update and he said it looks amazing. He didn't know what a potato tower is so I explained. Yukon Gold is our favorite!

Karen said...

Your garden looks great! You make me wish I'd planted some lettuce. We've been having a very wet weekend, I hope all my plants survive. Your nasturiums look great, I hope mine do as well as yours!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

How do you do that? Your garden is so beautiful. I planted eight tomato plants, and I'll be lucky to get ten tomatoes from them! I think I may have waited a little too late to plant -- the heat has almost done them in.

Thanks for sharing the harvest report -- can't wait to see the next one!

Nadine said...

Your veggies are soooooooooooooo far ahead of mine in Bend....we had a frost 2 nights ago: bye bye basil!

KMSC said...

I have several comments (all positive) to make:
1. Do you know the name of your purple rose? I, too, have never seen a purple rose and would love to find one.
2. I'm enjoying your vegetable garden updates as I live in a condo and have no space for one.
3. Thank you for the binding tutorial. I had a brain freeze and couldn't remember what length to cut the end of the binding (the width of the binding or the width of the finished binding). And there was the answer in your blog.


In the middle of America and lovin it....... said...

Your garden is tell me more about the potatoe thingy....I want to try that.....

pratima said...

The purple rose is so beautiful!
Congrats on your first harvest! Nothing like a home-grown produce :)
Those turnips are looking scrumptious! I love your friday reports. That makes up for lack of a gardening slot in our city apartment.

Carrie P. said...

A purple rose. Wow! very pretty.
Your garden is looking great. I notice I have some baby beans. I never liked radishes but they sure are pretty.
I could never get nasturtiums to grow. I don't think they like our clay soil to much.

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