Friday, August 28, 2009

Flea Market Fancy and a Thank You!

My dear friend Penny over at Sew Take a Hike has started a new blog in order to try to encourage the folks at Free Spirit Fabrics to release another run of Free Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt! I have only used a print or two from this great line, but for many it's become a staple - not to be without - must have - in their fabric stash! I and many others would like to encourage you to visit Penny's new blog called Free Market Fancy Freaks and help to convince Free Spirit Fabrics to bring back the line! If you have a project (or twenty) that you've made from this line, you can even post it on the blog. Free Spirit has even responded favorably and is giving it some consideration, as well as watching Penny's blog to see just how many are interested in another run of the fabric! So please - if you are a Free Market Fancy Freak - join in on the fun!

Earlier this year I met a wonderful blogger, Nadine, of Willow Creek Quilts, via my friend Anne of Cottons 'n Wool. Nadine is a designer, has a website and blog and is also a fellow fly fisherwoman! She recently moved her website and I found it difficult to get on it to read her blog posts. I had asked Anne if she was having trouble as well and she forwarded my email to Nadine. One thing led to another and I sort of became Nadine's website "tester" - and happily at that!! The bugs were worked out and now all is well. As a thank-you, Nadine sent me one of her patterns and the most lovely card she made - thanks so much, Nadine!!

I was just telling Mr. Squash the other night at dinner that I was sick of our old placements, so you can bet these will be made! If you haven't already visited Nadine, please do so! Also, if you had previously bookmarked her site and have been unable to access it, please change your bookmark to reflect the new web address here.

I'll be diligently working at finishing some patterns testing projects this weekend. When those are completed I'm even contemplating on starting on a very small quilt I've had in mind - something that won't mess up my studio much for potential house showings!


Carrie P. said...

Well there sure are a lot of Flea Market Fancy Freaks. I am embarrassed to say I have not ever seen any of the fabric before. It is cute though.

*karendianne. said...

Gosh there's a lot of things happening here. Love the placemats, Candace. You're going to have a fun weekend!!! Looking forward to the makings... *karendianne.

Jackie said...

I've never seen the fabric in real life but the photos of FMF indicate it's fantastic!

Looking forward to seeing your new placemats!

Kaaren said...

Well, Carrie...that makes two of us. I'm not familiar with this line either but it sure looks nice.

I'm happy to hear that you'll be making a quilt, Candace...albeit a small one. You can't stop living because your house is on the market. 'Neat' messes are definitely acceptable for home showings.

Nadine said...

Thanks Candace...glad you like my placemat pattern. They're a quick and easy clean-up project so Go for It!