Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time in a Bottle

Once again I'm absent from blogland. Just when I think I can get caught up, something else comes along to take me away! I must admit that our life probably won't be normal for the next couple of months. So I hope you'll bear with me. I'm whizzing through my sidebar when I get a chance, but I just don't have much time to comment. I wish there really was "Time in a Bottle" like the song - if anyone has some - please send it my way!

I've been working on my pink version of Anne Sutton's free Tisket a Tasket BOM in the evenings. Eight are done so far, so I thought I would show you my progress. Where you see little gaps are places for future buttons. I decided I would use some vintage buttons I have as well as various other brown buttons to mix it up.

We're still dealing with some minor closing "issues" with our house. Little things keep cropping up that need attention. Just when we think we're home free - something else comes up! Talk about stressful. I keep telling myself this is all a normal part of the process.

And if it isn't one thing, it's another! Saturday at the Squash House we took delivery of a solid wood bed we ordered from Orvis. This bed will be in our guest room. It took weeks and weeks to arrive via several independent freight companies. Mr. Squash was so excited to sleep on a real bed instead of a mattress on the floor our last night there on this trip. They called to say they were running late and finally delivered it after 6 pm! We decided to unpack it, put it together, then go to a late dinner. We got it unpacked, read the simple directions and began to assemble. Turns out one of the side rails was split during the making of the bed! We're not even sure how it could have passed an inspection. How frustrating! Mr. Squash offered to call Orvis as he knew I was tired, frustrated and in danger of making things worse if I tried to explain the situation - LOL! They were very nice and are sending a new siderail, but it will be several more weeks before it arrives!

That's it for now. I promise to be back in a couple of days!


Ulla said...

What a pity you could not put the bed together and have a good night's sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

Hugs Candace- that doesn't break us makes us stronger! We had to send our 1st bed back and wait for one to come from the manufacturers as it was bent so wouldn't've been able to have been assembled. Yes like you, I wonder how these things get delivered so imperfect- the box was fine. Maybe some people wouldn't complain?

I hope the sale goes through smoothly. They say that house selling and moving are up in the top 10 of stress givers. Have a lovely rose scented bath with candles and try to relax when you can.

Libby said...

Blog-keeping can wait. I'm still not caught up . . . there are days when I wonder if I ever will *s*

Kay said...

So frustrating about that bed! That seems to happen a lot. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Well now that is just darned frustrating to say the least! We'll be here waiting for you...we know your busy...don't worry about us...we'll check in on you!!

Cindy said...

You'll get there and when the house closes - you'll be all smiles. Time..........

Stephanie said...

You'll be able to look back and have a good laugh at all the trials and tribulations of selling old house and moving into new one! I think a serious discount on that bed is in order!!!

Stephanie D. said...

I certainly hope they don't make you pay shipping for either part now. I'm with Stephanie--push for a significant discount!

But now you'll be in and settled by Christmas!

Mary said...

What beautiful hand work you do. I wish I had the patience and talent that you seem to have. In a few weeks all this house business will be behind you. Nothing lasts forever!

Jackie said...

The bed is gorgeous! Poor Mr. Squash with his bad back and a comfy bed at the Squash House oh so close.

Kaaren said...

Just whst you don't need...more stress!

Pretty soon you'll be able to look back on all of this and it'll just be a faint blip on the radar. Why isn't anything easy anymore? (sigh)

Don't woory about us. We'll be here for you when things are back to 'normal'. Big {{{hugs}}} to you both.

Mel said...

Darn - so close on a perfect rest!

Also darn those 'issues'!!

Hope better luck, karma, fate comes soon!

Karen said...

That's so frustrating, not having all the pieces for your bed.

When we bought our brand new condo years ago, we smelled gas but the builders assured us that was normal. Eight years later when we went to sell it, the inspector wrote up the gas leak and we had to pay $200 to have it fixed! Luckily no one ever died from that! Moving can be aggravating but I hope your inspection goes / went well!

pratima said...

Your blocks are so sweet!
So sorry to hear about the bed. It seems like a long wait again :(

Carrie P. said...

OH, that is a shame about your bed. Hopefully it won't take as long as they said to get to you.

Karen said...

Your baskets are looking good! Only a few more to go.

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