Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Hike and Quilt Guild!

Sunday, my new friend Amelia and her husband Dan invited us on an outing!  We packed a lunch, hopped in their car and drove to a portion of river in Oregon we looked at last summer while scouting around for places to fly fish.  There is a trail that runs for quite a few miles along this portion of the river.  The river flows through a canyon and the trail is used by hikers, horses, mountain bikers, and unfortunately, the occasional dirt biker.  We encountered all of these, but all were quite polite in giving over the trail to each other!  The four of us along with their black Lab, Milo, walked for several miles up the trail checking out possible fishing spots!  Milo as seen below was having a great time bouncing from trail to river to woods and back!
Somewhere along the trail was this old fireplace!  We could only imagine what might have surrounded it at one time.  This area is quite remote, so to find a large fireplace like this along the trail was really interesting!  All in all we had a great day - the weather was gorgeous and the company most enjoyable!
Last night was my second quilt guild meeting.  Carol and I went together this time and I decided to become a paying member!  Rather than the normal evening presentation, an extra long break was scheduled so we could all have a chance to walk around the refreshment table and meet new people!  What a great idea and lots of fun!

One of the activities of the guild is to make quilts for members who have had a difficult time for one reason or another.  Members are encouraged to contribute heart and/or flower blocks of a certain size, then there are those who sew them together into quilts which are then presented at guild meetings.  Last night there were two quilts below.  Both recipients were quite surprised and ever so grateful!
Here are the rest of what I was able to photograph.  There were many more, but not all photos came out well.  If you click on the quilt below you can get a better idea of the wonderful quilting!
What little boy wouldn't be happy with these trucks?
I would love to see this one after it is quilted!
This gal was sitting to my right.  When she first walked up I heard her mention she put an awful lot of work into the quilt - she bought it at a flea market in Hawaii - lol!!  It was gorgeous - all hand pieced and quilted and she just had to show it!
Here is a Bento Box pattern quilt - so pretty and colorful!
Carol and I drooled over this one.  I can't remember the name of the block that you start out with, but once it's made, it's slashed into something else!  Love the colors!
The last two are WIP's - I love the look of the 30's fabrics.

Mr. Squash and I continue to march on with projects in the house and out in the yard.  Currently we're awaiting delivery of a garden shed for the backyard.  We'll have to assemble it ourselves - but once it's put together, we'll have much more room in our knotty-pine, single car garage! 


Darlene said...

A fun time with friends - wonderful adventure for all.

The quilts from the guild meeting are lovely - thank you for sharing, Candace.

Ulla said...

It must be exciting to hike and see new fishing waters. What I would love even more is to meet quilting friends and see all the lovely quilts for real.

Orcsmom said...

Hiking, beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and good friends, yep, life is good! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!



Stephanie said...

There are many reasons I want to move back to the PNW. Such beauty being one of them. Thank you for sharing the quilts. Loving that truck quilt.

Anonymous said...

Oh Candace thank you for sharing those wonderful photos. Looks like your in a wonderful guild! Congrats on your new found friends!!
Oh...and that fireplace...amazing!

Jackie said...

It looks like a wonderful walk! I love the fireplace and am curious as to what used to be there.

I'm thinking of attending one of our guild meetings to see what goes on and if I like it. If it's anything like yours, I'm sure it will be tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place to explore and fish. We had mini motorbikes on a dog walk around here last year. They weren't meant to be there and came up so suddenly we barely had time to gather the hounds safely. The council has fenced the entrance better now.

Love the gift quilts. Your new quilt guild sound very supportive of one another. The 1930s ones are so gorgeous too.

Lisa D. said...

How wonderful to have a nice guild to join - the quilts you showed are so inspirational! I love the one with the trucks! Will miss you at the quilt show next weekend!

pratima said...

What a fun hike with friends on a beautiful day, especially with Milo :)
The quilts are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Candace, I enjoyed the walk and the quilt show. Don't you just wonder who lived on the trail and about their families.
Your quilt guild have some talented ladies in it.

Carrie P. said...

Just finished catching up on all I have missed at Squash House.
A quilt shop out in the middle of no where. It is a very nice shop indeed.
It is great to hear you are making friends in your new place. And joining the guild.
Great show and tell.