Thursday, July 2, 2009


In my last post I mentioned that Mr. Squash was calling at me from the doorway - "It's time to mark the Squash House". He was outside talking with Ted who said the concrete had set up enough to write in it! In case you thought it had anything to do with cats like Anne did, well, not quite - LOL!

Here it is - the Squash House is now immortalized in concrete! Let me say that it isn't easy at all to "write" in concrete! I was using a stubby little pencil and trying not to mash in anything around it! So it has "character" and we rather like it!! Saturday, the throngs of folks walking past on their way to the festivities at the park will surely wonder what this means!!

Last evening while eating our grilled Walla Walla sweet onion sausages on the patio, we had a visitor over the neighbor's garage! There are always so many wonderful surprises here!
Today after more work in the garden, we decided to check out another fishing hole. The weather has been in the 90's - so any work outside has to be done early, then it's too hot to go fishing, so we've decided to "recon" all the rivers in the air-conditioned car instead!

Mr. Squash has always said: "The best fishing in Washington is in Oregon".!! He's right - anywhere we've gone just outside the Washington border has always been better! We drove to a park at the headwaters of the Walla Walla river in Oregon. How exciting this was for us - it's the closest thing we've seen so far in this area to the kind of river we like to fish! We decided to brave the heat and walk a ways up the trail. There was a heady fragrance all around us. We went up to this plant and sure enough - smelled just like Freesia! It was everywhere - small and large bushes!

Here are some photos of the river. In the one below I was standing right in front of a wonderful pool where there surely must be a few large trout hiding in wait!
Here was the remains of a bridge that must have spanned this part of the trail at one time.
I don't have a good enough connection here to edit photos, but if I could you would be able to see how clear and wadeable the water is here!
We went back to Oregon this evening for dinner and saw a flyer for a quilt show that's in town right now! I may head back there again tomorrow for a peek and show & tell!


Anne said...

Whew..that's all I'm gonna say about your marking! Hey, maybe you shoulda just moved to Oregon. I'm just sayin!

Mel said...

Another fragrant post! I love fresia!
Beautiful water spots, even if I don't fish, I could sit on the bank and do some applique!

Ulla said...

Your river looks lovely, and in the bridge picture you can see the water is SO clear!

Kaaren said...

Squash House is now immortalized. How cool is that?

How far is that stream from your house, Candace? Looks like a piece of Heaven...and so close to home! I can even smell the fresia from here.

onlymehere said...

The cement made me smile. Underneath my deck I have my kids footprints and they're from 13 years ago!! Also by their footprints are my best friend's two kids footprints. They were here at the time and are like my own so we let them do it too! We dated it so I remember it was 1996. I'm glad to see other people do things like that too! It sounds like you're having a ball with all the fishing you're able to do. Enjoy the quilt show and have a fun holiday weekend! Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow fisherwoman! I have only fished once in Oregon, it was at a lake the name of which escapes me, but it was very beautiful there. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, now hubby and I are off in a few to, of course, go fishing!

CJ said...

I love that you put Squash House in the concrete! 100 years from think of the thoughts running through people's heads!

CJ said...

We love to leave our mark anytime some fresh cement is being poured. We also take photos of footprints in the sand or snow to show we were there. Lovely river photos! The OTHER CJ. ;)

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

The house is YOURS forever!!

Jackie said...

I love the pictures of your potential fishing sights! While I'm not much on fishing, it looks like a perfect spot to sit and knit or read for a while!

sewtakeahike said...

Now it's "written in stone" Candace! The Squash house is real!

Carrie P. said...

We did that when we poured cement for our garage. We all signed our names and the year it was poured.
Aren't hot air balloons neat? When we lived in a different town there used to be a rally and it was so neat to watch the balloons launch.
During the fall time we would see them all time flying over our house. It was awesome.

*karendianne. said...

What refreshing photos you're sharing here Candace. As always, the Queen of Capturing Charm. Loved it all.

The mark for the Squash House is delightful. :) Makes me happy with smiles.

Lisa D. said...

How cute that you got to etch your moniker into the cement at the Squash House! I hope you enjoyed your week there! Fingers crossed that soon you will be permanent residents!

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