Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Would You "Rather Be"!

A bit of a long post here --- I hope you'll bear with me! I will get to the title of this post in a bit.

The other day I made out a grocery list for the coming week. Mr. Squash is having cataract surgery today, so I wanted to make sure I had enough to prepare meals for several days in case we didn't want to leave the house. One of the main dishes I wanted to make was this Chicken Biryani recipe I clipped from Cooking Light a few years ago. We both love Indian food. Stephanie has been learning to cook it with help from Pratima lately, and it's made my mouth water just thinking about it!

After I returned from the grocery, there was a package in the mail from Stephanie. A lovely vintage postcard (double wedding ring quilt) from her mother's collections and a very fragrant package wrapped in foil!
Here is the treasure the foil package held - Stephanie's own, homemade, Garam Masala!! I was absolutely overjoyed - I can use it in the Chicken Biryani! I immediately emailed Stephanie to tell her how timely her gift was - we are two gals on the same track for sure! Thanks again, Stephanie, you really made our day!
On Friday, Mr. Squash and I decided to take a little road trip over to Idaho - about 2 hours away. We drove around a town we frequently pass through on our fly fishing trips. We wanted to see what else was there instead of just driving by in a hurry to get home! On the way there, we stopped at this old flour mill which is now a restaurant. They weren't yet open for the day when we arrived, so we just poked around and took a few pictures.
Here is an old truck that was displayed next to the mill which most likely transported flour back in the day! It was a great spot --- we plan to go back sometime and try the food!
So, on to the question, "Where would you rather be?" For most of us, the answer to that might be quilting at any given time! Well, along the road to Idaho below, just outside of a tiny town of 1,300.... Rather Be's Quilt Shop and Retreat House!

Mr. Squash knows how I love this shop, so he's always willing to make a stop! I took a few photos for you to drool over! I love their selection of fabrics which are most often right up my alley!

Below is their current Block of the Month. I wish I had gotten the name of the pattern - maybe next trip.
The red and black quilt below had parts of a panel for some of the blocks - it was really striking.
Of course I loved the pumpkin quilt in front of the cash register!
I must confess I purchased a couple of yards of fabric for a bed quilt I plan to make - I've been on the hunt for a coordinating setting block for some time! And Mr. Squash...being the wonderful husband he is just wouldn't let me leave without picking out a gift --- a jelly roll of Kansas Troubles fabric I've been wanting!
Rather Be's also has a quilters retreat house behind the shop complete with bedrooms, kitchen and workshop area - at the incredible rate of $30.00 a night! I think I might be gathering up some of my quilting friends for a girl's retreat weekend soon!


Karen said...

Candace, sounds like you had a lovely outing. I hope your Indian cooking comes out well and I will say a prayer for Mr. S's surgery.

Nicole said...

Good luck to your DH with his eye surgery. Everyone I know who has had it is overjoyed with how much their vision is improved!
What a great get-away the two of you had. The Rather Be Quilt shop looks fabulous!

Stephanie said...

Best wishes to Mr. Squash! :o) My daughter will be home for a week so I'm planning more Indian dishes. A dream...a quilt shop with a retreat house too. It's always fun to take the road less traveled.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on the surgery for your husband. That little rather be getaway spot looks very intriguing. Is it far out of Spokane, Candace? Recipe sounds delish! Louise

Ulla said...

Count me in for the quilting retreat! (Ha ha, in my dreams only.) Good luck with the surgery, it will be just fine like last time.

Kaaren said...

I wanna come!

My best wishes and prayer's for Mr. Sqash's cataract surgery.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a joy to be doing what you like to do with your husband and then combine it with a Rather Be! Holy Cow. When things like this work out for me I say "I must be livin right!" (more of a joke than anything because I ain't). So Candace - You MUST be livin right.

pratima said...

Candace, Best wishes for your husband's surgery.
What a sweet present from Stephanie, just in time for you to try some recipes :)
Rather Be seems like an awesome shop. It would be so wonderful to get together with friends for a quilting retreat :)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous light and pretty shop. I think the pumpkin quilt might be in the Harvest Thimbleberry book.

Good luck to Mr Squash. I hope it goes well for him.

Jackie said...

I hope Mr. Squash's surgery goes very well.

The Rather Be Quilt Shop looks wonderful and what a bargain on the retreat facilities!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love that truck! And a retreat at Rather Be's sounds like fun. Thanks for the shop tour.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I forgot to say....good luck to your husband on his surgery.

Linda said...

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, just lovely photo's. Of course I especially enjoyed the quilt shop pics. Hope your Indian meal tastes as good as it sounds. It makes me wish I could locate all the yummy spices to make a good curry.

Trisha said...

What a good friend to send you those spices. So cool that it showed up just in time. Best wishes on Mr Squash's surgery!

Cindy said...

Candace, I loved EVERYTHING about this post...well, except that hubby is having cataract surgery(sorry to hear that).

Hubby and I LOVE long drives on roads we've never been on, especially country roads. It is something we are passionate about. When we do a roadtrip in our fifthwheel, we'd sooner take the back roads rather than the highways. I love the country. It's beauty and peacefulness give my heart a smile.

BTW -a couple weeks ago our Sisters, Oregon reservation at their City Park RV grounds were comfirmed. Three nights there. And before that - we'll be "in and around" Oregon "just looking" and "taking in" everything. We rarely make reservations but knew Sisters would be booked up. The woman who confirmed our reservation said we'll be in walking distance of all the festivities but also along a creek which our dogs will love.

PamKittyMorning said...

Sounds like a great day. Love all the wonderful scenery photos too!

Ynott said...

My sister and I are planning a trip to Bend Or. this summer to the Sisters quilt show and will be going thru Idaho. Would like to stop at the Rather Be Quilting shop if it is on our way. I would like to know what town it is near and the highway number. Looks like a neat shop. thanks Marilyn