Monday, November 16, 2009

Upstairs, Downstairs

I always enjoyed the British series Upstairs, Downstairs. Now Mr. Squash and I are going through our own "version"! We did some really serious packing this weekend. Saturday Mr. Squash took down all of the art in the house, dusted the backs, cleaned the glass and stacked them up. Quite a bit is already at the Squash House, this is what we left while the house was on the market. Here are the larger pictures stacked upstairs. I've already packed up the smaller pictures - the movers can do these.

And here is what is stacked up in the living room! We've enjoyed collecting a lot of art over the years - this house has an amazing amount of wall space for all kinds of hanging pictures. The sad thing is that the Squash House does not have as much wall space. A lot of this and what is already there will have to go. We had a huge garage sale last summer and now realize we need to have another after we unpack and the weather warms up!

One thing that has just amazed me as I've emptied closets is how dusty they get! We keeps our closets fairly tidy and neat, but upon pulling things out to pack, I was amazed at how much dust I encountered - ack! I think I'll now make it a rule to empty out closets completely on a rotating basis to keep the dust from building up so much!

I am largely absent from blogland other than to tend to my email. It will just "have to be" until all of this is over. This week I begin training my replacement at work - she's terrific. There is also going to be an office lunch for me on Tuesday. I can't believe what everyone has already done for me...the going away presents have been awesome and very unexpected!


Stephanie said...

It's always nice to know our work has been valued! You deserve it.

Yep, looks like lots of art. We have tons of wall space in our current house but I think that will change one day too.

ferne said...

funny seeing your art on the floor. Mine is sitting on the floor right now just like that at my new place waiting for me to get inspired on where to put each piece. Some I store under the bed so I can rotate it occasionally. You are so right about the dust. I couldn't believe how dusty things were and I thought I was a good housekeeper...what can you do, at least it is cleaner now, but for how long?

Darlene said...

Everytime I read about the moving progress I get more and more excited for you and Mr Squash. This new chapter in your lives is going to be delightfully fun.

Kim said...

Dusty here in this Minnesotan's closet, too. I shared the same shock and amazement while clutter busting my closet. Eeeewww.

Art. I do the switch out thing too. Mostly because of the changes of seasons. Likely will continue as I enjoy this change.

It's going to be an adjustment for your coworkers, hard to say goodbyes. After so much time together, they are like a branch of the family.

Happy packing. Hello to the Mister...I wonder what sort of dog he might find in the near future? :-)

onlymehere said...

I have unopened closets just for storage and I'm wondering, how does the dust get through a closed door anyway, lol! It's great that your husband is helping with the move. Hang in there, it's almost moving day and soon you'll be at the Squash house!

Barb said...

You do have alot of should show us some...or atleast what you plan to keep.

Ulla said...

It is hard to imagine the amount of work you have to do when moving house after having lived there for a number of years. Finding new places for your art will be such fun. Maybe you will have a rotating exhibition so you can keep most of it.

Linda B said...

I'm glad you are so busy at work these past weeks. It helps the time fly by. Can you imagine if you weren't? Of course, then you would be blogging!!
That place did have alot of wall space for art. I imagine at the Squash House your "art" will be the views from the windows.

Kaaren said...

Now that's a lot of art work to be sure. When it's stacked like that, iyt looks like you can open your own art gallery.

In order for people to treat you as they are now, Candace, it's obvious that you are both appreciated and loved by your co-workers. I'm sure they're going to miss you.

Carrie P. said...

Wow, you do have lots of art. I don't have much wall space in my house either.
I cleaned out my closets two years ago and was amazed at the dust. I am amazed at how much dust gets inside of kitchen cabinets too especially since the doors are closed most of the time.

Wendy said...

Packing and moving is not fun. Cleaning closets is even less fun. I hope all goes well.

Karen said...

I think my favorite British show is Faulty Towers. On the other hand, I do love Are You Being Served?

You DO have a lot of art! At least if you have a garage sale, you'll be able to pass it on.

Libby said...

Amazing what you learn about yourself when you move *s* Don't forget to take lots of breaks!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Candace I'm sure everyone understands that real life is a priority.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" according to Mary Poppins.

I know what you mean about cupboards. They do need a yearly bottoming out because of the dust that creeps in somehow. I got it with closed bookcases too.

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