Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Little Discoveries

Last week while at the Squash House one of the things on my list was to re-visit some furniture we had seen for our family room, and get it delivered if possible. I called my friend Carol, who is also a quilter, to see if she wanted to go with me for a second opinion. Of course she said yes because she knew after we were done - a trip to the new quilt shop in town was in order! All but one of the chairs was gone at the furniture store and nothing else was looking good to me, so off we went to Stash. No sooner did I walk in the door and made a beeline to this pattern!

And I didn't notice until a while later that there was a fly rod and fishing creel on either side of the quilt! I adore this pattern, and the sweet discovery is that the designer lives in the next town over from us! (Seems like every trip over there we find another little something that peeks our interests!) I'm hoping she teaches classes, as well! The Tucannon River is in our area and from what we've heard has a few nice places in which to set our fly rods - whoppee! Back to the pattern - the directions are really simple - only two pages - and very well written! It will be a lot of fun to begin collecting homespuns for this!


Stephanie said...

Looks to be THE perfect quilt for the Squashes! :o)

Carrie P. said...

Sorry you didn't get your furniture but at least you got visit in to the new store.

Linda said...

Shame about the chairs, but I see you made up for the dissapointment with a lovely pattern.

Anonymous said...

I'd have made a bee line over to check it out too! It will be a wonderful addition to your new home! Hope Mr Squash House gets feeling better soon!!!

Lisa D. said...

Wow - I really like that quilt pattern! I guess the furniture was not meant to be. That just means you will find something even better!

Julia said...

Great pattern,,
You missed out on the chair but found the perfect pattern..
Julia ♥

Carrie ~ said...

I'm sorry the furniture didn't work out, I guess you get to keep shopping. Nice consolation going to a quilt shop and finding a fun pattern.

Gran said...

Amazing that you were so drawn to the pattern. I bet it will be beautiful.

Karen said...

That is a great pattern. Have fun collecting the homespuns!

Ulla said...

The pattern looks just perfect (with fly rod and all). My eyes saw immediately some old flannel shirts being re-used for perfect purposes. Have fun finding the fabrics for this lovely quilt.

Kaaren said...

What a great design, Candace.

It looks like the Squash House is in the perfect location for all that you both love and share.

Mary said...

How fun to find a pattern with a name of a close-by river. That will make the finished quilt even more special. I always love star quilts.

Sherri said...

Definitely the quilt for you...and lucky you to have a quilt shop so close to the squash house!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

It looks like that pattern was written for you.

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I have this book.

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