Sunday, February 28, 2010

Genteel Farmers

Time just flies by here at the Squash House! We're still pinching ourselves - it's hard to believe we landed in such a wonderful place! I'd love to show you what I'm sewing right now, but it's all gifts, so mum's the word! We have had some extraordinary weather, too - warm, dry and sunny. Our new gardener is getting ready to thatch the lawn next week. And since it's so nice and warm, we thought we would prepare the vegetable garden for some spring planting!

Here it is this morning right after we started - three years of total neglect!

This is the other side. Pretty soon the lawnmowing is going to have to start, too!
Mr. Squash just had to get a photo of me working hard! There are NO rocks in our gardens! After spending hours and hours sifting out rocks at the old house, this is a real treat for me!! What we do have is a great worm population - woo-hoo!! There is also a tall spigot near the fence which is connected to the sprinkler system - instant watering!
Here is Mr. Squash looking happy with my favorite tool - the pitchfork! I actually asked for it for Christmas one year! Don't you love his hat?

And here we are all finished! Tomorrow I'm going to trim the rose bushes and also these arborvitae.
Next up is to pour through the seed catalog and figure out what to plant --- tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, radishes and green onions for sure. In other areas of the garden - pumpkin, zuchinni, cucumber, pole beans, broccoli. Let the planting begin!


kimland said...

I am envious! We still have snow on the ground and lots of it! Word is that we should start thawing next week... yipee!!! Enjoy your great weather and have fun in the garden!

ferne said...

Looks great Candace! Keep up the good work (or more like play)!!!

Jackie said...

I'd like to have a small garden one year but DH really interested in it. The thought of homegrown veggies just makes my mouth water.

Ulla said...

The ground looks great and the worms are good! Your weather looks like our early May.

*karendianne. said...

Oh Candace! You know what this post brings to mind? They're living their dream. It warmed my heart and made me truly happy for your both.

Stephanie said...

The rule of thumb in Ohio is no planting until after Mother's Day weekend. Yes, we can have frost as late as May. Ick. We head to Baker's Acres on Mother's Day weekend to buy plants. Enjoy your warmth and outdoor planting. I long for my own veggie patch.

Kaaren said...

This post was just to tease us north easterners, right?

I can't wait but it'll be another 8 weeks at least before I can start to get my hands dirty. Sigh...

Kay said...

I absolutely HATE gardening! I don't even like to see pictures of people gardening. Even so, I'm happy for your pleasure, and your wonderful spring weather. Enjoy. It's always good to hear your news.

Anonymous said...

What fun! No rocks and worms galore, yahoo how lucky can a country gal get. My husband still doesn't get why I get so excited about earthworms..poor city guy. Sounds like you will have mega produce this summer. Yum...It is starting to look like a promise of spring here as well. Lilacs, forsythia and my bulbs along with bleeding hearts all stretching up looking for the sunshine..Louise

Mel said...

Blessings abound at the Squash House, glad to hear it!!

Karen said...

Considering the years of neglect, it sounds like the previous owners set you up for success anyway! How much are you trimming the arborvitae? I've never seen them in the garden before.

Libby said...

You leave me with hope . . . . I can hardly wait to start playing in the dirt. Right now I'm keeping myself happy tending my worms down in the basement *s*

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful. My garden is a total neglected mess at the moment. When we moved here the thing that struck me most was the soil being so light I cold just pull dandylions out instead of digging them out.

pratima said...

It feels so blissful to be out there in the sun and garden. Nice to see that you are having such a great time, Candace.
I can't wait to see your spring garden :)

Carrie P. said...

You two working well together. I know you can't wait for the soil to warm up so you can get those seeds in the ground.
Heres to reaping a bountiful harvest.

Rannyjean said...

It will look as beautiful as the old yard did. Retirement is doing you both well! I can't wait to see what grows!

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