Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quilt Show Part Two!

Here are the rest of my pictures from the quilt show last week. There are quite a few, and it was hard not to put them all in, but I know you have more places to visit and quilts to quilt! So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

This first one and the close-ups below it is one of my favorite quilts! Not only is it very clever, but the quilting is fantastic!

Marge was really studying this one!

This red and yellow quilt was so brilliant in person that it was actually hard to look at!
Very brilliant tessellations below!
There was a wonderful 2009 Hoffman Challenge exhibition. The two photos below are part of the exhibition. I looked for Kay's entry but didn't see it!

Below is the Krazy Horse Quilter's raffle quilt for their upcoming show in May in Pendleton. I'll be there for sure!

Don't you just love this Baltimore Album quilt? I know I do!

How fun is this! The description said it was a man's quilt! I don't know about you, but it would work for me, too!! The birds are fantastic!

Here is Carol below...her outfit matched this quilt, so we thought it only fitting for her to do her Vanna White impression in front of it!

What a great Selvedge quilt!
The redwork quilt below was stunning! So much work went into the making - and each square is quilted differently! Click on the photo to get a better look!

Thanks for stopping by. Next post will be the reveal of a new purchase!


Stephanie said...

Stunning spiderweb effect on the quilting. Amazing talent. Love the red and white raffle quilt. A real beauty. Also love the blue/green pyramid that Vanna, I mean Carol, is posing in front of.

Cindy said...

WOW - the first one's quilting is sensational. I'm sure Mary (Quilt Hollow) will admire this one and maybe even get an idea or two.

Nadine said...

My first day back to Blogland....thanks for the great quilt show....such great inspiration!

Kim said...

Wonderful quilts! Had to be a fun day with friends and very inspiring as well.

Lisa D. said...

Wow - you got a chance to see some beautiful quilts. How lucky!

Mary said...

Another great quilt show. Thanks for the exhibit.

Anonymous said...

You my dear were at a wonderful show! The quilts are stunning!! I've been trying to get up close and personal with them so I can see the quilting real good. :-) Just gorgeous! Tell me about the purchase!!!

pratima said...

Beautiful quilts... the details are amazing! Thank you, Candace :)

Carrie P. said...

The first quilt was awesome. I can see why it was your favorite. The quilting is so neat on it. I think it issuch an interesting pattern. Great show. Thanks for sharing.

Kay said...

Beautiful quilts. That raffle quilt is a real stunner! The winner will be very lucky. Thanks for thinking of my Hoffman; it must be in another group, perhaps heading for the Chicago Quilt Fest where it will be in a couple of weeks.

Lindah said...

Candace, thank you for sharing the quilt show -- there were some really unique pieces -- feeds my inspiration!

Dena said...

There are so many beautifully sewn quilts I don't think I can pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing them.

Jackie said...

I love the selvedge quilt!

You're going to make me wait for another post to tell me what you purchased?!!!

Ulla said...

The blue one with the birds was special, but I think I loved most of them. Thank you for the tour!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

ooohing and ahhhhing over all them but that selvage quilt is out of this world. I'm headed back for a 2nd look.

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