Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Themed Before and After

We got some of our re-upholstery back this week. I was very glad to get at least the cushions and ottoman for my chair so I could have it for the weekend! Monday they will be picking up the chair and sofa to do the upholstery on the underside, but I'll have something to sit in this weekend - thank goodness!

I promised you I would show a before and after. I made this fun collage using Picnik - my favorite photo enhancing program! I've mentioned this program before - and each time I use it I find they've added fun new features! So the chair before was a great, colorful fabric, but it had faded considerably over the years from the sun. I thought about going with another colorful fabric, but decided to do something neutral so I can have more decorating options for the rest of the room. I especially want to be able to display quilts for different seasons, and I didn't want the upholstery to compete with the quilts!

Below is a close-up of the ottoman which gives you a little better idea of the delicate pattern in the fabric.
Work last week was very interesting. In addition to being busier than I could ever imagine, I was in charge of taking in all the applications to replace me! We only advertised for less than a week because of the timeline for getting someone hired. Nevertheless, we took in 81 applications which were weeded down to 12 for final interviews next Wednesday. Personally, I hope one of the three within our organization who applied get hired, but there are a lot of good candidates. So many that applied we jobless because of the economy and from what I heard the past couple of days from those that were calling references, not enough good things could be said about all of them! It will be a tough decision for the interview committee, of which I am not a part (and glad of it).

There will be some more packing this weekend, but as yet we have not had the assessment, so we have to be careful what we pack and where we put it! Of course we'll be delighted to see the trick or treaters this evening! I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!


Stephanie said...

I need to play with Picnik more! Beautiful chair. Happy Halloween.

Julia said...

Happy Halloween!

Love the new fabric, although I really like the old fabric too. But, I know what you mean about keeping to a neutral. :~)

Ulla said...

Good choice, the furniture looks all new and elegant.

Darlene said...

Love the new chair - perfect!

I've never played with Picnik - what fun!

Happy Halloween to you & Mr. Squash.

Anonymous said...

Lovely chair upholstery choice and I only just discovered Picnik from another blogget...I agree it is too fun and also keeps me at the computer!

Julia said...

Happy Halloween!
The chair looks the new fabric..
Your quilts will look lovely on it!
Julia ♥

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful fabric. I love having furniture reupholstered. Looks lovely.

Hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween


Trisha said...

Your chair's makeover looks great! Hooray for no rain during trick or treating tonight!

Karen said...

I like your fabric choice. As long as it's comfortable (the chair) that's what counts!

So sad to hear about the jobless applicants but at least one of them will be able to turn the page on that.

Mary said...

How nice to have your chair redone. It looks great. Thanks for the link to Picnik. It looks like fun.

Jackie said...

I was wondering how you did that when I saw the photos. I'll have to check it out. Love the chair and can't wait to see how it looks in Squash House with all your quilts!

I'm not surprised at all the applications. Tough times. Even if your position is filled from within, it will open up another position for someone.

Kaaren said...

The fabric is neutral enough to compliment virtually any color, Candace. Great choice I think.

Bet you and Mr. Squash are just counting the sleeps now, huh? I'm soooo excited for you both!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I love Picnik too!
Love fabric you choose it great and you are right, it opens up many options for color additions to the room.
I bet you are so happy you do not have to be on the selection committee!

Kim said...

You have a brand new comfy chair and it looks great. The appraisal company sure is taking plenty of time, huh? Any idea why?

I have used Picnik, but it is time consuming. Nice to be able to pretty things up a bit.

You, Candace, will be missed at work. Will be nice for you to move on to the next phase of your story. A new nest to settle into and so many fish to catch next season!

Rannyjean said...

Please, come sign up for my November giveaway and I am talking Moda Christmas fabric, quilting books, miscellaneous fabric, embroidery supplies, etc. A final giveaway for 2009 and by all means, make sure you sign up as well!

Carrie P. said...

You did a good job on your picnik photo. Does it take a lot of time to come up with that?
Your chair turned out very nice too.
Good luck with the hiring.

Lisa D. said...

Your chair looks great! It will be nice with whatever quilts you put up to decorate, for sure. I'm not surprised you got so many applicants for your job. It's a great job and this economy is so bad. My employer has a hiring freeze right now.

Libby said...

Love your fabric choice - you're going to enjoy your furniture so much more now *s*

Anonymous said...

Yea!I bet it feels like totally new furniture now. :-) I have gone for mainly neutral walls here and they work well with whatever quilt I hang.

I hope the right person gets chosen.

sewtakeahike said...

the chair and ottoman turned out great Candace! What an exciting time for you and Mr. Squash!

Threeundertwo said...

I love picnik! Your chair looks great. I have one I keep saying I'm going to reupholster myself. Hasn't happened. You're inspiring me with how nicely yours turned out.

Wendy said...

I've never heard of Picnik, I'm going to need to try that cute program. The chair looks like new, very nice choice.

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