Friday, November 27, 2009

Traveling in Style

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mr. Squash and I went out this year being that we're moving on Tuesday! We went to the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls. Oh -- My! We wish we'd tried this years ago! What a wonderful dinner we had in a historic setting! It was a prix-fixe dinner, which was fine with us. On the 1.5 hour drive to the lodge we discussed the only thing we thought we would miss would be leftovers! Well....we didn't have to worry about it after all! A very nice waiter carved a small turkey at our table and as soon as he was done, he said we would be taking the rest of the bird home with us!! Below is a picture of the menu, a dragonfly tree ornament I bought in the gift shop and the rest of the turkey nicely wrapped up in foil!

When we got home, we put the large bag the turkey was in on the floor for Sophie to play with. She loves paper bags ... don't all cats? Here she is looking rather smug inside the bag - daring us to come near. I think one reason she dove right in was the smell of the turkey!
I took Sophie to the vet last earlier this week for a final check and to see about some sort of sedative for the long drive to the Squash House. Unfortunately the vet detected a rather pronounced heart murmur, which means it isn't safe to give her any kind of sedative. Sophie does not like car rides, either! So he suggested we invest in a larger carrier to help make the trip a bit more comfortable for her.
I went to the pet store this morning and came back with this wonderful soft-sided castle! The sides zip up and down and even the roof has a zippered opening! It fits her lambskin Orvis bed and it you turn it sideways, a small litter box as well! I set it up when I got home, put the bed in and rubbed catnip all over it. She's been in and out, but so far is sleeping on her other bed nearby! Hopefully she'll at least get familiar with it before we leave!

I hope to have one more post before leaving on Tuesday morning. That's my plan, but it may not happen. If for any reason you don't hear from me either in a post or email, it probably means we've turned off our computers here, only to appear on "the other side" shortly!


CJ said...

I can't even imagine turkey dinner at the Salish lodge. I have been there for a brunch and Oh.MY! IT was sooo good and seemed never ending.
I hope your kitty is okay during the trip, that castle is pretty sweet.

Jackie said...

It sounds like a delicious meal! I'm glad you had a chance to celebrate the day among all the last minute things that need to be done.

If we don't hear from you before you leave - Happy Trails!

Linda B said...

If that isn't the Cadillac of cat carriers!! At least you know you have done your best. I hope you won't have to listen to her howl.

Kaaren said...

Safe trip to the three of you. Drive safely and hopefully the next post will be from the "real" Squash House.

Carol said...

What an awesome restaurant, great view. That's great that you got to take the turkey leftovers home. I hope your cat will be ok on the trip.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that the move goes smooth!

Julia said...

Sounds like an awesome restaurant to visit..
All the best for a smooth move.
Julia ♥

Ulla said...

Your dinner sounds lovely! Your cat will have a luxury trip. I hope your move goest smoothly.

Mel said...

What a nice time you must have had! I've been to Snowqualmie Falls several (several) years ago - very majestic!!

I'm so excited for your move!!!

Stephanie said...

Perhaps your Thanksgiving at Salish lodge will become a tradition! We travelled with our cat from Oregon to Ohio. We had kitty sedatives but we never used them. He disliked his crate very much--lots of bizarre behavior. On the second day we let him out and he rode in the van and occasionally slept in his portable litter pan on top of the suitcases stacked in the back. Wishing you a safe journey to "the other side."

onlymehere said...

This lodge sounds divine! I'm about ready to go to a restaraunt. It just gets to be too much and it seems the housework after everyone leaves drags on for days. Good luck with the move too. I envy you the adventure but not the work, lol! Cindy

Linda said...

Glad you enjoyed a mess free kitchen this thanksgiving. Hope your move is quick and stress free.

cockermom said...

I hope you have a safe, happy drive to your new home! I am excited for you to be getting there just before Christmas...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sophie will be arriving in style at her new digs..I know how traumatic it is with animals and a long move..Travel safe and we will hear from you when you are on the other side...Best wishes and thanks for the heads up on the Salish Lodge.

Anonymous said...

Your meal place sounds wonderful and not too shabby to have some turkey leftovers afterall....yum turkey sandwiches!! (had one myself today)
Kitties bed looks comfy enough for my travels! I'll be thinking of you Tuesday!! Enjoy the ride HOME!!

Karen said...

Wow, that is a castle! I hope your journey goes well for all.

Mary said...

Wow, would I ever like a carrier like that to travel in. Oh to be able to sleep while we drive. My husband thinks that if he has to drive and stay awake, so do I!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Your dinner trip to Salish lodge sounds wonderful, and leftovers too!
Now that looks like a cozy arrangement for kitty, you may be sarinaded all the way to squash house, best wishes and safe travels.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely meal- a little night of a peaceful haven before the final push.

Have you tried Bach's rescue remedy for your cat? Over here a lot of people use it on their cats and dogs around Firework Night to help them keep calm among all the bangs and strange noises.

Happy travels -I hope all goes smoothly.

Libby said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Good luck on your drive tomorrow. I'll be thinking calming thoughts *s*

Stephanie D. said...

Poor Sophie! We just traveled 8 hours in a car to my daughter's house for the weekend, and my dog is neurotic and hates to ride in the car. Our vet gave her something that wouldn't sedate her, but was what he called "Doggy Prozac", to take the edge off her anxiety. It actually worked really well. Wish they had something like that for Sophie!

Carrie P. said...

Looks like you had a very nice different kind of Thanksgiving.
Hope your move went well today and kitty traveled okay.

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