Friday, July 31, 2009

Turn Down the Heat!

If you've wondered where I was this week, I was desperately trying to beat the no avail! Some of you may have heard we set record temps this week in the greater Seattle area! Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst. On Wednesday at 11pm it was still over 90 degrees inside the house! Most of us don't have air conditioning, so just imagine 90-103 degrees outside - and inside!! Mr. Squash and I were happy to have a few hours everyday at work in air conditioned offices, but coming home was a nightmare!

For Miss Sophie, it was even worse. I would either "pet" her with an ice cube hourly, or rub her down with a very wet towel to keep her from getting heat-stroke!

Here she is today, having just woken up from a pleasant nap in a sunbeam. We're in the 70's today and it will only warm up to the low 80's over the weekend. Thank goodness! I haven't had the energy to do any sewing this week, but I hope to have a few things to show you after the weekend. Stay tuned!


onlymehere said...

I don't have central air either and really don't miss it except for about four to six weeks out of the year, in other words, right now!! I hope it cools off for your soon!

Karen said...

Candace, I was thinking of you when I heard the weather reports yesterday. I'm glad to hear you've cooled down up there!


Anonymous said...

I hear your pain of heat...the years we spent in Europe were without A/C. They do get toasty summer much so that people do die from it! Plus I'm sure folks who live in your area live there because they don't particularly care for real hot weather!

sewtakeahike said...

I hope it's a little cooler there now Candace! We have had a particularly cool and wet summer, it hasn't even gotten to 100 degrees one day (and we usually have several days around there in the summer). Our hottest day has been in the low 90's and this last week we even had a couple of days in the 60's. I LOVE it, cause we don't have air either!

Kay said...

I also heard about the heat and thought of you! Terrible. We don't have AC either, but I only remember a few days as hot as yours have been.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I agree - the cooling down is nice - now to spend some time outdoor with the grandsons.

Kaaren said...

What's happening to the weather patterns all over the world? Everything is changing and it's very strange.

I hope things return to 'normal' and stay that way. Kinda puts a damper on doing anything creative, huh?

Stay cool...and kewl too!

Rannyjean said...

Candace, Aberdeen is cool and we have had only 1 day of hot and that was under triple digits. Sending coool breezes your way!

Jackie said...

It's been much warmer where you are than it's been here in Florida. Everyone here has AC though. I've been in that kind of weather with no AC and it's no fun. Stay cool!

Gran said...

Stay cool. You are very kind and thoughtful with your feline friend. I am sure that she appreciated your TLC. I wish you a peaceful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to say we survived the heat wave...not fun..I was beginning to have withdrawals from not sewing..I actually had to close windows this morning at 6 when I got up because it was so chilly in the house. Hope it is all behind us now..Louise

Stephanie D. said...

What miserable weather! And I'll be the humidity was considerable, too, which always makes the heat worse. Funny, I don't think our thermometer has hit 90 yet this summer.

Sharon said...

I'm a post behind. re; hallow'een using invisifil. Have you tried YLI silk? It would be beautiful for a project like this. Even MasterPiece 100% ctn would also just sink into the fabric. Not affiliated, just like and use these threads. It's lovely and I love the back. p.s. bought my $3 bunch of lavender on H St yesterday and thought of you ;-)

Kim said...

Gosh, at least we have air conditioning, but I can imagine! We used to live in the Bay Area and there were usually one or two times a year when it would get up to the high 90s and we'd be miserable--we'd usually go up to SF to escape the heat for a few hours. I'm glad to hear it's better now!

Allyson in Alaska said...

That is just crazy! I've been hearing about your hot weather lately. I too, worry about the poor pets, who aren't used to this. It's not as if they can take off their fur. Good luck! Enjoy the cooler weather this week.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

We do have central air but I'm a bit stingy with it. There really isn't any reason to have it on non-stop. In the evenings it cools off some so we open the windows and turn on fans. Then we close the windows in the morning to keep the heat out. Some days I don't even turn it on. Other days it goes on in the evening. Over the years I've learned how to use it when we need it and suffer a tiny bit when we don't need it. It was rather hot last night though, and it wasn't as comfortable sleeping as it had been. I would love to have days in the 70s-80s.

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