Monday, September 28, 2009

Searching for Dolly

In case you wonder where I've been - I still don't have a new computer monitor and am pretty much relying on the one at work when I'm not busy. A new monitor is on order and should arrive by the first of next week. I hope to catch up on what everyone has been doing during the week!

Friday Mr. Squash and I took the day off to go on our annual search for Dolly Varden, or Bull Trout as some call them, returning to spawn. We first discovered them quite by accident one fall may years ago. We were on the river fishing and had a bit of a disagreement. Mr. Squash headed down river and I decided to stay where I was for a while. After a bit of a cooling off period, I thought I would join him down river. I started walking down and saw a very dark mass moving toward me in the water. The river was too low for it to be anything like the Loch Ness Monster, so I waited patiently as it moved toward me. When I realized it was a mass of very large trout I could barely contain my excitement. I could see Mr. Squash and waited until I got his attention. Once he saw me I was alternately waving to him to come back and also trying to tell him to tred softly and quietly so as not to scare the was quite a sight trying to pantomime this several hundred yards away! The rest of the day was incredible - we saw the Dolly's all up and down the river and totally forgot about any disagreement! They are quite large and really aren't interested in any type of lure you might present - they just want to get back to their birthplace to spawn.

Every year around this time we go back to this long stretch of river hoping to find the Dollys. We never see anyone else other than an occasional black bear out here and the elusive Dolly. The photo below is looking back on where we went in - about a half mile below. To give you some perspective, the river covers all the bare rock you see in the late spring when the snow begins to melt.

The deep pool below is where we almost always find the Dolly's pooling up as they wait for the water to rise. No one was home this trip! It may not look deep in the photo, but the green water is an indication of how deep it is. The river is about as low as we've ever seen it this year as we had a dry summer. Alas, we probably won't see the Dollys this year as the weather is now turning cold and fishing is pretty much over for the season.
Check out the gorgeous mushrooms I found growing on a tree the forest service had removed from a log jam.
Here is Mr. Squash throwing one of his last casts of the season. We each caught a couple of small trout for the day - pretty slim pickings for this stretch of river.
Click on the photo below. Off in the distance you'll see a hillside which is really where the trail slid off a couple of years ago. This is how we had to exit the river! We call it Rambo Goes Fishing! Actually, it isn't as bad as it looks. We just had to pick our way over some rocks and downed trees to get up to the old trail.
When we finally got back to the car we couldn't resist going back in where we started and throwing a few more casts - it was really a gorgeous day! I caught my fly on a tree overhead and had to break my tippet to get unsnared, so I found a nice rock and waited for Mr. Squash to finish. As nice a day as it was I was wearing three layers of clothing just to stay warm!
On the real estate front, we were supposed to have a showing yesterday. We waited all day and no one came! It was quite disappointing. But as I was composing this, I got a call that we have another showing from a different realtor today! We hope this is a sign that things are picking up as people try to take last minute advantage of the tax credit!


Kaaren said...

Awesome photos, Candace. The scenery is fantastic.

Good luck with the showing.

Stephanie said...

I second Kaaren's thoughts! I have missed you. I was thinking about shooting you an e-mail today. I still have everything crossed on the real estate front. We finally got a chill in the air today...brisk and breezy walk with swirling leaves. Happy me.

Jackie said...

Candace, you look so happy sitting on that rock all cold and wet! You can tell you're having the best time!

Carrie P. said...

What a beautiful place. Too bad you didn't catch a bunch of fish.
Good luck with the showing.

Donnelly said...

I hope your showing for today comes out in your favor! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your fishing trip. I can't imagine seeing the fish coming back to lay their eggs, let alone seeing bears.
Have a great day!

Julia said...

Great photos Candace...
Better luck fishing next time..
Good luck with the showing!
Julia ♥

Ulla said...

Your river looks like a very nice place, and you seem to be happy after the day's fishing. The season is over here tomorrow, fishing is prohibited from Oct.1st to Nov. 15th so the trout can come up the river to spawn.

Mary said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah, such an idyllic setting. I am completely jealous. I don't fish, but I would love to just take a chair and a good book and spend a few hours down by your river.

Kim said...

Good thing you have fishing to keep you busy while you wait out the slow housing market ~ I know, it's frustrating and difficult to wait for a buyer to come along, but hopefully you will see some action on the end of your line and in the real estate department as well. Soon!!

Libby said...

I just love going out on the fishing trips with you - such wonderful scenery.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the showing goes well.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You might need Monica's "Joseph" doll. I'm not really one for charms or idol thingies but it has seemed to work well. I actually thought about borrowing it so Mr. Hive would get a job. But then I didn't have the nerve. After all, it is just a doll. Anyway Prayer is really what might help sell the house. Or prayers to help you get through it! I hate that whole process. What lovely photos. Especially the mushrooms!