Friday, December 18, 2009

Color My World

I know I've been absent of late! The days go by so fast. This past several days we've been taking care of a lot of small projects - and some large ones, too! Today I welcomed over a window coverings professional. We hit it off right away, having many things in common. She helped me pick out woven wood shades for the master bedroom, a similar style for the guest room - only they are synthetic, and my studio is going to be a big surprise! I'll meet with her again tomorrow to find out how much this will all cost - and see if any "adjustments" need to be made!

The room that bugs me the most and I think needs attention first is my studio! It used to be room to two darling little boys. It's painted a light blue with planetary, dark blue shades! My brain freezes every time I walk in here - the colors are just not me - I can't even think in here! So I picked up some paint samples and chips today.

Obviously these won't come over the internet looking anything like what they really are! I painted a 2 x 2 foot area of Cocoa Butter on one wall a while ago, and will do a second coat in a bit. It's pretty, but may have too much peach in it...stay tuned!

I also received a package from another special friend, Carrie! She sent the nicest card, a box of wonderful Moravian sugar cookies, which were quickly consumed in a couple of days, a handmade towel for the kitchen (even the trim is hand stitched by Carrie), a handmade ornament, and a charm pack of one of my favorite lines, Nature's Chorus! The charm pack was wrapped with a really neat tag and a vintage spool of thread. I told Carrie I was even going to use the tag as an ornament! Thanks again, Carrie!

We have so much left to do, but are settling in well! We love the town, the people, the weather, and of course our Squash House!


Chris said...

Welcome to our side of the Cascades! I know you will enjoy your new life there; it is indeed a lovely town. Having been retired from teaching since June, I know you will love your time to sew and decorate your new home. May your studio come together beautifully soon so you can spend many happy hours there.

Chris in Idaho

Carrie P. said...

Good luck on your paint choice. It is so hard for me to pick colors for the walls.
You are very welcome for the gift. Enjoy your new home.

Kim said...

My vote is for Dove Tail. Please pass the cookie crumbs! Not a whiff of a cookie at our house yet. Hmm...sad huh?!

Carrie was sweet to surprise you with a gift and sustenance for the continued unpacking and arranging of the house.

Will be interested to see what your sewing studio looks like. My next house is going to be a quilters studio with a kitchenette. Maybe a bed and bath. Hee!

Karen said...

Yay paint chips! I'm glad to hear you won't be living in a white house. White is nice when it's on purpose but as my art teacher said, white spaces usually means you didn't have any intention.

ferne said...

Boy those are familiar colors. I think we looked at cookie crumb also, but we went with something a little more beige called Everlasting. We looked at so much paint I can't remember all the colors. We ended up going to a Benjamin Moore store. Kind of pricey paint but it is so worth it. Hope all goes well with your house and you have a great first Christmas at the Squash House. Why is it called Squash House anyway?

Barb said...

Can't wait to see your studio finished....and what a fun package you got....Enjoy the process.

Stephanie said...

Lots of Happy Days for you! Carrie is one of the sweetest people and so talented. Enjoy your holidays and decorating and I'm so looking forward to seeing you sewing room.

*karendianne. said...

What delightful things from Carrie but I have to say that card she sent is the sweetest ever. Enjoy the color wheel my friend. hee!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are making great progress! Please don't forget to come up for air..perhaps a walk in the fresh cold air...Louise

Kay said...

Picking paint is easier since they sell those little jars--a great idea. Have fun.

Ulla said...

Good luck with the choice of colour! Carrie sent you some nice gifts. Some people have the cutest ideas for packing their gifts, too.

Kaaren said...

Your last sentence said it all, Candace. Everything else will fall into place, just like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

Beautiful gifts from Carrie. They all have that extra special touch, don't they?

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts you received. Maybe Spun Cotton or Croissant would be better choices as they are less peachy. LOL This is coming from the woman who painted the outside of her house "Cornish Cream" only it turned out to be very yellow. I keep hoping it will fade in the 20 years it is guaranteed for. :-)

Libby said...

Color selections - seems like it should be fun . . . . but it's often NOT! *s* I really like the greens on the right, in particular the middle one (something) almond.

Mary said...

It took me years to pick a color for my bathroom. And I still picked white for most of it!

Carrie P. said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and Mr. S. a Very Merry Christmas.
May 2010 be the best ever for you both.

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