Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Finish and the Veggie Patch!

Before I retired, I used to set up monthly meetings for a group of retired teachers. I loved this group - really wonderful gals who effortlessly volunteered their time for other retirees, and I do miss them! They told me I would be busier than ever in my retirement and were they ever right! Actually, things have begun to slow down somewhat, but I'm still amazed at how fast the days go!

Here is another secret project that I intended to have done by Easter for my friend, Mary at Quilt Hollow. I guess I just tried to fit too much into too little time, but was happy that I got it finished! The pattern is by This and That and very fun to make! Turns out another friend of Mary's made the same pillow for her for her birthday! Talk about quilters thinking alike!

One of the projects that has taken a lot of my time (and energy) was building my raised beds. They are now finished and I planted them on Mother's Day. Mr. Squash loves Marigolds, so we planted them along the front of the beds. They are also great for keeping bugs away! To the left are four tomatos - the red you see are plastic liners that supposedly make the plants produce more - I've used them for several years and always had a good crop of tomatos, so I guess they work! To the right of the tomatoes are sugar snap peas, a hot pepper plant and beans in the first bed; carrots, green onions, radishes and lettuce in the middle; and the farthest right is all lettuce - several different varieties. Planted in the ground on the far right are sweet peppers and dwarf nasturtiums.

The sprinkler and drip system will be turned on this Monday, so I won't have to hand water every morning after that. I was thinking I might post a photo of the garden every Friday on my sidebar so we can all mark it's progress!

Below is Mr. Squash reading in the shade this morning. His back is a little "out of order" so he's taking it easy for a few days. I know that he reads your comments, so I'm sure he would love it if you sent him a few good wishes! And he wanted me to point you here for a really fun, uplifting YouTube video from the Hanson Brothers! Behind him you see part of the still unfinished fence and below that is where I've planted pumpkin, zucchini and pickling cucumbers!

The weather here is on a swing toward summer! I grilled outdoors last night and we had our first al fresco dinner here at the Squash House! I plan to spend the next few days doing a little more sewing - hope to have some peeks for you soon!


Kim said...

Lol at the Hanson Brothers video. I have not seen moves like that since the 70's, lol. Oh my aching back! Tom thinks Mr. Squash has finally gotten to the best part of retirement, doing a lot of not so much. Sorry to hear his back is hurting again. The yard is looking real nice, but aren't the fish calling by now?

AnnieO said...

The father of my best friend from high school, when he finally retired, would always say "What Saturday is this?", meaning every day was like a Saturday to a retired person! Seems you have been making the most of your newly free time. Mr. Squash, I hope your back gets better, but in the meantime, it looks like you have a terrific place to supervise in that backyard.

Stephanie said...

Happy Healing Mr. Squash!!! Pretty pillow Candace. Can't wait to watch your garden progress. You'll have a Farmer's Market right in your own back yard. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ulla said...

Great job with your vegetable garden. I hope Mr. Squash didn't hurt his back dancing like those people on that video. It is not healthy for adults. He should act his age.

PamKittyMorning said...

Poor Mr. Squash, hope he's feeling better soon!

ROZ said...

Embroidery and patchwork! A winning combo. And I'll be right over to your house to eat some of those fresh veges--well I wish

Kaaren said...

I've never been busier or happier since I retired, Candace. We now do the things we want rather than what somebody else wants and believe me, I never realized that we had so many "wants". Enjoy the moment(s)!

I'd love to see the progress of your garden. What fun!

Gorgeous pillow that you made for Mary. She`s a lucky and deserving gal. And please tell Mr. Squash to slow down and to heal quickly.

Karen said...

Your garden looks great! I hope Mr. Squash back starts feeling better; I know how a back affects all the rest of you!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Our spring is so late here and Mr. Hive is really quite sick. I'm not sure we'll get any garden planted. I'm not much of a gardener. Good to see yours though. I can relate to Mr. Squash's back issues. Mr. Hive was trying to fix the sprinkling system this morning before work for the yard and ended up wet (100%) and hurting. Yikes. Life is so daily sometimes.

pratima said...

I hope Mr.Squash is feeling much better now :) You guys have been working so hard at various projects. Really glad to know that things are slowing down now :)
Your veggie garden sounds so wonderful!! Looking forward to the blooming Marigolds!
Btw, very cute birdie pillow for your friend :)

Anonymous said...

I think that all of the work you two have accomplished has earned Mr. Squash some R&R. Just sorry that it has to be with back pain. My husband does this from time to time and has to take a couple of days off. So, I am hoping this will work for your husband as well. The marigolds are a good choice and sounds like lots of good salads this summer. There is nothing like homegrown tomatoes and lettuce..I am not sure what those red things are that I purchase at the grocery store! Take care you two..Louise

Mel said...

I love your pic of the outdoors there at Squash House! Hope Mr's back is feeling better!!

What I wouldn't give to relax in that welcoming back yard!

Mel said...

I love your pic of the outdoors there at Squash House! Hope Mr's back is feeling better!!

What I wouldn't give to relax in that welcoming back yard!

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