Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Chicky-Bee!!

As promised on my last post, I have a new purchase to show you! Many of you know that I have been using and loving my Oliso iron for about 3 years now. A couple of years ago when at Sew Expo, I stopped at the Oliso booth to tell them how much I loved their iron! I also mentioned that it would be nice to have one that stayed on longer and had a sharper point. Well, out from under the counter came their new prototype! They said it was still in development, but to look for it about a year later!

And here she is (a little later than I had planned, but that's OK)! Meet "Chicky-Bee" as I call her (short for Chiquita Banana, given her color!) I am in LOVE with this new iron! It stays on for 30 minutes, doesn't drip at all (nor did the previous Oliso), is much lighter, has a longer cord and a sharper point!

This and the other versions have what is called "I-Touch Technology" - no need to set it on its end! All you do is touch the handle in the down position, and the little feet on the bottom lift up so you can iron. When you release the handle, the little feet come back out, the iron stays in the down position and will not scorch the fabric or ironing board cover! The controls are easy to see, and the iron fills from the side! And check out the soleplate - lots of steam holes and a sharper point for ironing those small spaces!
I made a rather crude video of Chicky-Bee in's enough to understand how it works!

You can bet I will be spending a lot of time with Chicky-Bee in the near future!


Anonymous said... should have been ironing fabric! Hee! You've sold me! (just got to wait for this cheapo iron to die out)

Stephanie said...

Chicky Bee's sister is on the way to my house. :o) Thank goodness someone designed an iron that works and is pretty too. Perhaps they should offer other colors?

Linda said...

You've sold me, once the current iron dies it will be replaced with one of these little beauties.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Great video! I'll be sending my ironing to you. :) Thanks for sharing the information on the iron. I need a new one and I haven't been able to make up my mind about which one to buy!

Have a Happy Easter!

MJ said...

I love irons and vacuum cleaners, they are just my thing. I can’t wait until my current iron goes, and it will, I go through an iron a year (and I’ve tried them all from Rowenta to Black and Decker). You’ve sold me on an Oliso. Thanks and Happy Ironing.

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Cool! I have a Rowenta iron that is a pretty pink. It was a breast cancer iron--they donated part of the sales to breast cancer research. This looks like an awesome iron, too!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Cool! I have a Rowenta iron that is a pretty pink. It was a breast cancer iron--they donated part of the sales to breast cancer research. This looks like an awesome iron, too!

Cindy said...

Chicky-Bee looks like a Bee-uty. I haven't seen these new updated versions yet so thanks for the heads-up.

Marj said...

I have used the type iron you bought at retreats before. At first they startled me, but once you get used to them they are really handy. I also am waiting for my current iron to need replacing before I bite the bullet and buy an Oliso Iron. You are very lucky.

SandyQuilts said...

I have an Oliso rather I HAD one. It died before 2yrs was up. Lot of money wasted. I had read reviews that the iron doesn't last but I threw caution to the wind. I've cried and cried but she won't work anymore. I loved that iron.

I'm getting one of these next

Conni said...

I'm usually a lurker/reader, but wanted to comment. I have been going through irons lately, and have been asking around about what irons people are using, and what problems, if any they have had. 8 of the women that I asked bought new Oliso irons, and had to send them back to the company for repair/replacement within 6 months of purchase. They said they liked using the iron, but it was not dependable, especially after spending the money for it. Please keep your readers updated on this new Oliso...I'd be interested in learning if they have worked the "bugs" out of their earlier models. Oh, and I do like the yellow...very cheerful!!

Gran said...

I want one!!!!!! My old Black and Decker has served me well, yet the side is cracked.... Will you give a heads up when it is going to hit the market?

Happy Easter!

Ulla said...

An Easter chicken that irons!

Trisha said...

I love the look of it! Cool how it has the little feet and I am glad you showed ironing a shirt because I like how it fits nicely inbetween the buttons. I like how pointy it is. Congrats on your new little helper!

Jackie said...

You should have been ironing a quilt!

My LQS has irons similar to yours in their classroom. The iron lifts on it's own though. I think it's a brilliant idea. Very nice pressing job in your video. You really didn't go back an forth over the fabric. Just a swipe and the shirt looked very crisp.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I'm going to check this one out Candace! It sounds wonderful.

Chris said...

Chicky-Bee is too cute!! Love the yellow color. If my faithful Rowenta ever gives up (it's over 15 years old and still going strong) I'll have to get one of Chicky's cousins. :-) Thanks for sharing.

Libby said...

Now that is cool! If only they could develop clothing that ironed itself so we could spend our time only with quilting fabric *s*

Barb said...

I love the color of it....

Lisa D. said...

What a cute iron!

Carrie P. said...

Pretty cool. It has a retro look to it.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This looks like the cutest and best iron around. Wish I had seen this before getting my latest iron. Dang.

pratima said...

Candace, your Chicky Bee is so cute! I love her color. Very vintage looking :)
Btw, cute video clip ;)

Karen said...

Congrats on your new iron! I actually bought a new one myself last week. The old one suddenly started smoking as I was ironing little Easter shirts. I never thought of making a video!!

Mel said...

LOVE your vid! Fun color, fun name!

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