Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picnic on the River

On Sunday, Mr. Squash and I made a picnic lunch and headed for the river. We needed to get outside and away and also wanted to check out our summer fishing holes! The day started off sunny and warm, but by the time we got to the river it was hazy, yet still warm. We stopped at several areas, but most were full of folks wanting to do the same thing! So we drove down to see if one of the reservation campgrounds was empty, and sure enough, it was! We often use these for fishing when they aren't reserved. The rangers have never given us a problem, and we're always ready to leave if someone comes in.

From the looks of the photo below, we won't be fishing any time soon. What you see is a very deep, very wide and fast running river! As the summer progresses, the river becomes calf deep in spots - with several deep holes where the fish live - and only about 6-10 feet wide! We can easily wade back and forth across the river and not worry about being swept away!

Here is where we parked ourselves for the afternoon! Mr. Squash took the high perch - better to see and point out all the birds for me to watch!
When I wasn't bird watching or taking photos, I was reading these!
Below is the Piggyback plant - new plants grow on top of the older leaves. When I was in college, we used them as houseplants! They are also known as "Youth On Age" - also the name of the first area we stopped at that was quite crowded.
Here are Salmonberries. Once the berries ripen, they won't be around for long - deer and bear love them!
We love the wild strawberries below. If you're lucky enough to pick some before the animals do, they have a wonderful, sweet/tart flavor!
Here is the Fiddle Head Fern....a delicacy to many. Northwest chefs love to saute them (just the tops) - you pay a pretty price to eat them in a restaurant, yet you can pick them and cook them yourself for free! We saw some folks stop across the road while we were there and pick quite a lot!
In a couple of days I should be able to reveal a secret project! Stay tuned!


Anne said...

Oh so relaxing! I bet you can't wait till you can get those fishing lines in the water. But for now, no better place to read your quilting mags. (Oh...I was afraid to hear what you were going to say you did with those plants during college? ROFLMAO!)

Stephanie said...

What a relaxing day. We had piggyback plants for houseplants too! Am I revealing my age? I think there's a restaurant in the Portland area called Fiddleheads. Never been. Can't imagine paying good money to eat a fern. :o)

Kay said...

I used to have piggyback plants too. They're great, why did they go out of style?

Anonymous said...

Oh my would I love to have spent a day there on that river! Looks absolutely wonderful. It sort of reminds me of times spent in Northern California camping.

Mary said...

That looked like such an peaceful and relaxing day. What a wonderful way to spend your day.

Orcsmom said...

What a lovely spot just to stop, relax, have a picnic and read! I just had fiddleheads for the first time last year at Trader Joes. I always wanted to try them, they looked interesting to me. Great pictures, thank you for them. I wished I was there instead of inside my car working!


Sherri said...

Everything is gorgeous! What a wonderful day!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVE fiddleheads. We used to pick them in the ditches where I grew up. But you're right - they seem to be a delicacy now and they're so hard to find. Well, I live on the other side of the country from my hometown so maybe they don't grow here.

Ulla said...

Your day sounds so wonderful! And you are right about the wild strawberries: the taste is so lovely, you can't even compare it with the big garden strawberies.

Kaaren said...

What a beautiful spot, Candace!

Fiddleheads are yummy and sorta taste like asparagus. I've even seen canned and frozen fiddleheads.

Funny but I've never heard of piggyback plants. Are they invasive like kudzoo?

Julia said...

What a beautiful, perfect, relaxing day! :~)

Lisa D. said...

Looks like a really beautiful place for a picnic. I hope the rivers subside and you're able to cast your flies soon! (Hope I said that right - I know squat about fishing!)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I want to push myself into my computer screen and join you here. Love fast moving rivers. When I was really little we lived in a terrible part of town with a river right at the end of the street. I know it sounds odd. The good old schuylkill ran right by our house. We've camped in Idaho by the river and one year it was running fast and deep like this and I was afraid my kids would wonder out of the tent at night. The pictures are just so lovely to look at.

Libby said...

What beautiful scenery - makes you want to have a picnic every day *s*

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