Monday, August 24, 2009

A Little at a Time!

I'm back from another whirlwind solo trip to the Squash House. Not only has the broken window been repaired, we decided to get an estimate to replace all of the double hung windows. They aren't in bad shape, but we do know in a few years they will either need to be reglazed or perhaps replaced. The glass company said they no longer repair storm windows, which we have, so we made the decision to go ahead and replace them with double paned windows that have attached screens and do away with the storm windows. I had to laugh - when the repairmen showed up I made the comment that I couldn't find any sort of "missile" that would have made the huge hole. One of them said it was Aliens - LOL!

Below is another little bit of kitchen progress. The glass doors have been installed as well as the hardware! I chose a hammered clear glass that turned out even better looking than I had imagined! Note that the holes from the old door hardware still need to be filled and the base of the cupboards needs to be painted to match the doors. But all in all - it's looking better and better!

Check out the drawer pulls below - I really like how they look! That little lamp is one of the three I installed on timers around the house to make it look lived-in as the days grow shorter. If you click on the picture you can see our odd assortment of furniture - a rocker we brought from our house, a camp chair and what you don't see is the folding card table next to the camp chair!
Our contractor gave me some new fencing ideas to go over with Mr. Squash. He wants to do the work before winter sets in. Other than that and some minor electrical work all we have left is to sell our current house and "get out of dodge" as Mr. Squash likes to say! We lowered the price again this weekend in hopes to attract buyers.

I visited with my friend, Carol (no blog) - who also quilts - while at the Squash House. Please come back on Thursday - especially if you like to embroider - and I know who a lot of you are - Carrie, Wendy, Kaaren, just to name a very few....Carol and I will have a real treat for you on Vintage Thingie Thursday!


Carrie P. said...

So glad you are getting things straightened out at the house. Your kitchen looks perfect. I know you can't wait to get in it.
Looking forward to your vintage Thursday.
How is Mr. S.?

Linda B said...

The kitchen is looking awsome! I really like the pass thru.

Stephanie said...

You must be chomping at the bit to live in your lovely new home. Everything is still crossed!

Ulla said...

The kitchen look better every time you show a picture!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

It is looking really nice. You should be proud and happy with your progress. It is hard to keep hanging in there with all the upkeep but it will work out.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Sounds like your had a productive visit even though it was unplanned. Love your Kitchen door cabinets and hardware.
The glass and soft curves in the doors really update the whole look of the kitchen.
Best wishes on selling your home.

Trisha said...

Squash kitchen is looking awesome! Love the glass doors and the drawer pulls you picked out. Hope you get some viewings on your house and an offer soon!!

Kaaren said...

The drawer pulls that you chose are my ABSOLUTE favorites, Candace. Don't they just add that bit ne sais the kitchen. It's looking spectacular!

Okay, now you've got me counting the hours til Thursday. Talk about dangling the proverbial carrot, huh?

Hang in there's going to happen. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a Squash House Christmas!

*karendianne. said...

Gosh Candace, the Squash House is looking so fine! You're such the bomb for hanging on and hanging in. I can imagine what a test this is for you. I really can. Although I've never actually moved from the first house I purchased so, I guess, well, my comment on that is kinda cheapy-weaky.

I will say I'm a sucker for drawer pulls, new cabinets and all that stuff. Haven't been able to do any of that myself so I enjoy living through you my friend.

Say hi to Sophie for Kanga.


Lisa D. said...

Sounds like the perfect time to get new windows, that way it won't be so disruptive. I hope your hubby is doing better. Your kitchen is beautiful - I love the glass cabinet doors!

Anonymous said...

Hia Candace, your kitchen is coming together really well. Glad you got the windows sorted. Perhaps it wasn't aliens but something escaping? LOL

Good idea to get any outside stuff done before the 1st frosts as it effects things like concrete going off properly. If you are taking any special plants, Autumn is a good time to replant them. My old roses have been travelling a while with me now. :-)

Don't despair about your house selling. Things are very slow. We've only had 1 viewing but I think people put that sort of thing off when their jobs are uncertain. I'm being patient at the mo as well as busy which helps time to fly.

Mary said...

Oooooooooooh. I want a kitchen like yours! I love painted cupboards. but I have a husband who thinks wood should never be painted. I've heard that many men think like that!

Karen said...

Your kitchen is lovely!

Jackie said...

Squash House is looking beautiful! You picked the perfect glass and the door knobs and handles are gorgeous! You've got great taste!

Michell said...

The squash House is looking beautiful and the kitcken too...

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sewtakeahike said...

It really looks fabulous Candace! Love the drawer pulls and hopefully the double paned windows keep out the aliens!

Karen said...

It's looking very nice!

Katrine said...

Very pretty.

Alison said...

I would love to get one for myself.

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