Monday, March 2, 2009

Wooly Goodness

I was really hoping to add to my meager wool stash at Sew Expo. As Vicki and I perused the booths, I was getting worried that I wouldn’t find any. Finally down the last three aisles, I hit gold! Bird Brain Designs had a huge basket of 8” wool squares. I picked out one of each color. Then as I was paying for them I noticed one last bag of wool scraps which I greedily readily snatched up. Thinking back, I should have gotten more of the squares, but I’m sure I won’t have much trouble finding more on another shopping adventure (Vicki, are you game?).

Another vendor had some gorgeous hand dyed fat eighths which I also couldn’t pass up - I bought all that she had left. Somehow I misplaced her business card – her wool was exquisite and she had some incredibly creative patterns using wool and fabric.
On the more practical side, I invested in some more Mary Ellen’s unscented Best Press and a new type of dye catcher sheet for the washer. It’s supposed to last 30 washes. I also picked up some hard-to-find white refills for my Sewline Fabric Pencil.
We sure didn’t see any shortage of folks contributing to the economy at the show. I think it proves how much we want to keep the tradition of hand-made alive and in this dismal economy it’s a great source of comfort and satisfaction for many. Tomorrow I’ll show you the last of my purchases.


Mel said...

OOoooo! I too am trying to build a bit of a reserve of wools. I love the range of colors you've found!

Anne said...

Oh..such yummy looking wool. Don't you just love it? Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with it.

Stephanie said...

Ooooo...pretty wools. I buy the shout color catchers. One per load of laundry. I'll be interested to see how your new color catcher works.

Libby said...

Oh, I just love finding those little wool scrap bags . . . . it's amazing how much you can stitch from one. Can't wait to see what you find in yours *s*

Kay said...

Sounds like fun! It's good that some people have money to shop and help the economy.

*karendianne. said...

Pretty much BIG fun with all those wools. Yeah! I love Best Press. Can a person have enough of that - ever?

Cindy said...

Ooh, love the wools...ALOT! I'm finding myself wanting to start a stash of these wonderful wools.

Looks like the economy gets through another day, no matter what numbers the DOW shows the world. LOL

sewtakeahike said...

Just look at all those beautiful colors Candace!!! Looks like you scored!

Anonymous said...

I'm drooling over your wools! Yummy!
I love Mary Ellens Best Press, it's great stuff.

I keep waiting for the DOW to reflect all these goodies we quilters keep buying... it's not working! SHOP more girls! :)

Kaaren said...

I LOVE wool. Wish I was there with you. I could hear the wool calling my name from here but you beat me to it. Drat! Can't wait to see the rest of your goodies!

Jackie said...

Sounds like a fantastic time! This past fall I wasn't quilting when I went to our QuiltFest. I can tell you that next year will be a whole other experience!!! Glad you had a great time!

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Hi Candace, thanks for visiting me at my blog. No the cupcake pattern is not my own. It is from Gourmet Crochet.

All of your wooly bits are gorgeous. What fun.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You got some great wool.

Carrie P. said...

Oh your wool is glorious. I love the Bird Brain designs. I get there e-newsletter. They have some great designs.

Like Minds said...

I'm a great wool fan! Lovely colors. Thanks for the link to Bird Brains site, I hadn't seen them before. Can't wait to see your wool creations!

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