Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Day!

We went to bed last night as the snow was falling and woke up to about 2-3 inches! I think I'd better get out and fill up the bird feeders! Here is a view to the southwest from our back door.

And here is a view to the East. Mr. Squash is out shoveling the driveway and sidewalk. Earlier we saw a group of neighbor women head out with snow shovels in hand to help some of the other neighbors! I know they walk together, so I'm sure this is a great alternative for walking today as well as doing a good deed!
And what else is one to do when you're retired and it's snows? Well, if it isn't quilting, then it must be baking Finnish Gingerbread! Here is a nice plate of Ulla's recipe made with the cookie cutter she gave us!


Stephanie said...

You have more snow than we do! Snow days should defintely include baking and sewing!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the white stuff. Always have enjoyed star shapes but that cookie star shape is extra cute.Just a bit different.
Oh my all that shoveling chat reminds me of our days in the high Eastern Sierra. Louise

Kaaren said...

I think we are expecting 3-5" overnight as well, Candace. But that's okay as we plan to hunker down and spend New Year's Eve indoors watching the Canadian Juniors playing the American Junior hockey team at the World Junior Hockey Tournament. I'll have a Canadian flag in one hand and an American flag in the other. My only problem is that the game cannot end in a tie.

I think I need some of those cookies with a nice hot cup of tea.

Happy New Year to you both...and Sophie too!

Trisha said...

Lucky you! I love snow this time of year. I was hoping we would get some here in western Washington like we did last year but it didn't happen. Hope you have a nice New Years!

pratima said...

The views outside are gorgeous!
Those cookies are looking so yummy :)
Perfect days to bake and quilt... Have fun!!

Orcsmom said...

I agree with Kaaren, those cookies would be perfect with a nice, hot cup of tea! The snow looks so beautiful, but I am sure it is cold! Stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Ooo your Finnish gingerbread has come out so well. Isn't having snow so special at this time of the year. :-)

I'm sure the birds will also appreciate any baking crumbs.

I have one UFO and the French Roses to finish before the new year when i will start with a totally clear deck. :-) Then I will do a lot of baking.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Wow! The snow is so beautiful! But I think you have the right idea about staying in and baking. Brrr...

Jackie said...

That is for sure what I do when I am not sewing, bake!

Jackie said...

It looks gorgeous Candace! It sounds like you've moved into a neighborhood full of wonderful neighbors!

Anne said...

Hmmm, I wonder if we got some too. We're in sunny Florida right now, so snow is far from our minds. Looks beautiful tho!

Stephanie D. said...

Well, I've always wondered what one did on snowy days if you were retired!

Pauline said...

wow what a nice blog...i have added you to keep up with what you are doing. you sure do get a lot of snow where you are..we cant imagine snow like that..Happy New Year to you and yours

onlymehere said...

I like your way of spending a snow day!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely but brrrr cold. Perfect day for warming up that oven and baking a wonderful batch.
Wishing you many stitches in the New Year.

Ulla said...

You have such a nice little layer of snow! Come over and see our today's situation.
Your gingerbread looks just like it should. Some people decorate them for Christmas, but I like mine plain and simple. I hope you like the taste.

*karendianne. said...

What pretty sites! I know you're are snuggled in warm and happy. Wishing you a lovely New Year and... gosh those cookies look great. Being a cookie monster I couldn't let those go by...

Karen said...

It sounds like you are starting off retirement in a cozy way!

Mary said...

Just beautiful! we did have a tiny bit of rain the other day!

Carrie P. said...

Yes, those little birdies will be looking for the seed with the snow on the ground.
That is so nice of your neighbors. It is good but hard exercise.
Have a Great New Year Candace. I know being in your new house is just beginning of a good year.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Great photos of your snowfall and those yummy looking cookies.

Good luck with the shoveling.

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Looks cold.

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